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  1. wow what a annoying week to be an arsenal fan
  2. wow Nike U is doing dirty things i am shocked
  3. Arsenal plays Birmingham for Carling cup today... i'll be glued to FSC rooting the Gunners on to there first trophy since 05
  4. nice to see my hometown team is in the finals... GO DUNDEE VIKINGS!!
  5. yeah i heard that on sunday.. sad stuff The NFLPA or the NFL really needs to take care of theses guys
  6. AWESOME WIN BY THE GUNNERS!!! 2-1 over Barcelona
  7. all you need to know about why this trail was a sham and he thinks Amanda Knox worship the devil Amanda Knox prosecutor Giuliano Mignini convicted of ‘abuse of office’ - Times Online
  8. wow i cant believe arsenal blew that big of a lead
  9. so either he loves shrimp or tequitos
  10. the chemistry and humor is off with the American version.... i cant wait for the new season of the Real Top Gear
  11. probably by far the worst one. can't remember watching more then a few minutes
  12. arsenal pulls out another late win with a Fabergas last minute PK goal....
  13. Huddlesfield Town is a pain in the butt ..... Pilkington is a decent player
  14. I need to find out where he lives in TC so i can go bug him
  15. probably no one..... the #1 WR jersey is something braylon dreamed up, Desmond Howard didnt wear the #1
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