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  1. i dont enjoy reading. i remember once in 8th grade english, i had to do a book report for a major grade. i went to the library and checked out a book to read. i read the leaf cover and got the main story line. with that, i used my imagination and made up a story and wrote my report. i made an "a" and the teacher even made a comment about how good it was and how she was suprised at my work (sorry ms. evans). when i do read its only short, to the point type stuff. jsut like some have already posted, my eyes move over the pages, but the mind is on other stuff. randy
  2. .... anybody happen to have a place in greenville SC for me and the wife to stay? the closer to west end field the better. game tickets and a parking pass would be great too. oh, and a gift certificate to sticky fingers would be the icing on the cake !!! randy
  3. hers is a really good article. some of you may have already seen it, ... but here's the link anyway http://mvn.com/milb-redsox/2007/03/31/a-look-at-eric-beattie/ randy
  4. hello friends the wife and i went to greenville this weekend and was able to watch an inning of erics pitching. some observations from a biased dad. eric is doing better. the control seems to be getting better. while the walks are still high, the location of pitches are much closer to the strike zone. the hit batters are a lot better. he does have 1. there was a reason for it, but i wont comment on that here. the wild pitches are also at a minimal. he had one last night, and according to eric it was a mis-communication between him and the catcher. as i see it, 2 to 3 inches closer and the walks get converted to either k's, grounders, or God forbid, hits. his era, while not as good as pre-pro days, is an improvement and will get better if the 2 to 3 inch controll variation gets mastered. i can tell you eric is in great spirits and will tell you he is excited about his progress. i see where punk42ae is keeping up with his stats. i sure am looking forward to coming back and giving an even better pogress report soon. he really doesnt have that far to go..... im thinking 2 to 3 inches. until next time randy
  5. wanted you to know ... eric really wanted to go to the whitecaps ...
  6. thanks i have signed up at sosh and made my 1st post. within the first hour some one already had me pegged as the dad. those guys are good. right now im a "lurker". ... i will keep you guys posted. randy beattie reb7569009@aol.com
  7. thanks i have signed up at sosh and made my 1st post. within the first hour some one already had me pegged as the dad. those guys are good. right now im a "lurker". ... i will keep you guys posted. randy beattie reb7569009@aol.com
  8. hi again eric had a tryout with the angels and the red sox scouts this morning. he has been offered a two year deal with the red sox. he will leave home tomorrow to go to fort meyers and then to greenville south carolina to play with their A minor team. will now need to find a red sox board similar to this one. any help would be appreciated. randy
  9. eric beattie and kelly hunt were released last night. i wanted to let you all know , ... its been great to have met you all. i will check in from time to time to let you guys know where eric has gone too. ive enjoyed coming to this board. i can only hope there is one as good to check into later on. ya'll are a great bunch of people !!! thanks randy beattie
  10. eric beattie has pitched three times this spring. each one getting a little better than the last. saturday he went two innings. 3 up and three down both innings. 88-92 vel. 3 flyouts, 2 groundouts, one strikeout. NO WALKS !! josh rainwater had pitched the day befor. he said he went two(or was it three?) innings. no hits and no runs. he was happy about his performance. heard that arrowood was cut. other cuts will be made today. also some adjustments to team assignments. randy
  11. hello PuNk42AE for obvious reasons, i think you made the best adopt-a-tiger choice. Looks like you possibly got some inside information as to how hard he's been working this off-season. He's started his bullpens in preparation for spring training. I for one cant wait to see him get started. was over his house last night helping out with a little home project. thought it might be better if i swung the hammer instead of him. just after i left Kelly Hunt showed up. i'll check back later. my SWEETIE wants me to get ready to go to a good friends b-day party. later... randy
  12. is this guy any kin to tommy phelps? LHP in the minors for approx. 10 years and then played for miami the year they won the series?
  13. I was talking with a gentleman at the gcl game today. the question was "should eric be moved up, and if so, where ? " should he ride out the season with the gcl or go to low A, or possibly stay in lakeland and pitch with the high A tigers? you guys that have an opinion, please speculate for me. randy
  14. hello all roger: i did get to the game. had a great time. was too hot !!! got to meet cody's mom and two sisters. sure hope for their sake cody gets more playing time while their here. as for kyle relieving, ... at the start of the day, eric was supposed to come in after kyle. sometime during the early day it changed. i dont know why. i think there just trying to get both of them as many innings as possible. im not sure its a concern as to what order. erics outing was very pleasing to see. the only extra batters faced were the ones he walked. i think we all can agree (we'll, most of us anyway) that his recent performances are reason for optimism. as for the beer, ... make it a diet root beer, barq's. randy
  15. i just asked eric about the glove donation and he confirmed. seems he's given several gloves away to other guys. an embroidered one to casey makenzie, a univ. tampa pitcher signed last year by the blue jays, and sergio perez, a second round draft pick by the astro's this year. sergio (and the rest of the univ tampa spartans) just won the div 2 ncaa national championship. sergio used eric's glove all year. ive told eric to save one of the embroidered ones for dad. randy
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