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    Roll over

    Red Sox are 44-21 at home and we saw why.
  2. As I focus on my heart chakra in my crystal littered pyramid, I thank you.
  3. After I posted I had just that thought. I forget that many people on this board are incredible fans who have had little to show for their courageous loyalty. It takes real character to follow and love a team that has let you down so much. I feel lucky to have known the thrill of seeing my loyalty rewarded twice. It will be really great to share this moment with all of you when it arrives again.
  4. I would love to have teams as consistantly enjoyable as the Red Sox, theoretically. But I would not want the frustration they endure. It's like sleeping next to Pamala Anderson every night but she always pushes you away. I'd rather have a trusty old soccer mom like the Tigers.
  5. Red Sox fans carry an enormous burden. They have great teams that tease you but never win it all. We have won the series twice in my life and I've experienced what none of them never have. Wouldn't trade it.
  6. What's pathetic is that anyone can consider this is a genuine election issue. Put away the violins and save your compassion for people who can use it--like the living who are put in harm's way everyday by the Bush administration's gross incompetence. Stuff like this is just street corner slight of hand to get us to look the other way during their shell game. This has nothing to do with being "liberal." I would never question your moral integrity because you are a conservative. I don't play those games anymore. I just think you're wrong.
  7. One of our friends had a bad headache for days and her husband finally took her kicking and screaming to the ER. They found the anuerysm on a scan, operated immedately and she had a stroke on the table. If she'd come in ten minutes later she would be dead. She's fine now. Drag to hear about Branigan.
  8. Indeed. Get over it. Bush can't run on his record and win so we have to drag the river for Mary Jo to create some guilt by association to taint Kerry? Pathetic.
  9. As long as dad keeps giving DD the allowance it takes to improve the Tigers I have no probelm with it either.
  10. Thanks for this post. I hope they don't ruin the whole thing. When you see the kinds of ballplayers Japan is producing it's obvious something good is happening there. I didn't know that soccer was replacing baseball either. I worry about baseball in the US too. I go to minor league games in Boise and the crowd is as old or older than I am and that's a bad sign. Very few young kids, many of whom have lot of other things to do than I had available at the same age.
  11. Here's an article on Pena from today's Free Press that you might find interesting as you follow this thread. TIGERS CORNER: Pena responds to Tram's talk August 26, 2004 BY GENE GUIDI FREE PRESS SPORTS WRITER A couple of weeks ago, manager Alan Trammell had a talk with Carlos Pena. It's something Trammell does from time to time with struggling players, but Pena seems to have responded better than most. Pena extended his hitting streak to 11 games by going 2-for-4 in the 5-4 victory over Chicago on Wednesday night. He is batting .415 (17-for-41) during the streak. The surge has lifted his batting average to .250 -- still not what the Tigers want, but headed in the right direction. After losing playing time earlier this season, the left-handed-hitting Pena is now in the lineup virtually every day -- as he was Wednesday night even though left-hander Mark Buehrle started for the White Sox. "Lately Carlos has been outstanding," Trammell said before Wednesday's game. "We had a chat, he's made a couple of small adjustments that I think have paid off. "He's hitting the ball to all fields and having quality at-bats -- seemingly two or three every night. "What we told Carlos and have told other players is that sometimes you can hit the ball hard and not have anything to show for it, but that doesn't mean you should abandon the program. "He's responded, and this might be the best little stretch I've seen from him. He's been consistent, and that's what we want." Pena has been an enigma since coming to the Tigers in the Jeff Weaver trade in July 2002. He'll show great promise and then fall off. The Tigers haven't hid the fact that this is a big year for Pena as far as his future in Detroit is concerned. If they're going to commit to him beyond this season, he's going to have to show the kind of production needed from the first-base position. If Pena can follow his strong August with a good September, his chances of remaining with the Tigers will go from iffy to excellent.
  12. It would be very hard to reconcile this system with what's preceeded it to make historical comparisions. Still, it's interesting.
  13. According to Guidi in today's Free Press: "After Wil Ledezma -- whose innings will be limited -- makes two more starts for the Tigers, he'll spend the rest of the season in the bullpen, which will create an opening in the rotation. But it won't be filled by a starting pitcher from the minors. Trammell said he'll use that fifth starter's spot as a "bullpen day" and split the nine innings among relievers."
  14. This will be tough. From Sept 3 to the 22nd the Tigers play 20 days in a row without a day off. We need to win at least 8 of the 11 series left and lose only two or three. Two or three sweeps would make this easier but our track record on sweeps is pretty poor this year unless you count losing them. We've swept only Toronto and Arizona. Nearly .600 ball we'll have to play. Can we do it? We'll know real quickly if we lose 3 out of 4 to the Red Sox. It will be virtually impossible. At least we don't face Schilling. If we split or do better we'll be able to hold our breath for a bit longer on this.
  15. Amazing, but that's what the market will bear.
  16. We were winners back then and spent the money to support it.
  17. FYI in USA TODAY. Before I had to go into individual player pages in baseball-reference.com. This is a lot easier. http://asp.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/salaries/default.aspx
  18. One the positive side Pena hit a Grand Slam, no one said they hated Gary Knotts and we didn't lose a one-run game. Here's the wrap. Pena's grand slam not enough Tigers can't make third-inning blast last By Jason Beck / MLB.com DETROIT -- After Jeremy Bonderman's shutout Monday night, Tigers pitching coach Bob Cluck argued that a pitcher facing the same team in back-to-back outings favors the pitcher. Manager Alan Trammell suggested the opposite Tuesday, that hitters have the advantage. Trammell won the argument Tuesday night, but lost the game. Five days after Wilfredo Ledezma beat Chicago for the second time this year, the White Sox used a four-run fifth inning to help overcome Carlos Pena's third-inning grand slam for a 9-5 win at Comerica Park. Beyond back-to-back starts, Ledezma was facing the White Sox for the third time in five starts this season and the fourth time on the year and the fifth time in 13 career starts. He has twice as many innings versus Chicago for his career than against any other team except Kansas City. When the White Sox faced him twice in two weeks last July, they hit him much better the second time around because they knew what to expect. That pattern held Tuesday. Vying to become the first Tigers pitcher in four years to go 4-0 to start a season, Ledezma (3-1) retired 11 of 13 batters following Juan Uribe's first-inning solo homer, which he earned by reaching for a diving curveball. Those outs, however, were hit hard. Come the fifth inning, they started falling. Joe Crede's one-out walk and Joe Borchard's line-drive single to left set up Willie Harris, who slapped an RBI double down the right-field line. Aaron Rowand drove a sacrifice fly deep to center field, then Uribe and Carlos Lee hit consecutive RBI singles to right to earn Chicago the lead. Only a smart cutoff play by Pena to catch Lee between first and second base kept the White Sox rally from going further. The bright side for Ledezma was his efficiency, making 78 pitches last six innings. The flip side was that he gave up five runs on seven hits in those innings. Cluck's theory on familiarity still played out, only in the Tigers' half of the innings. White Sox starter Jon Garland was on the losing end of Ledezma's victory last Thursday, having given up seven runs -- three earned -- in 2 2/3 innings. The only runs he surrendered in the rematch came when Pena drove a first pitch deep to right for his second grand slam of the season and 19th home run on the year, a career best. He capped a run of three consecutive two-out hits. Without Pena's homer, Garland (9-9) had a seven-hit shutout through seven innings. Nevertheless, he earned his first win in three starts against the Tigers this season. Garland overcame a leadoff triple the next inning when Brandon Inge was caught in a one-out rundown between third and home. He retired 12 of the final 14 batters he faced, the two exceptions coming on walks.
  19. For a 9-5 game 2:36 is pretty short. Here's how teams stack up in how long it takes for them to play a game. We're among the quickest teams to finish a game. Team, Time Mets, 2:57:38 Yankees, 2:54:48 Phillies, 2:53:56 Red Sox, 2:53:32 Orioles, 2:53:17 Giants, 2:50:36 Cardinals, 2:50:05 Reds, 2:49:36 Astros, 2:49:22 Rockies, 2:49:02 Brewers, 2:48:31 Indians, 2:48:13 Mariners, 2:48:09 Athletics, 2:47:19 Angels, 2:47:02 Braves, 2:46:35 Rangers, 2:46:00 Expos, 2:45:50 Royals, 2:45:06 Pirates, 2:44:57 Dodgers, 2:44:52 Marlins, 2:43:46 Cubs, 2:43:37 Tigers, 2:43:09 Diamondbacks, 2:42:48 Padres, 2:42:09 Devil Rays, 2:42:08 Twins, 2:41:08 Blue Jays, 2:41:02 White Sox, 2:40:14 Average, 2:47:08
  20. I don't know but according to the preview, "Dmitri Young is 6-for-17 against Garland for his career, including a three-run homer in the last meeting." Seems like we'd want him in if we could do it.
  21. Starting Lineups Chicago White Sox 1 Aaron Rowand, CF 2 Juan Uribe, SS 3 Carlos Lee, LF 4 Paul Konerko, 1B 5 Carl Everett, DH 6 Ben Davis, C 7 Joe Crede, 3B 8 Joe Borchard, RF 9 Willie Harris, 2B John Garland RHP Detroit Tigers 1 Omar Infante, 2B 2 Bobby Higginson, RF 3 Ivan Rodriguez, C 4 Rondell White, DH 5 Carlos Guillen, SS 6 Carlos Pena, 1B 7 Craig Monroe, LF 8 Brandon Inge, 3B 9 Nook Logan, CF Wil Ledezma LHP
  22. Radke's already making nearly that much now and might be pretty expensive. (See below) His ERA this year is 3.41, almost a run less than usual. In Comerica Park half the time, that ERA might have the potential to go even lower and he could be a real good fit for us. I think he's 31. That's prime time. Of course, Pudge didn't get as much as he would have been worth in other years either so it's hard to say what the market will bear. 1995 Minnesota Twins $109,000 1996 Minnesota Twins $175,000 1997 Minnesota Twins $450,000 1998 Minnesota Twins $1,400,000 1999 Minnesota Twins $2,225,000 2000 Minnesota Twins $3,500,000 2001 Minnesota Twins $7,750,000 2002 Minnesota Twins $8,750,000 2003 Minnesota Twins $8,750,000
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