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  1. what was worse the announcers or the refs?
  2. Mike Ilitch Jerry Lewis Macauley Culkin Robert Dole Dennis Rodman Steve-o (clean living too much for him)
  3. they were in the playoffs this time last year...... get rid of schwartz to bring in who??
  4. yes the Lions played like crap , but they also lost most of the offense to injure thats why i think Schwartz gets atleast another year with the knowledge that the owner wants more discipline from this team on and off field.
  5. this is different this is little kids getting gun down.... heck i use to be hardline NRA support, now after looking at my kids who are the same age as some of the victims.. i am all for gun bans and increase spending on mental health
  6. shooters brother found dead in Hoboken NJ.... wow crazy
  7. because it'll do no good... just to give us a false sense of safety.... kind of like airport security. i'd be all for new gun laws
  8. tell me how you get rid of the guns already out? seems to me the genie is out of the bottle.... seems like we have no power in this
  9. or the parents are whoring the kids out for their fame
  10. what kind of sicko shoots little kids???? having two kids in school right now this makes me sick
  11. The Big Ten isnt going to add a traditional Basketball, the money is in Football .... I can see them adding Va Tech and maybe PITT, Cincinnati or Syracuse (has a football tradition)
  12. how is this as bad a cut block on an engaged player or a leg whip? it just seems that the NFL media has a bug up their arse with suh... people need to look back at the old NFL films of Deacon Jones, Lem Barney and Dick Butkus to see some dirty stuff
  13. yeah he's dirty and so are alot of Players that are playing now and in Canton..... It just seems that SUH is on the media craplist
  14. I was at the game and the Suh kick wasnt even noticed by anyone in my area, was this CBS trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill?. from the video it looks like Suh is trying to disrupt Schaub by making contact. As far as the Forsett play... The Ref scored up period he was down clearly in live action ... Schwartz screwed up but he should not had been in a spot where he could... it seems like the ref's have got lazy and dont pay that close attention because they always have replay to fall back on. I don't understand the need to penalize a team who throws a flag on a scoring.... what does it hurt to throw the flag??? it seems like thats just the NFL saying dont second guess our refs.
  15. I hate Glen Mason ..... you suck as a coach and as a color guy
  16. and they also got ran over by Illinois and Juice Williams .... all three teams had running QB's which has always been bane to Michigan... from the Michigan players i've met personally it wouldnt surprised me if they were all stoned during that game and through the RichRod era.
  17. before the first Goal by Man City QPR had everyone back on defense so there wasnt alot of shots on net
  18. dtroppens i dont know the guys name but he punch/shoved the Man City player... pretty dumb
  19. wow... anybody who says Soccer is boring needs to watch this game
  20. Adrian Beltre was the first MLB player and Nate Cornejo was the First Tiger
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