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  1. I disagree, teams try and make the fairest deal/best deal possible. That doesn't mean trading the least amount of talent because that would mean you're trying to rip a team off. You aren't going to make a deal by trying to rip an opposing team off.
  2. The guy replacing Brown has played 20 games in his career. I wouldn't exactly say he has never played a snap.
  3. I posted that, it's released after the final poll in January.
  4. Atleast Kaline admitted what he did he really stupid and immature. Haven't heard Bonderman say anything like that.
  5. All I know is he threw a bat against the wall it ricocheted and it broke his hand and was out for a few weeks.
  6. It has to do with channeling your emotions. Knowing how to accept things. Going crazy with a bat to a cooler isn't channeling your emotions all you're doing is putting yourself at risk just ask Julian Tavarez. Instead of going crazy go look at the tape and look how you can get better.
  7. What you don't understand is that what Bonderman did was very dangerous. Ask Al Kaline about showing frustration and taking a bat and swinging it around. There are better ways in showing frustration, instead he decided to put himself at risk.
  8. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/football/bigten/2006-09-05-tressel-poll_x.htm What a shock this guy would lie.
  9. Actually watching the game long enough you can usually get a good feeling with these things. For example after that game in Minnesota and his blowup people should have gotten the idea that he wasn't ready yet. It's one thing to have a balk to start throwing a fit on the mound and yell at the ump and it's another to realize the umpire made the correct call like the umpire did. What followed was he let that balk effect him and gave up a 3 run double. What followed after that was scary though, throwing a gatorade jug down the hall, swinging a bat back and forth and destroying things. Yes he lacks that 3rd pitch but he also lacks maturity which should be a bigger concern. This is his 4th year and he hasn't developed a 3rd pitch it's doubtful it will happen but with him being in his 4th year he should have matured more.
  10. 6-10, I was going to say 5-11 but I think they find a way to get that 6th win.
  11. The only thing worse than Morgan's statement are the people talking about it.
  12. Isn't there a saying tha goes "fool me once shame on your, fool me twice shame on me?"
  13. You don't realize how many people look upon 300 HR in the majors as a special mark. Considering only 100+ players have done it in MLB history it's something that looked at.
  14. Didn't expect it but not suprised when you look at things closer.
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