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  1. but not all youtube videos work on the Ipad atleast not on mine
  2. man i'd almost rather have Gardner playing more.. Robinson seems to be extremely on or off alot of time.
  3. i dont believe in ghost because there isnt any evidence of ghost that cant be ruled out by natural reason aka occums razor
  4. Miss America : Vote one vote on on each device everyday
  5. god must really love the Lions how else do you explain them beating Tim "football jesus" Tebow so bad
  6. whats this Finally crap?? Fox is just rooting for the Lions to do something
  7. GROUP ID# 21599 password is tigers confidence league
  8. its a huge rivalry game players on both sides play way over their heads so how much the teams score doesnt matter to me
  9. +1 guys like deacon Jones and Jack Lambert would have been banned
  10. yeah because grey haired folks who yell about people standing up during the game are gonna get crazy rowdy
  11. he should do what the Starcap guys did appeal this until next season
  12. Todd

    Happy MVP Day

    That's three Tigers pitchers with a Cy Young and MVP
  13. It's not my money why should I care if the ratings are low
  14. There was a Monday night game against Dallas some time in the late 90's were we won on a late FG by Hanson, i remember that being big at the time
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