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  1. I said I'd let it die and I will. One point needs clarification. When I wrote "my boy," I meant as slang vernacular, not actual children. This conversation never takes place in little league; it doesn't belong.
  2. An apology for what? Getting a thumbs down from Ms. Manners is hardly sin. And check the posts again, Robsk, I didn't advocate a graceless response. Tagging Zumaya to shatter a Dodger helmet would be that. A poke in the ribs after they send AJAX to the hospital is part of baseball. It's all in the context of the game. For others: Don't raise your children according to baseball ethics. Don't take your kids to the game and tell them to model all the behavior they see. There are more appropriate places for that. Cobb and Rose played the game as it should be played. This, apparently, is an unpopular approach around here. Men do band together during adversity and conflict. Deny it or mock it, but every good story or movie about men, reflects the fundamental truth about brotherhood. This looks nothing like singing 'kumbaya' 'round a campfire, but men who don't know what it's like to have other men willing to have their back at all cost, regardless, may conceive of it like that. Finally, 'Discretion is the better part of valor,' is a quote from the mouth of a coward pretending to be dead to avoid danger. I'll leave it die.
  3. Too bad. It would have done wonders for the cohesiveness of the team. Do you hold to this unequivocally? So judgments of players and teams are unquestionably correct? It's gonna be hard to be critical of them from here on out, don't you think?
  4. Did your mother steal your password and post this?
  5. Whatever. Jackson's hit wasn't just any plunk. Headshots are in another category. And we are discussing a game between men, not little boys. Get your parenting approach from other sources than baseball. Ghandi quotes are nice for inspirational calendars, but they really have no relevance to baseball. Awful high estrogen levels seem to be prevalent today.
  6. You risk it. And give me a break, dude. There is no way an umpire tosses Porcello and MLB suspends him.
  7. Yeah, no one is suggesting that you parent according to the unwritten rules of baseball. Very odd of you though, to try and do this. This sort of mindset has led to the emphasis on bland participation in youth sports all over. I'm sure your wife and mother are proud of you though. Focusing on safety and all that. Did anyone here actually play this game? If my boy just got his head split open, there is no discussion on what happens next. Like I said, we don't go for the kill, but no response is pathetic.
  8. It's really not an either/or. One can do both. It's part of baseball.
  9. Untrue. If Porcello does it early, he's warned, both benches are warned and it often ends without escalation. There is no competitive disadvantage, except of course Jackson absent from our lineup until he heals. But a beaning of this magnitude sometimes renders a player gunshy for the remainder of his career. I'm hoping it'll be water down a ducks back, but one cannot be sure. Are you seriously fretting about wasted time and energy? You sound like my mother.
  10. Manslaughter vs. Murder....intent is not the sole criterion determining retribution. "I didn't mean to," doesn't cut it. I'm not suggesting open season on Dodger head-hunting. But gifting a nice rib bruise to Casey Blake would have been perfect.
  11. You cannot, even without intent, hit one of our guys in the freakin' head, for free. Not only is it just, it accomplishes (for the terribly pragmatic among us) an adjustment to the psychological approach of the opposing pitchers. If you desire to own the inner half of the plate, be damn sure of your control. It also serves to keep in check those pitchers who intentionally head check and have rehearsed their apology in the bathroom mirror.
  12. There should have been a return plunk. It's manslaughter vs murder. Both are punishable, one to a greater severity. Whomever told Porcello to let it go, was off...even if it was AJAX.
  13. Okay. Damon has circumvented a block or three in his career. Would he have made this same apt decision as a rookie?
  14. Not enough information provided. There are all sorts of scenarios which would allow for four earned runs despite dominant pitching (horrible fielders with zero range, etc). Also, if pitcher A is going against an all-star cast, while B is tossing to the 2003 Tigers, A has done his job. Too much unknown.
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