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  1. really? because all three news channels kind of blow
  2. Confirmed: Foreign Gov’t Asked FBI to Look at Boston Terror Suspect for ‘Extremist Ties’ in 2011 — They Determined He Was No Threat | TheBlaze.com cnn is talking about it... one of expert said it was foreign govt but most likely the russians
  3. yikes sounds like the Russian govt may tipped the FBI about the older brother 2 years ago.... not liking this rights flim flam
  4. sounds like the FBI HR team is running the show
  5. so far they have tossed a few flash/bangs into the boat
  6. sounds like the police are setting up scene for a take down
  7. Listen live to Boston police scanner - The York Daily Record POLICE SCANNER OF IT
  8. this drag net was either too slow setting up or had a big hole in it to allow him to sneak away
  9. I think the extended family needs a tv show geez
  10. i'd buy it.. seems like someone had a guiding over this and then stuff fell apart, why draw attention to yourself by robbing a 7-11? and stay around Boston right after the bombing
  11. its more that the city is locked down... how are people going get to the game ? everything is closed down
  12. geez the uncle didnt have anything good to say about them
  13. looks like the have a block surround in watertown
  14. wow this is crazy ... from the checnya area
  15. that wasnt the media it was nitwits on 4chan doing at home super sleuthing
  16. FOX 25 Local Boston Photo of Bomber - Imgur http://i.imgur.com/IgkblA4.jpg than image of suspect 2 with backpack on ground
  17. FBI releases photos, video of Boston bomb suspects - CNN.com suspects!!!
  18. a sat phone or maybe a gieger counter to make sure the bombs were not dirty bombs............ Alex Jones is such a dipshit
  19. sounds like a bomb threat .... but then there was a van the backed into the court house garage
  20. some of the people in the pictures look like undercover cops
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