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  1. thats ok i am sure the NCAA will just let him go back to OSU
  2. just finished watching the e:60 segment which was personally hard for me to do. I miss having Curtis on the Tigers he such a class act and a shining example of what an athlete could and should be. and the site is also an great example of what internet community can be. we should be proud do be members of such a great place
  3. Or it's San Jose state where I think one of his brothers went to college
  4. i didnt know they ever sold single tickets... i had season tickets a few years ago but they were from someone i knew who couldnt use them that season. i think you'd be better off buying tickets for those games the week of.
  5. I was there too and i've probably seen up to 50 concerts and this was by far and away the best show i've ever been to.
  6. What did you post i cant hear you over the awesomeness of Braylon
  7. Michelle Yellow Submarine, maxwell's silver hammer and rocky raccoon (sounds like a damn kids songs)
  8. I know Tate and theres stuff going on with his family and stuff that probably pushed him to this. its sad hell of a nice kid. people have to remember he's not even 21 yet. very much like the Todd Marinovich story
  9. soaking up the Overtime since i work in a business that supplies oil rigs and live 2 miles from work I love it sorry to everyone else
  10. my wife we live in Traverse city pm me ill give you her number if your interested
  11. Arsenal makes me want to drink... I havent seen the last few matches (too busy at work)but they dont seem to have anyone who can actually score.
  12. I think Linden is that way because shes seen too much sick and twisted stuff.
  13. My County (grand Traverse) is up 14% maybe everyone is moving here
  14. and the players are killing themselves for the owners league
  15. i think his dad played for state and his grandfather played for ND or the other way around
  16. i didnt say they were stronger just that Michigan may now get more second looks by in-state recruits and maybe get a little more media respect
  17. I dont know Michigan has always been a decent Basketball college, i know its been dark the last 10 years but some of us still remember the Fab Five and the 1989 Championship
  18. whats the chances we are seeing the balance of basketball power in the state shifting towards MEECHIGAN
  19. how long did it take for MSU to get its first FG in the game?
  20. you probably should be more worried about the poor shooting by state
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