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  1. They have 8 runs and I'm praying for more..sheesh..You'd think they were the Tigers..
  2. I was driving down the street in a pouring rain listening to the game on the radio when Damon hit his grand slam. I spontaneously started shouting "Oh my God..." over and over. It gave me shivers. I couldn't believe it. They've won. But the "curse" will not be broken until the win the World Series.
  3. Discuss amongst yourselves. I'm so verklempted after last night...
  4. Tony Clark up. Oh god let us be right about him...
  5. I wondered how that could be. I thought it was just me..
  6. Matsui, Williams and Posada coming up...Bottom of the ninth. Man, this is really baseball!!
  7. I'd hope they'd still have enough of an emotional connection to the police not to do something like that.
  8. Millar up with two outs. Insurance!!!
  9. So, they must have settled their strike? Bellhorn walks and Pokey Reese runs for him...
  10. Cops in riot gear. We only need that when we win!
  11. Are they issuing a warning? What does it take?
  12. Twice in one night seems too good to believe.Cabrera on 1st and Bellhorn looking to be the hero again.
  13. Insurance runs? Jason gets a single.
  14. It's hard not to believe this but there is no such thing as a curse. Mathematically, the Red Sox must prevail sometime. (Spock voice).
  15. Gary Sheffield pops out. inning over...
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