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  1. My wife is unusually interested in me when the Tigers win. Last year was not so good for ol' Idaho Bert. This year is much better. GO TIGERS!
  2. Georgia State University professor James Dabbs, PhD, found an association between fans' testosterone levels and the success of the team. Dr. Dabbs tested pre- and post-game testosterone levels of men watching the televised 1994 World Cup Soccer games. Testosterone levels increased 27.6% in fans supporting the victorious Brazilian team and dropped 26.7% in disheartened Italian fans. (I went into the 1968 World Series rooting for the Tigers as a boy and came out as a man and this is why. Now I know why I felt 16 again when we had such a great start this year. Until we start winning again, anybody got a needle?)
  3. Hey, Biggie! Ha! Eddie was still walking 100 plus times a year at the end of his career for those two years with us! Alex is who he is and he's better than all our other options. Hey, I could stand there long enough to walk 13 times a year too, but my 600 strikeouts would rile up people more than Alex's lack of walks.
  4. Thanks for making these inquires! It gives a missing flavor to this enterprise of following a team. Here's a link to Floyd's record: http://www.baseball-reference.com/g/giebefl01.shtml
  5. I'm glad there's someone older than me and Biggie on this site! I saw Charlie Maxwell hit one in my first first game. Not quite as much to brag about!
  6. Making lemonade out of lemons, eh? Beauty. Hey this guy just dosn't walk and that's the way it is; he never has. The last time I looked he was on track to average 13 walks for the entire season. That must be pretty close to a record for fewest walks. In the minors he walked just 31 times in 577 plate appearences one season and he seems poised to go far lower than that this year but with a much higher batting average. At least he's on base.
  7. (Saturday, May 29th) Final Score: Toledo 14, Rochester 5 Rochester, NY (Sports Network) - Dmitri Young hit for the cycle in his first start on major league rehab for the Detroit Tigers to help the Toledo Mud Hens pound the Rochester Red Wings, 14-5 on Saturday. Young hit a three-run home run in the top of the first inning to give the Mud Hens an early 3-0 lead. The designated hitter singled in the fourth, doubled in the sixth and smashed an RBI triple to left field in the eighth. Young also forced in a run by drawing a bases loaded walk in the ninth to finish the game with five RBI. Brant Ust chipped in with three hits, three runs batted in and two runs scored to raise his average to .321. Andy Barkett belted his ninth home run of the season, a solo shot in the ninth inning. Joe Mauer was in the Rochester line-up on a rehab start for the Minnesota Twins. The catcher finished the game 2-for-4 with a double and an RBI. Michael Restovich hit his twelfth home run of the season for the Red Wings. Andy Van Hekken (4-2) earned the win for the Mud Hens. Van Hekken allowed four runs, three earned, on seven hits in five innings of work. Toledo forced Pete Munro to the showers after three innings. Munro was touched up for eight runs, seven earned, on eight hits and suffered the loss. Rochester (26-23) will host Toledo (25-25) again on Sunday at 6:05 PM (ET).
  8. Thanks for the info! Even the Mudhens website didn't have this on it as of 9:10 pm eastern time
  9. This may be unfair, but it's devastatingly funny, and way clever. Thanks!
  10. This is actually a very profound philosophical question. Essentially, can everything in life be measured and reduced to numbers so we can predict the future? On a day-to-day basis leadership qualities, guts, charisma--things like that make a difference and those are things that cannot be measured. When I saw Willie Horton cut down Lou Brock at home in the 5th game of the World Series in 1968, that turned the tide and there is no way of reducing that event to numbers. When that poor dope in Chicago caught the ball and the Cubs folded, that was an intangible that cannot be reduced to numbers. This is a great game, the greatest game on earth, precisely because of the intangibles. Sabremetrics trys to do a better job of making sense of things you CAN measure and that's a noble enterprise. It cannot take into account the intangibles that are immeasurable. I suppose the best scouts, for instance, have a better intuitive sense about the intangibles than average scouts. Hey, most people believe in a God you can't measure, so believing in baseball's intangibles shouldn't be too great a leap I'd think.
  11. I met Pirates minor league player Nick Gravelle in an airport a couple years back and I'd like to follow him as easily as I can track our guys.
  12. If we keep playing well and are no longer considered a "graveyard" we'll have a lot more options. We'll still have to lay out the dough like everyone else. Hopefully not more than everyone else.
  13. Bodysnatched by a pod person perhaps, but he's pitching well.
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