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  1. you mean the Athletic department is awashed in cash
  2. say alot of stupid nonsense and catch phrases... it worked for John madden and dickie V
  3. we added the sports package to my directv so i get FSC and GOLTV i am excited to get so many matches
  4. got a kindle 3 love it, I still read printed books all the time. Amazon has great customer service I had to return my first kindle 3 because the screen locked up, and they nextday shipped me a replacement model at no charge
  5. weird no comment from Buddha wonder if his head exploded?
  6. ok why would you leave this? i am sold
  7. does vern ever know whats going on in the game?
  8. i think it had the saudi royal family on it
  9. is that the only plane they use? i am betting not. it could be just dominos bringing pizza you jerry jones
  10. what are there spies in bushes watching for the Michigan plane
  11. couldnt find a phil Fulmer picture to photoshop?
  12. looks like arsenal got lucky even to get a draw
  13. Todd


    he said goodwood!
  14. i've actually been following or atleast watching futbol since the 1990 world cup in Italy. I've just been able to get into EPL lately because of the amount of games on TV. I am just teasing you on the Man U stuff
  15. I dont care signed, Andrew Luck
  16. now come on i thought Man U was the darkside? or is it the recent history of not winning any cups that makes you say that?
  17. been following Arsenal for a few weeks now starting to really getting into them
  18. the Vikings look like they just want to go home
  19. yeah but The U was loaded when he got there he just didnt screw it up
  20. Gerry Rafferty Shane MacGowan Micheal Douglas Aretha Franklin Mickey Lolich butch Patrick
  21. Tennessee disciplines Fulmer for rules violation | AccessNorthGa two seconds of googling
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