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  1. I felt bad for Joe when he was being interviewed. But not at all for Yankee fans. They've had a lot to celebrate over the years.
  2. On ESPN Radio today Schilling was compelling. He said A-Rod's ploy was "Junior High" and when challenged by the announcer he said, "Let me ask you this. Would Jeter do something like that?" When the announcer said no, Schilling said, "Of course not, because he's a class act. He's a friggin' professional." When pressed if this meant A-Rod was not, Schilling said A-Rod was maybe the greatest player ever but he (Schilling) would never think of him as a class act. He was impassioned, and though this could be written off as trash talk, it seemed really sincere and genuine--something almost no one takes the risk to be with the media.
  3. Can the fires being set in Boston be seen from sattelite Tiger337?
  4. The Nike commercial that just came on showing the family aging at Fenway was predictable but also kind of cool..
  5. I hope they're not so drained they get swept.
  6. Never thought otherwise..but you are indeed right that someone will be punished--probably...Torre?
  7. Just thought we needed to review this once again. Woo hoo!!
  8. The players lost the game, but I hear you..
  9. I hope no one kicks Schilling in the ankle as they celebrate!
  10. Doh! I forgot that..Well, tonight is a great night nonetheless..
  11. Red Sox win!!! Bill Buckner has left the building!! BOOM!! BOOM!! (Fireworks)
  12. Maybe I do hate the Yankees. In 2001 I was a blubbering patriot in love with the people of NY and I still rooted for the DBacks..
  13. "Who's your daddy Yankee wankers..." Gulp, a single..
  14. I want another run. Double digits just seem so emphatic a statement.
  15. It takes a particular kind of gall to feel bad about not winning when your team always wins...(except tonight)
  16. Will A-Rod go out and start the handshaking line to prove he has class?
  17. I haven't read the board much today. Did people talk about Schilling's attack on A-Rod? Said he was unprofessional and had no class, basically, but also said he was probably the greatest player ever..
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