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  1. When the eff will baseball use replays?!!! He's out!! The umps do it right again...Players are leaving the field because crap is being thrown on the field. Forfeit!!!
  2. The crowd is really in the game now. Schilling did shut them up, didn't he...
  3. 4-2 Cairo scores on Jeter's single.....
  4. Whatever they gave him, I want some...
  5. Bronson Arroyo has entered the building....
  6. The announcers are making sound like Schilling may still pitch because he's in the dugout even though Arroyo is warming up. How could you leave?
  7. Fresno State will beat Boise State by 14 points on the smurf turf on ESPN2 Satuday night. I don't want to believe this but we're due..
  8. I'm sure Francona has his reasons but it seems like a real bad move to fix something that isn't broken. (Or appears that way). Hope he knows something we don't. (That wouldn't be hard in my case).
  9. OMG they are going to take Schilling out of the game in the 8th. The Sox might as well go home right now...
  10. 4-1 at the end of 7. Did everyone go to a sportsbar without wifi and forget to tell me?
  11. Schilling puts 'em all down and it's 4-0 after six.
  12. I'd post a poll to see if anyone thought the Red Sox could hold this lead but only I would vote on it... Damn this game is great!!
  13. Woo hoo! Jorge Posada grounds out to first baseman Kevin Millar.
  14. Alone Again, Naturally by Gilbert O'Sullivan In a little while from now, If I'm not feeling any less sour, I promised myself, to treat myself, And visit a nearby tower .......... And climbing to the top, will throw myself off, In an effort to, make clear to whoever, What it's like when you're shattered ....... Left standing in the lurch, At a forum where people saying ..... My God, that's tough, They stood him up, No point in us remaining ....... May as well go home, As I did on my own, Alone again, naturally.
  15. Schilling's perfect game is over with A-Rod's single. One on no out.
  16. Thannk God they got it right. The whole ballpark knew it was a homer. If the umps got it wrong there would be hell to pay. 4-0!!!
  17. Will Bellhorn get screwed out of his homer?
  18. Jason V. singles and it's BoSox 1-0 after a jillion fouls.
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