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  2. This should help you! http://www.radio-locator.com/
  3. I'd like this pinned too but we can at least keep it close to the top by replying a lot. Send emails to Motown Web Guy I suppose.
  4. Tell us what you really think! Hey, my heart sank when I saw his name in the lineup today.
  5. I grew up in Auburn and now live in Idaho.
  6. So for you guys who have been around a while and followed these things, how does this whole process of signing players work? It's a pretty short time frame between the draft and next Friday when the short season leagues begin. We have 50 guys we want to sign and get to their respective teams in a little over a week. Seems like a terribly complicated and challenging task. How do you so it? Teams of negotiators flying every which way at once? What kinds of signing bonuses do top, middle, and lower level players get? Where will guys most likely go anyway? Does anyone jump all the way to AA anymore? I've never really followed a draft before, and those of you who have would do all of us who haven't a real service by giving us an idea of what to expect.
  7. Several people have rightly mentioned Higginson's lack of power and this year is worse than ever. What's happening here anyway? He used to hit a lot of homers (well, in the 20s and in 2000 he hit 30).
  8. So glad to have you as a fan and your son as a player in this rising organization! Echoing what everyone else has said, this really is the best site around. Make sure you check out the box scores daily on this site so you can follow Eric's team.
  9. I love hockey and as a hard core fan I have no patience for the fighting. Puck handling, skating, scoring--this is all so great that fighting just gets in the way. Besides, I'm getting old and I'd rather see a good game and go home than sit in an arena for an extra hour to accomodate all the tough guy crap.
  10. This stuff always makes drafting HS players chancey. Anybody have any ideas on the percentage of HS players who sign pro contracts and forsake college in the the first 20 rounds or so?
  11. IdahoBert


    This is why God gave us Lazyboy's, beer and remote controls. Use them.
  12. I actually care about the draft for the first time. One of the great things about this board is that it actually helps you follow the guys we draft through their minor league careers and to savor and anticipate their entrance into the majors. It's like an extended wooing process where it takes a while to round the bases. In the end, the wait is worth it.
  13. In a way, it's just a different version of grooming the infield to suit your own team. Wasn't there a furor about someone reading the signs that aided Bobby Thompson in hitting his famous HR? Hopefully, all the little cheating teams do even out in the end and it's a wash. I hope we're up to something clever too or we would really have something to complain about.
  14. Hmmmmm. ..Seems like a stretch, though I remember the White Sox being busted in the late '60s for freezing baseballs that would later be tossed to Tiger power hitters.
  15. I must admit that being able to see the Tigers on TBS softens my feelings about interleague play. My only other chance to see the team on TV is when we play the M's. Hey, interleague play is here and it's fun. I just think it takes the wind out of the sails of a pennant race. It's weird to think that someone might not make the playoffs because they had a bad series against the Diamondbacks or something. Still everyone is advantaged and disadvantaged in a similar manner so I guess it's a wash.
  16. I think we should take whomever the Anaheim Angels would. For 12 years they were the major league affiliate for the Northwest League team here in Boise, Idaho and the Hawks always won 60% of their games and numerous championships. A bunch of former Boise players are on their roster right now though they did let one former Boise player go to the Marlins--Dontrelle Willis. I sure wish we could pick 'em like the Angels do.
  17. He's gained 100 votes in a day and gone from 2% to 3%. The eerie power of the internet at work...
  18. We have a slew of interleague games coming up and I just hate it. Am I off base here? It seems like such a diversion from our own race. I'd rather play teams in our own league that we can gain on than waste time doing exhibition games with the National League. These interleague games are interesting because you get to see different teams and that is pretty cool. Imagine what Barry Bonds would do to our pitching staff......Terrible to contemplate but fascinating to tell your grandchildren about. Still, I don't think the plusses outweigh the minuses. It averts our focus on what counts to something that's merely fun. Maybe I'm taking this all too seriously and should lighten up but I still basically hate it.
  19. That makes good sense and is a pretty darn asutute observation. I was worried that they'd retouched the photo and would have to fire someone like they did at Newsweek a while back!
  20. It's Alex Sanchez. A play on the difference between him and "The Walking Man" Eddie Yost who played for the Tigers in '59 and '60 and walked, oh, about 140 times each year. Do I get a $50 gift card to Red Lobster for answering this?
  21. This article confirms what most people on this board have suspected. This quote from the article says quite a bit: "How overrated is Sanchez as a leadoff hitter? Let's put it this way: he's on pace to finish with 206 hits, and only 79 runs scored. Only three players in major-league history have tallied that many hits, and scored so few runs. And none of them batted leadoff for a team that ranked fifth in the league in runs scored, in an era of high offense." It's frustrating but all I can say is that he's probably the best we can do for now.
  22. Johnson did everything we could ask of him tonight!
  23. Not the leisure suit and the white belt, please not that Biggie!
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