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  1. Tigers going for series victory Chicago (60-62) at Detroit (59-65), 7:05 p.m. ET By Jason Beck / MLB.com The White Sox found out Monday how tough Jeremy Bonderman can be. They already know about Wilfredo Ledezma. In what could be a preview of the 1-2 punch opposing teams could face from the top of the Tigers rotation in a few years, Ledezma will try to follow up Jeremy Bonderman's seven-hit shutout performance by befuddling Chicago again Tuesday night at Comerica Park. It'll be the fourth meeting against the White Sox in eight appearances this year for Ledezma, who didn't even get this familiar with Altoona when he was at Double-A Erie earlier this season. Two of his three victories this year have come against the White Sox, including a 6-3 win in Chicago last Thursday in which he gave up three runs on seven hits in six innings of work. He's won his last two starts since joining the rotation Aug. 5. A win Tuesday night would make Ledezma the first Tigers pitcher to go 4-0 to start a season since Nelson Cruz in 2000. It would also move the Tigers to within two games of the White Sox in the American League Central standings. Former Tiger killer Jon Garland was on the losing end of Ledezma's victory last Thursday, having been pounded for seven runs -- three earned -- on six hits in 2 2/3 innings for his shortest outing of the season. He's 1-3 with a 5.98 ERA over his last seven starts. Pitching matchup CHW: RHP Jon Garland 8-9, 4.78 ERA in 2004 0-2, 6.75 ERA vs. DET in 2004 5-4, 5.51 ERA lifetime vs. DET DET: LHP Wilfredo Ledezma 3-0, 2.96 ERA in 2004 2-0, 2.84 vs. CHW in 2004 2-1, 4.64 lifetime vs. CHW Players to watch Dmitri Young is 6-for-17 against Garland for his career, including a three-run homer in the last meeting. ... Carlos Lee is 3-for-5 off Ledezma this season and 5-for-9 for his career. Quotable "If you face a team a lot of times, you get to see their weaknesses as well as it exposes what you do. If a pitcher's smart, it should be advantage pitcher over the long haul. Hitters will tell you the opposite, but I don't see it that way." -- Tigers pitching coach Bob Cluck on a pitcher seeing a team several times in a season On the Internet MLB.TV Gameday Audio Gameday Official game notes On television CHW: FSN DET: FSN On radio CHW: ESPN Radio 1000 DET: WXYT-AM 1270 Quick hits Bobby Higginson's next home run will tie him with manager Alan Trammell for 12th place in franchise history. ... Ugueth Urbina has held opponents to a .091 (6-for-66) batting average and three earned runs over 20 1/3 innings in his last 19 games. ... Jamie Walker has given up one hit in 29 at-bats against left-handed hitters since July 9. ... Carlos Pena and Craig Monroe both have nine-game hitting streaks. Pena is batting .424 (14-for-33) over his streak, while Monroe is hitting .429 (15-for-35). On deck Wednesday: vs. White Sox, 7:05 p.m. ET Thursday: at Red Sox, 7:05 p.m. ET Friday: at Red Sox, 7:05 p.m. ET Saturday: at Red Sox, 7:05 p.m. ET Sunday: at Red Sox, 2:05 p.m. ET
  2. I like what you're saying Edman! I think I'm having a Willie Stargell moment myself..."We are family, talking 'bout my brothers and me.." Hey, thick of it or .500 at the most, this is great stuff. Being positive about this team is just another version of Pascal's Wager. There's nothing lost in hoping for the best! Go Tigers!
  3. Now you've got ME frightened Charles, or am I being duped by irony and one too many victory beers?
  4. I rubbed my eyes when I saw him on TBS this year. I thought it had to be a different guy with the same name. I remember when he came over to the Indians in '83 in a big trade for Von Hayes. I lived in Tucson and saw him in lots of spring training games for the six or seven years he was with the Tribe. Really amazing.
  5. I like your take on this. I don't think real professionals can pull the plug, so to speak, and what you're advocating is a sensible compromise. I wouldn't want to think anyone could disengage themselves from trying to win. But in the context of trying to win, there's nothing to keep us from seeing what some of the new guys can do and sitting some of the regulars. Sunday's game with Seattle was like that and if not for a freak home run by a guy who doesn't hit many, the "new guys" would have won the game for us. We saw Logan make a base running error and that's good to know now. We also saw Dingman pitch two scoreless innings and that's good to know too.
  6. Wow. It takes some huevos to say that around here. Even if it isn't true I support the spirit behind it. I'd love to see Carlos hit 25 hrs, drive in 80 plus and get his average in the .255 to .260 range.
  7. Buried in a Gene Guidi article in the Freep this morning I saw this: "Ledezma, who will be limited to about 150 innings this season, probably has two starts left and then will pitch occasionally in relief the rest of the season." Since I live out of the region and don't get to hear sportscasters banter about things like this during games it was a drag to be reminded of this reality. I sure don't want to hurt the future of this arm but I'll miss what he does for us when his stint ends.
  8. Thanks for provoking some discussion Jonsey. Pena seems to be showing a lot more patience now, as he's walked at a rate of one per game in the last dozen games or so. He's still striking out a lot too but maybe he can work on that as well. He's working the count to his favor and hitting the ball with much more authority. His average is up over .240 now. Wouldn't it be great if he was actually getting better and this wasn't just a streak? Those walks say something a little more fundamental about the progress he's making.
  9. Hey thanks! I haven't seen much of this year's but last year's was awesome. I died when he sang his Kasikstan (sp?) national anthem at the minor league ball game then flashed candid photos of his wife to people in the stands. He actually has a good take on our culture. If he didn't, his spin on things would seem distant. Instead, he's right on target as if he were a real insider.
  10. "Throw the Yankees in the well...So my country can be free..":classic:
  11. How do players at the major league level improve their defensive abilities anyway? I know they grow as hitters so it seems they could grow as fielders. Do they go through drills or what? Working on scooping up ground balls and throwing straight seems like something they should have mastered by the time they get here, but it seems some haven't. Can this be addressed without getting new guys who can already field better? By the way Nazrac, thanks for that link!
  12. http://motownsports.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20316
  13. Awesome news. He really needs a game like this so he can prove to himself, especially, that he belongs at this level. Thanks for the post.
  14. It's great to have the chance to share in such a momentous event. It makes me want to follow Eric's progress more than I usually would for a player who's just come on board. Thanks again.
  15. I understand how you feel. Paul Molitor? Yeah, there are slim pickings some years.
  16. He made a brief reference to a letter I had published in the Sporting News in his SN column maybe 30 years ago. Really made me proud. Can't imagine that he had to draw on me for copy but, heck, I'll take it. I loved the the story about "fixing graves" to buy baseball tickets. He'd have to rob graves to get into a park today the way some are priced.
  17. His numbers are awesome but the HOF has limited seating. It's going to be a tough call when a raft of guys with huge numbers come into eligibility around the same time. They'll all be vying for a those couple places open per year and even 500 hr guys who hit .300 may not be a lock. Other factors will end up coming into play to make this decision a bit more subjective than raw numbers suggest; just as the MVP award usually doesn't go merely to the best hitter (or pitcher) but to one of the best hitters (or pitchers) on a championship team.
  18. This issue will be decided in an entirely different context when he's eligible for the HOF in a few years and by that time his stats will pale compared to what we'll have gotten used to by then. There will be a raft of guys who will have piled up far more impressive totals and even though he should be compared to his own time he'll be compared to them and he'll probably be seen as a really good hitter of the new "live ball" era but not HOF material. If the Rockies were an American League team and he'd DH'd for them then this would be an even more difficult question to ponder.
  19. Good idea on DHing. He plays really aggressively when he's fielding, to his great credit--and I think that's where a lot of his injuries come from--but I think he gets hurt running the bases too, as I recall. Here's his injury log, excluding the most recent one. 2004: Placed on 15-day DL after pulling hamstring against Milwaukee July 10. 2003: July 18 - Had season-ending surgery on right ankle. Aug. 4 - Had surgery on right shoulder after dislocating it after diving for a ball April 5. Missed 32 games from April 7 to May 12 as result of shoulder surgery. After ankle surgery, missed last 68 games. 2002: On disabled list with dislocated right shoulder, April 7 to May 12. On DL with torn right hamstring June 25 to July 21. On DL with torn patellar tendon in right knee April 8 to May 23. Limited to 70 games because two stints on DL. 2001: On DL with torn left hamstring April 29 to June 14. Bothered all year by a torn left hamstring. During spring training suffered from soreness in left hamstring. 2000: First season with Reds, voted to All-Star game starting lineup , but did not play because of tendonitis in right knee. Sept. 11, suffered partial tear of left hamstring and did not start another game. 1996: Missed 20 games with broken wrist from June 20 to July 13. 1995: On DL with fractured left wrist May 27 to August 15. 1992: On DL with sprained right wrist June 9-25. 1989: On DL with fractured finger on right hand July 24 to Aug. 20.
  20. Bet that made Mel Ott really work on pulling the ball!
  21. I thought it was 480 but it's still a fur piece. Saw my first major league game at the Polo Grounds--Mets vs. Pirates. I was really young. All I remember is that the bathrooms could knock over a sailor if he was down wind and got in the way.
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