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  1. mattie told me mr crazy hands is actually mike veach
  2. the biggest thing about is the guy who cant stop moving his hands man the drives me up a wall. i actually find the worst damn sports show commericals more annoying
  3. my though on this commerical is that mike veach though he was just being funny but some people are gonna take everything the wrong way i can see it both ways but i dont think the tigers would try and piss fans off intentionaly
  4. swing the freakin bat atleast craig god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i am begining to hate even watching them play
  6. how about grabbing there crotch in front of atleast thousands of people. i wouldnt do in front of my family let alone a huge audience of strangers
  7. can you say bencheddddddddddd halter?
  8. ill think about it after i eat this whole pizza
  9. BBC pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee score
  10. hey the astros cards game on espn isnt too bad
  11. the twins are station to stationing the tigers to death:(
  12. redman just looks bad everything is high
  13. come on tigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a feeling tonights the night
  14. krispy kremes or not the lions would be crazy not to take Peppers if hes still around
  15. has anybody else got this book yet? qslvr, dtroppens? I just got its pretty interesting
  16. Todd

    Felipe Alou

    they probably wont say anything until tomorrow or later tonight becuase todays a travel day for them
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