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  1. Did anyone else see the interview where they asked him about the chances he would come back to the Twins? He said "for real? VERY slim." He held his fingers together to show the chances. Then when asked what it would take to keep him he said "PAY ME!"
  2. Rogell was probably above average fielding and well below average offensively. Lets say Brandon Inge stays here for the next 5 years and continues to be about the same player as he has been the past 2. Does he then deserve to be in the Tigers HOF? BTW Fielding percentage is a terrible measure of defense.... Overall I don't think Rogell is even borderline for me. If he was the civil actions may push him over the top.
  3. I have been saying this about Russell for a while. Why not take a chance on Russell and let him develop for a year? Really the Lions don't have too much to lose.
  4. Rachel Robinson thought something to the effect that it was wonderful and that is enough for me.
  5. Wow thats a strong statement from Dumars about Billups.
  6. Easily Carlos Pena. Its not all that close. Another easy one. TC all the way.
  7. Yeah I was going to mention this. I think its just some stuff she is selling for any baseball team.
  8. How about Jeff Kent? I just thought about him while watching this Dodgers/Padres game.... He is one of the better offensive 2B of all time.
  9. You can check that out at www.minorleaguesplits.com if I remember right it was pretty constant throughout the season. But that is going off of memory. He also had a rather high percentage of hits on the ground. Not a huge deal but as he develops his power he should get more line drive hits than what he had last season.
  10. His strikeout rate was pretty high last season as well. I do agree that it is something to be watched. I would say that he is raw even without the strikeouts. I do agree that he is raw to a lesser extent than the others on the list, but I think its important to remember that he is still young and pretty raw due to the fact that he didn't see a lot of quality breaking stuff in his high school days.
  11. I think he will be traded personally. I think that the organization will probably put Trahern or Jurrjens in the rotation over him at some point because they have higher potential returns than he does. Adding Miller will take up the spot that Kenny held last year and was supposed to hold this year.
  12. You are blacked out of watching Tigers games via extra innings, mlb.tv, or by a national broadcast when the local is on. Say ESPN is showing a Wednesday night game and FSN D is showing the same game. You will be forced to watch the FSND game. It doesn't really affect you because you get FSND as a part of the cable/dish/directv package. It affects out of town people more. Take Iowa for example. Their home team is probably the Twins. So if you were a Cardinals fan and you bought EI you wouldn't be able to watch the Cardinals games becasue they are blacked out via EI.
  13. I could have sworn that Goslin and Matthews were up there but I haven't been to the park in a while so I am sure you are right. Its stupid to have people not on the wall just because of the hat their bust has in the hall. I don't like that reasoning. Although the rest of them have Tiger caps on. I am pretty surprised that Manush would. He only spent from 1923-1927 with the Tigers. Good point. Although I think that Crawford and Heilmann should have been two of the original statues.
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