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  1. I just woke up from an afternoon nap and was disoriented enough to check my phone to see when the game was on tonight. What a nightmare. The idea of having to live through another season like last year is hellish to contemplate. I’m starting to think that next season is going to be like 2019 without the surprising start. I think it’s completely possible they could be worse if they stand pat without existing players getting any better. They’re not even attempting to compete. And I don’t care if they have limited options. They still need to try and from what I can see they’re not going to try.
  2. If other organizations have dialed back on scouting in favor of analytics what does that look like and how does it work? Do they find a prospective player and run a statistical analysis and survey body mechanics looking for strong and weak points and how to accelerate development? Instead of just eyeballing him?
  3. Exactly. Avila is hoping to teach the old dogs new tricks but he’s hardly the one to implement something like this because he’s an old dog too. I just get the sense that this organization is knit together through familiarity and personality for the most part rather than acumen and that getting them to jump through new hoops is pretty much impossible. This team is ripe for a Stalinist purge. It’s not a very pleasant process.
  4. This all sounds really great. I’m just wondering if there are tangible obstacles to implementing such a plan. Over the years I’ve got the feeling that this organization is lumbering antique battleship at sea with a forward momentum that it is hard to correct very quickly. I have also viewed it as a clubby obsolete subculture or a mom-and-pop business at ground level and it’s really hard to take mom and pop and the kids that have been staffing the organization for years out to a deep trench on the North forty and pop a cap in each of their temples. I’m just wondering if an overhaul of this magnitude is difficult to accomplish very quickly if at all and to still keep the ship afloat so to speak.
  5. As things stand right now the Detroit Tigers have canceled Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and summer as I’m concerned.
  6. It’s like waking up in prison and grasping that it’s real and you’re not leaving for a long time, that there’s no escape and no magic bullet out of the situation.
  7. True. But then you end up losing someone good you might like to keep around by permanently betting the farm on something yet to happen. I’m sort of tired of this “get somebody good then trade them for two toolsy guys that may or may not pan out“ sort of thing.
  8. I remember watching games where I knew, everybody in the ballpark knew, and children in diapers knew the pitcher was going to implode and Brad would stick with him. If it’s a 95% chance that the guy in there right now it’s going to fail you might as well go to relief pitcher where there’s a 75% chance they’ll fail. But Brad wouldn’t do it.
  9. I can’t imagine a truly good pitcher with options elsewhere coming to Detroit where they’ll get only three runs per games run support and the whole season will be a death march for at least the first year.
  10. In the short term, the philosophy of this team is to get guys to do the little things right when they’re unable to do the big things right. But it’s fruitless to tie your shoes better if you can’t run to begin with. We can go on thinking that we have players with great untapped potential and/or that analytics will help disclose that potential but we’re probably trying to put lipstick on a pig.
  11. So does this mean all the coaching changes have been made? There goes the hot stove conversation for the next two or three months. Now they just need to sign a few guys with low OBP who can fail to all fields. Could somebody wake me up at the beginning of March?
  12. What is Wisconsin doing playing Kent State this late into the season? I would think this should be one of those tune up games played 4 weeks ago. They're favored by 37 points. Are they doing this instead of having a bye week?
  13. I hope the Tigers can draft someone like Pete Alonso with their second pick while their first pick is even better. Something like this would really improve my mood.
  14. I know. I felt bad using it but it was so tempting I just couldn’t resist. I feel like I should call him Gramps even though he’s younger than me.
  15. Analytics is an undeniably brilliant, proven tool but our team seems to be betting the farm on it as a one-size-fits-all answer because what they actually must do is a lot harder: getting rid of inept scouting and instructIonal personnel and replacing them with better people. The entire organization has to be rebuilt from the ground up and that’s sort of like rebuilding an engine while you’re hurling down I-75 and in no position to stop. “We’re going out in search of college people…” Wow. Do they wear lab coats and have slide rules and Blackberries? It sounds like they’re taking a butter knife to a street fight.
  16. I don’t have a solution. I don’t think Avila is necessarily the problem. I think Avila might be able to do more if he were allowed to do more. I think ownership should be guillotined.
  17. It sounds like a PowerPoint we’ve seen before. Starting the race well behind the other runners, the Tigers are going to analytically innovate their way out of 30th place into 28th place. I don’t know how much blood they can squeeze out of the turnup that this team is. They’re still going to play Punch and Judy baseball and they’re not going to spend money. Their problems may be beyond the abilities of analytics to correct.
  18. It’s disgraceful to realize how far behind the curve they are. Is this because they could rely on Mr. I’s money to buy them out of every problem, or so they assumed?
  19. I think more analytics with this team may simply mean “doing it on the cheap.“ I hope I’m wrong. If they spend that $35 million the same way they did last year it won’t make much difference. They don’t intend to change the hitting philosophy. And there’s a good chance the coaching staff will remain the same or in the same vein. It will be hard to duplicate the thus concluded season’s miserable record, but we don’t have much to look forward to. End of pity party rant.
  20. https://www.mlb.com/news/tigers-to-spend-on-analytics-again So they’re not going to spend money on players and they’re going to go heavy on analytics to exploit inefficiencies which other teams that have been into analytics longer have somehow not discovered? YES I’M SHOUTING.
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