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  1. Kerry has no possible chance of winning without Ohio. Some precincts were voting until 11:15...
  2. I don't know how Bush can possibly lose Florida at this point.
  3. The actual vote and the exit polls are not correlating. Looks like Bush is winning.
  4. USATODAY.com's Andrew Sherry posts key Election 2004 developments as they happen. 7:24 p.m. ET: Youth turnout high Younger voters are turning out in larger proportion this year, compared with 2000. Seventeen percent of those surveyed in early exit polls were between 18 and 29 years old, compared to 9% in 2000. One result of having such stark issues: people made up their minds earlier. In 2000, 69% said they had made up their mind more than a month before the election. This year, 79% had made up their minds a month before the election. Late-deciding voters broke in Kerry's favor, and those who decided sometime in the first few weeks of October (think debates) broke strongly in favor of Kerry. Early deciders were split. (Will this be the difference? The youth vote?)
  5. Updated Late Afternoon Numbers Mucho flattering to Kerry; plus Nader makes an appearance. By Jack Shafer Updated Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2004, at 7:28 PM EST Florida Kerry 51 Bush 49 Ohio Kerry 51 Bush 49 Michigan Kerry 52 Bush 46 Nader 1 Pennsylvania Kerry 53 Bush 46 Iowa Kerry 50 Bush 49 Wisconsin Kerry 51 Bush 48 Nader 1 Minnesota Kerry 52 Bush 46 Nader 2 New Hampshire Kerry 54 Bush 44 Nader 1 New Mexico Kerry 50 Bush 48 Nader 1 Colorado Kerry 49 Bush 50 Nader 1 Arkansas Kerry 45 Bush 54 Nader 1 Missouri Kerry 47 Bush 52 New York Kerry 62 Bush 36 Nader 2 Nevada Kerry 49 Bush 48 Nader 1 New Jersey Kerry 54 Bush 44 Nader 1 West Virginia Kerry 45 Bush 54 Nader 1
  6. Insert your own winner and it tallies it up. Kinda cool. It defaults to 2000 results before you begin. Electoral Vote Calculator
  7. The pundits with access to these exit polls are dropping their hints about what they cannot yet say is going on. Buses full of students arriving at polling places, Kerry with a 17% lead over Bush with the E-Generation, saying that people will stand in line for three hours in the rain to vote for change but not for the status quo. They're even broadcasting info from the Democrats about Kerry out-performing Bush by 10% in precincts won by Bush in 2000. Ehh, they thought they knew what they were doing last time too.
  8. Well, women live longer than we do and some of the men will die before they get to the polls today? Drudge also added the following..[but early 2000 exit polls showed Gore +3 in Florida; showed Gore-Bush even in CO [bush won by 9], exits showed Gore +4 in AZ [bush won by 6]...
  9. Slate's very first numbers a little before 4:00 EST. Florida Kerry 50 Bush 49 Ohio Kerry 50 Bush 49 Pennsylvania Kerry 54 Bush 45 Wisconsin Kerry 51 Bush 46 Michigan Kerry 51 Bush 47 Minnesota Kerry 58 Bush 40 Nevada Kerry 48 Bush 50 New Mexico Kerry 50 Bush 48 North Carolina Kerry 49 Bush 51 Colorado Kerry 46 Bush 53
  10. Slate explains why it will publish early leaked exit polls on the link below. None yet as of 3:30 EST. Basically, they don't feel a paternalistic duty to protect us from ourselves. Early Exit Polls
  11. No, but he was a convenient target--especially with pardoning Nixon. Comics didn't want give him a break. His highly publicized stumbles and the like gave people more grist for the mill too--falling down the steps from planes, knocking people in the head with golf balls. "Roll over Liberty!"
  12. I stood in line for 30 minutes at the tiny Methodist chapel that serves as precinct 26 in Boise, Idaho. At eight o'clock when the doors opened the line had already snaked around the building and the parking lot was jammed. People were fairly serious though still cheerful. Some joked that they'd wished they'd brought their left-over Halloween candy so we could trade for things we liked. Mostly, people knew we were doing something important and we played the part. This is the first time I've ever voted at this particular precinct and everyone there said they had never had to wait in line before like this to cast a ballot. To tell the truth I got a little misty over it. I made me proud--of all of us.
  13. Published: November 2, 2004 NYTIMES By JAMES DAO and ADAM LIPTAK COLUMBUS, Ohio, Tuesday, Nov. 2 - In a day of see-sawing court rulings, a Federal appeals court ruled early Tuesday morning that the Republican Party could place thousands of people inside polling places to challenge the eligibility of voters, a blow to Democrats who argued those challengers will intimidate minority voters. The ruling, by the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, in Cincinnati, reversed two lower courts that had blocked the challenges just a day before. It also came as squadrons of lawyers from both parties in Ohio and other swing states from Pennsylvania to Florida to New Mexico were preparing for Election Day skirmishes that will include using arcane laws that allow challenges at the polls. The lawyer for a pair of Cincinnati civil rights activists who had challenged the Republican plans to challenge voters said he would appeal Tuesday morning's decision to the United State Supreme Court.
  14. Boomtown was awesome. The pilot was the only show I didn't like. Sorry it's gone. The psycho killers in the rafters was incredible. The last season of Homicide was indeed lesser--though I loved the episode where's D's son is trying to save the children held hostage by their crazy father.
  15. I know a lot of Republicans who are unenthusiastic about Bush and are voting against Kerry too. Cuts both ways.
  16. Haven't watched it that much. Fox is supposed to have a show by the Homicide crew called "The Jury." Not sure if it was on this summer and I missed it but it's not on their fall schedule. I've got the first "season" of Homicde in DVD--eight episodes. I still get chills when I see Ned Beatty sitting alone in a bar at the end of a hard day singing Elvis' "Love Me Tender." No other show could do that and make it work, but Homicide did.
  17. On a day like today We pass the time away Writing love letters in the sand --Pat Boone--
  18. Did you like Vanilla Sky? I did, but most people I know didn't. Cruise gets knocked a lot but I like him--even if he is into Scientology. Minority Report was pretty cool too.
  19. I've tried to watch it a couple times but I just haven't made it through even one full show. "Homicide" has spoiled me for cop shows forever. It's raised my expectations so high that I have a hard time enjoying cops shows anymore. Give me Frank and Meldrick or give me death.
  20. You're smart. You can even change font size. I'm not worthy...
  21. No one gives an eff about Idaho because we're 2-1 for Bush. No ads, no crack..
  22. I tried to cheat but nothing came up in yahoo. I like girls too.
  23. Spielberg is pretty good at this stuff. I wonder what the politics of it will be? Movies like this in the '50s used sci-fi as a vehicle for doing everything from criticising social and political conformity to fighting communism. Spielberg is on the left. Isn't Cruise on the right? I'm not sure. Could be interesting...
  24. Source: Variety March 17, 2004 Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise will bring The War of the Worlds to the big screen, with Cruise expected to star, reports Variety. David Koepp (Secret Window) will rewrite a Josh Friedman first-draft script based on the classic H.G. Wells alien-invasion novel. Depending on how quickly a script is approved, the sci-fi epic could start filming in late 2005. Cruise and his C/W Productions partner Paula Wagner set up the film at Paramount in May 2002. DreamWorks will come aboard as a partner, now that Spielberg is involved, adds the trade. Cruise and Wagner will produce, and it is likely Spielberg and DreamWorks Pictures co-heads Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald will be involved in that capacity as well. "War" became permanently etched in American culture when Orson Welles' Mercury Theater performed the story on radio in 1938 and ignited a nationwide panic when listeners didn't realize it was fiction. H.G. Wells wrote the book in 1898.
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