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  1. How bad is Jake Butt's injury? I mean he's making a good deal of money through that insurance policy, but still.
  2. The Lions are on the clock and hey it's a commerical!
  3. With us getting Goladay it feels like Ebron is going to acquire more of Boldin's role. I wonder if we will trade up for Butt to make the move official.
  4. I'm glad that as low as my expectations are in this world that my first thought wasn't "Drummond's a piece of **** that would use his best friend's death as a false excuse on why he wasn't celebrating at the end of a game". Now I can see someone arguing that this is a sign that Andre might need to become mentally stronger, so that in the future this kind of stuff doesn't affect him on the court, but his reason aligns with every single bit of knowledge that has come out about Dre.
  5. Unless we want to call Andre a liar, let's give him a the benefit of the doubt here about why he was "sulking" during the end of the game.
  6. This is when you make that bet and enjoy knowing that you are going to get something out of the deal.
  7. Assuming Donatas Motiejunas is good to go, it looks like the Detroit Pistons could have a really solid 2nd unit.
  8. The rumor is that they'd be going back to a version of the Bad Boys logo.
  9. But if I'm the new GM and the Lions end up between 7 and 9 wins after starting 1-7, I'm keeping Caldwell unless Martha says otherwise. It's a free first year for that GM.
  10. This seems like a good deal to me. I wonder how quickly they can acquire someone for the 8th inning.
  11. Your definition of a "big game" would be great so I can choose to agree or disagree. Edit: Wait, no. I'll say that the Sugar Bowl victory of Virginia Tech was the last big win, since it was the Sugar Bowl.
  12. I don't know. I think Happy learned how to putt.
  13. Before we really focus on the B1G schedule...
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