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  1. I guess when it comes down to it, is there any reason to keep RR?
  2. hopefully they dont blow Gardners Redshirt for this
  3. how many pieces of the trophy do you get? when you split it
  4. and if he didnt want to be in the college game he probably could have got a QB coach job in the NFL after his career was over, instead he started out at a low level college coaching job and built his way up.
  5. yeah i've noticed its kind of been shutdown the last few games, seems like they start fast and then it disappears
  6. I think Harbaugh will come, the chance to return Michigan to its former glory is too much for him to turn down. He loved Bo and was a Michigan fan as a kid. He'd love to show that they can win the right way again
  7. then i dont think they fire RR.. I think they have to have something lined up with Harbaugh first
  8. that was today, his buy out drops from 4 million to around 2 million
  9. the ESPN announcers arent helping RR atleast Mike Patrick isnt
  10. Tennessee blew it by committing dumb personal foul penalties at the end of the game
  11. the Big 12 needs to be also
  12. yeah looking at that lineup its just loaded with Hall of Famers on the level with Ruth and Gehrig.... NESN is the pravda of Red Sox Nation (gag)
  13. i liked Rooney's miracle recovery from his injury
  14. could just be that his parents think that it would be better for him as a person to work through some struggles
  15. sources close to the situation say its true
  16. i hate: Mustard Mayo Ketchup ranch dressing ham pretty much everything else i'll atleast try
  17. i dont think your suppose to sell anything......this just proves my point that the fans probably value these awards alot more then the athletes.
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