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  1. Isn't William F. Buckley on record for being in favor of legalization or decriminalism for about 30 years? Even he didn't help the cause. I think opposition to marijuana legalization is much deeper than an antipathy to legalization's furrier advocates. The jihadist mentality of the "War on Drugs" itself is impervious to rational deconstruction. Ever seen the "Enough is Enough" program come to town? It's just short of a Nuremburg rally in it's manipulation of mass psychology. Ever seen an officer on "Cops" dismiss every aspect of a person's humanity because they use drugs? This is the pre-rational mind at work. The puritanical assault on pleasure is central to the argument too. People are shamed into agreeing or shutting up in the face of it. You might as well be wearing an "I Love Child Porn" button to church service. There's also a powerful institutional momentum at work that's hard to stop. Many institutions and people have a tangible stake in keeping marijuana illegal. Politicians who exploit the fears of their constituents; legal institutions that would see sources of income dry up; prissy moralists who cannot admit that even a portion of their program might be questionable. This is not to minimize the real damage for which drug use is responsible. I think drug use remains problematic. But the opposition to this danger is often rooted in something much deeper than a rational assessment of the situation.
  2. Sort of like Holland? Then people have to drive home blasted. Legalizing personal cultivation of small amounts would really cut into the crime aspect. The new millennium's vitcory garden? I still do not advocate it's use. People usually drink for a buzz; people use marijuana to get blasted--I know I used to. There's a difference. Still from a cost/benefit's perspective keeping it illegal just seems worse than letting it flourish in some manner.
  3. I wonder if that one-time poster by the name of "TigersAreGay" will make a return to the board?As for this thread's real substance, we had better have 81 to 85 wins next season or the momentum in fan support the Tigers have created will turn angrily sour. Few expect 90 wins but they demand a respectable winning season. Last season's advances were pleasing but not satisfying. Welcome to the board, comrade '84.
  4. My sympathies MCS...Nearly 30 years ago my friends and I knew a cantankerous old man in his late 80s that people in Tucson called "the Mayor of 4th Avenue." Harry was a former radical and labor organizer who became well-known for befriending the hippies and other suspects who congregated in that area of town. When we found out Harry had cancer we offered him marijuana and he accepted. I still remember that unwaveringly defiant old man doddering down the street and puffing away on his corncob pipe. He wasn't very discreet and even the police--to their credit--gave him a pass on it. I don't recommend the use of marijuana and acknowledge it's genuinely problematic aspects. I haven't used it in almost 20 years and I'm glad I haven't. That's the choice I've made and others are free to make their own choices about it. But the costs of keeping it illegal far outweigh the benefits. Ruining people's lives by putting them in jail so they don't ruin their lives with drugs is ludicrous. It's just another version of destroying the village in order to save it.
  5. Legalize it. The costs of policing it.... outweigh any damage that this... could do. Many here are probably familiar with this link but I'll repost it anyway. Food for thought. Saying yes
  6. Thank you zimm...Can't you guys do better than this? What's next? A scratching contest?
  7. I have personally avoided knowing anything about this circus. Do they even have the death penalty in California? Is he up for it?
  8. Shabba, I would never compare ordinary Republicans to this hate-monger. I never said anything like that on this thread and if you or others think I did I'll try to be clearer still in the future. I am not a knee-jerk Republican hater and I don't truck in the nonsense that Republicans are fascists. I do think it's tragic that GOP actions have courted the votes of people who do not respect the human rights of gay people. This is a form of opportunism that history will remember. If the Republican Party successfully proceeds in re-writing the Constitution to create a legally and permanently dehumanized segment of society then they will undermine the very fabric of American freedom. That will be unforgivable. This country represents a constellation of values to the entire world that are too precious to be distorted for either momentary or long-term political gain. I know there's just a lot of ordinary folks who feel threatened by homosexuality and they express their discomfort by opposing gay marriage and civil unions. This doesn't mean these folks are evil like the dope in the picture picture I posted. But they are on the wrong side of history by devaluing the humanity of their neighbors and friends. And I am well aware that they are not all Republicans. Once again, if I was unclear or too hasty, the GOP should reign in its appeals to those who hate gays and not exploit this issue for political gain.
  9. I don't know what's hypocritical about pointing out the difference between anger and hate. People tend to say they "hate" someone or something when they are angry. We all do it. That, I assume is what this girl is doing and she made a poor choice of words. People use the word "hate" very loosely. Comparing her to the anti-gay "minister" with the signs in the picture I posted previously in this thread is a very poor comparision. His is a genuine hatred. I've seen this guy picketing in my own city and he's a monster. This girl is not a monster of the hate movement. That's absurd and there is nothing hypocritical in pointing this out. It's also very unfair to see her picture on the web and think you know enough about her to imply that she is an unwed welfare queen. I won't accuse you of hatred Oblong, because I know she just makes you angry. That's OK and that is the difference in attitude I'm trying to discern. I enjoy this exchange Oblong and I appreciate your opinion--I just think you're wrong. I'm glad people disagree on this forum and and it's not just another ideological circle-jerk of like-minded miscreants like I've seen on other forums.
  10. Some people "hate" Bush for what he has done. Other people hate gays because they exist. There is a qualitative difference at being angry at someone for what they have done, and having a vicseral hatred for someone because they exist. The mere existence of gay people stirs many to hatred, and the cover about loving the sinner and hating the sin is a way of deceiving themselves and others about this fact. Equating this girl's anger with a "send them to the ovens" hatred of gays is absurd.
  11. Thanks for your post Lou. It does deserve discussion and I'm glad you are stepping up to the plate. Don't hesitate to make us think.The thing the US has in it's favor that these other countries did not have is a tradition of democracy, a multiplicity of power centers, and system of structually sound checks and balances that make it difficult to enact authoritarian plans with impunity. These other countries had powerful anti-democratic oligharchies and loads of pre-modern vestiges they had not yet overcome. When they went fascist they didn't have the dispersal of power that comes with the wide ownership of property that is common in the US. Even the most reactionary social forces have to utilize the language of democracy (freedom, fairness, justice, equality, etc) to gain support. This political language--and the sensibilities it represents--remains subversive to authoritarian plans at heart. We can't assume our freedom is secure but we have a lot going for us that should give us confidence that we can weather these times. Also, we have to take a deep breath and stand back a bit and question whether the neighbors and friends with whom we disagree are really fascists or just wrong. There is a difference--and I speak from experience because I've made this mistake in the past myself.
  12. You don't have to carry a hate sign to have it in your heart or to exploit it.
  13. I wish the GOP would try a little harder too.
  14. "I've been waiting for this moment, for all my life...oh, oh..."
  15. Oh, God...that's a door that should not have been opened! How do you spell "enabler?" B-I-F-F M-A-Y-H-E-M. I have just become yet more annoying than before...May the Lord have mercy on my soul. How do I add sound to this Biff?
  16. I supported the invasion of Afghanistan. I also suported the attack on Iraq because I thought they had nuclear weapons that could be used against us--if not by them then by others. Great arguments were made why this was a hopeless place to get into a war and I ignored them. This article is more proof why those arguments were true. I heard arguments about things like this before the invasion of Iraq and discounted them, thinking an America attacked by nuclear weapons was worth all the risks of being involved in the middle east to an even greater extent. I was glad Bush cared and was infuriated by those who opposed his actions. It turns out this was a risk we never had to take and that the critics--at least some of them--were right. Muslim fundamentalists are crazy to begin with, and we've pumped crazy pills into their water supply by our actions. I'm not at all surprised by this response (now). I don't know if there is a genuine military solution to the insurgency throughout Iraq. I'm skeptical, though. I'm even more skeptical about a political solution that can bring peace to the country and at least neutralize conflicts between warring factions that hate each other so much. This is walking nightmare. I doubt if Kerry would have been any better at solving it than Bush will. There seems to be no limit to how bad Iraq can get. They have seen worse themselves already; the difference is that they were never dragging us into the cellar with them. The real tragedy is that this mess will discredit future attempts to take military action when it really is necessary--as Afghanistan surely was. We cried wolf and we've been busted. Bush said he was going to spend the political capital he earned in this election but his resources may as run dry in the US as they already have in the rest of the world if some kind of "progress" isn't made. I don't say all this as an "I told you so." I am the target of this criticism and lament as much as anyone. I believed in this venture and now I regret it deeply.
  17. Q: How many Ann Arborites does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: None, they just start a "Coping With Darkness" support group. I'm sorry, I'll quit...
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