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  1. That’s a drag to hear about Tom Seaver. Came out of Fresno State, one full year in AAA and then to the Mets and the Hall of Fame.
  2. I would rather have Stewart strikeout then hit into a double play right now
  3. The only thing positive about Jacoby breaking his left hand is that he’s right handed.
  4. The Tigers didn’t stop being who they were last year when Jones was hurt and they won’t stop being who they are this year either.
  5. Ron Hunt was able to get hit on purpose 50 times one year for the New York Mets and he never got a broken hand.
  6. So I leave for 25 minutes and you people let Jacoby Jones get injured?
  7. Several years ago the Tigers ended spring training against Miami and opened the regular season against them and I watched all the games with the Marlins and gosh what an exciting young team. Yelich Stanton etc. I think that starting lineup averaged about 26 years old. Young and hungry. And then of course the team is torn apart again as it always is in Miami. I’ve been a big Yelich fan ever since. And I tend to never give two shorts about players on other teams
  8. Bases-loaded one out Garcia coming in for Norris. Well that all changed pretty quickly.
  9. Yelich is a great ball player and I find it almost impossible to root against him; even when he’s playing against us, and it’s enough of a lead that I can’t hold that homerun against him.
  10. Yelich still looks young enough to be bagging my groceries.
  11. OK. Who sold their soul to the devil to make this happen? I didn’t. Whom among us is capable of doing that?
  12. Wow I’m looking at is the line score but Fulmer seems to be doing well and Stewart hit a homerun.
  13. I find it exciting on an uncomprehending, visceral level. I know there’s more elevated ways of appreciating it, and I feel kind of guilty for being unaware of what those are.
  14. While we’re on this subject, is anyone watching the Tour de France? I can’t say that it’s a big deal to me and I’m an idiot about it, but the camera work from inside the pack when they’re roaring at high speeds is pretty exciting, but aside from that I don’t deserve to consider myself a fan to any extent.
  15. I’m not sure how complicated polo is, perhaps not enough to at least enjoy it to some extent, but having tried to explain baseball to people and finding it very difficult, I’m assuming that cricket has some real complexities that someone may earn the right to be a snob about. But being a snob over what for most people is obscure is just another pedestrian dominance ritual that’s inherently boring and deserving of contempt. So with that in mind, it’s OK to hate both polo and cricket snobs. And I just now played the same lame game so it’s OK to give me the finger as well.
  16. I think the obvious draw about divisions is that you can have a team in a weak division that everyone’s beat up on still make it into the playoffs. It’s a cheaters dream.
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