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  1. seems like the guys who need to "suck it up nancy" are the pitchers who give up a home run to a rookie and cant handle it so they nail him during his next at bat.
  2. they probably had enough of the media whore by then anyways
  3. anytime the Prosecuting attorney brings devil worshiping as a factor in crime my BS Detector goes off... The Spanish Inquisition would be happy with some of these prosecuters. she probably was a big party animal which rub the people in this small italian town the wrong way
  4. -30 wind chill for the next few days ... this time last year i was heading to British Virgin Island for a vacation ugh
  5. 140 inches of snow for the season in Traverse city we had a total of 100 inches last winter..... man has it been brutal this winter
  6. they once got a million inches in Syracuse and barely noticed it.... true fact!
  7. id say they could come up and play at the TC beach bums park but its probably too far away and not enough population Traverse City Beach Bums - Photos
  8. doesnt look good the firefighters water doesnt seem to be doing anything watching the video
  9. I think the right coach would cure some of those problems ..... i am not saying this team is as talented as the Seahawks but they do have enough talent to be a playoff team, probably the most talented Lions team since the early 90's which i know isnt saying much
  10. why is it so hard for you to believe the Lions may have talent? i've heard many non-bias media members say that they do
  11. how do you know the Lions even wanted them?
  12. ah the replays from the 87 playoffs brings back memories...... No Allan Bester and Borje Salming?... so nice that they play in the same division now
  13. STAFFORD, Bush, Bell, Calvin Johnson, Delmas, Fairley, Suh, Ansah, Larry Warford and Levy just to name a few
  14. I would guess either the NFL network or FSD
  15. I like Wisenhunt, David Shaw and Mike Zimmer
  16. The defense and the fact that jake Ryan will be back soon..... on offense i dont know could be scary
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