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  1. I've read relatively the same thing, at least the part about women being unworthy partners. I think the Greeks were mostly chicken-hawks. Plato bases his theory of beauty on the feeling you have when you see a beautiful young boy, for instance. It was such a universal example it seemed the best way of explaining beauty to his audience. This was pretty much for the Greek aristocracy, though. Seems unlikely that their version of truck drivers and farmers spent much time swooning over young boys. Maybe I'm wrong but it just makes sense. Given his social class I'd be surprised if Alexander wasn't bi-sexual.
  2. I hear you, but I'd be willing to humiliate myself pretty decisively for 8.5 million dollars--no matter how much I already had. If he doesn't want to do that and he retires it will say that some things are more important than money to this guy and he'll be pretty cool for it. By the way, I love your avatar Furio.
  3. I saw The Incredibles with the kids today and really enjoyed it. I was a bit worried at finding Holly Hunter's character so hot, though. I wonder how Pee Wee Herman responded when he watched it....
  4. Britain's future queen, Princess Elizabeth, married Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh: in a ceremony broadcast worldwide from Westminster Abbey.
  5. Who knows; maybe he thinks with the way the offseason is shaping up there's too much bench time in his future. That's a lot of money to possibly give up though. No sane person walks away from that kind of dough.
  6. Well, I guess any idiot can post something on a forum. Look at me.... Sounds plausible though. It's what we've been hearing for a while but no one really wants to believe it then suffer the letdown of being made the fool. The Percival signing shows we are willing to spend and people who know baseball know we are on an upward arc. It makes me feel good to believe this though. The rest of the comments are interesting too. Looks like a good forum with serious posters.
  7. Bloggers get fired even when they don't reveal their own names, the name of their companies or their co-workers' names. People never had the forum to express themselves like this before the internet and it's raising some interesting questions. The question becomes, which freedom deserves greater deference: property or free speech; the right of property owners to control their employees' off-hours free speech or the right of individuals to express themselves. It may not be fair to frame the question in such stark terms but it comes down to this in the end. Is there greater societal good achieved in unhindered free speech or in employers limiting their employees' free speech because that expression of free speech might be bad for business.
  8. I like a lot of this music but it seems that this is the white baby boomer list of classic oldies with a few songs tossed in to ease their conscience about ignoring everything else. Even then, how could Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" not make it? I guess you could quibble forever--but this really is a list for a specific generation and a specific group of people within that generation.
  9. Legend has it... "Percival the Welshman (Percival le Galois), raised by his widowed mother deep in the forest, had never seen a knight, or a sword, or even a horse. He was ill-clad, unlettered, and entirely lacking in the chivalric graces expected of a knight, yet his innocence led him to the Grail that had eluded so many of King Arthur's greatest knights."
  10. Closer acquisition more evidence of Tigers' turnaround by Mike Bauman mlb.com When Troy Percival signs with Detroit it is a good day -- not only for the Tigers, but for baseball. Percival is a closer of the first rank. His 10-year career with the Anaheim Angels supports that conclusion. It is a good day for competitive balance when a free agent of his stature signs with someone other than the usual big-money boys. It is true that, for instance, the New York Yankees do not need a closer. But the Chicago Cubs do. They were in the running for Percival's services until Percival's visit to Detroit proved to be so compelling, and profitable, that the reliever canceled the rest of his free-agent tour and settled immediately on the Tigers. "I know what I want when I want it," Percival said. "I don't need to go out and search for an extra dollar." It is possible that an extra dollar might have been available elsewhere, but there were plenty of dollars in Motown for the veteran right-hander. It was not a bargain-basement deal that Percival received in Detroit, not at $12 million for two years. The Tigers paid the going rate for a closer of Percival's stature. But the very fact that he was on the market was something of an aberration. Only because the Angels had the immensely promising -- and, at this point, less expensive -- Francisco Rodriguez waiting in the wings could Percival have been on there. Percival is 35 and his work in the second half of the 2004 season suggested that he was largely as good as ever -- if he had lost just a tick off his fastball, he was still throwing in the mid-90s, and his repertoire was larger than it was earlier in his career. Percival could have acquired the same money elsewhere, but he had to be convinced that the Tigers were headed in the right direction. And that is where the rest of the encouragement comes. Two seasons ago, the Tigers were punchlines, not free-agent competitors. They won all of 43 games in 2003. But with the infusion of some serious veteran talent -- most notably perennial All-Star catcher Ivan Rodriguez -- and a splendid season from shortstop Carlos Guillen, the Tigers made a 29-game improvement in 2004. Yes, it only put them on the southern edge of respectability. But the Tigers were, by any reasonable definition, a competitive team once again; they were not competing for a pennant yet, but they were an opponent that no longer could be expected to be a walkover. The 29-game improvement was a conservative estimate of how much this team had improved, and how much harder it was to defeat. The Tigers still have some major question marks, most notably when, or if, their young pitchers will develop suitably. This may be a team with a long way yet to travel, but is at least attempting to take the journey. This is a team with a core of proven talent -- and now, this is also a team with Troy Percival. In fact, at the moment it has a closer surplus, with Ugueth Urbina on the roster. Urbina was far from a disaster for the Tigers last season, but Percival represents a definite upgrade. Urbina could be useful in a setup role, or he could get the Tigers some help in a trade. So what you have here is a team, one that was recently a laughingstock, that now must be taken seriously. You do not have to be a fan of the Detroit Tigers to see that this is a good thing. It is a much better thing than a team losing 119 games year after year. Any time a team gets out of the cellar and moves up, there is one bit of proof that baseball is not the rigidly stratified game that it was threatening to become not long ago. The more teams that can give its fans genuine hope, the healthier the game. Under the game's current, partially reformed economic system, the possibilities in that direction are increasing. This is what the game owes its patrons -- not in just a handful of franchises, but in all 30. And so, with all due respect to the unsuccessful Troy Percival bidders, it was fine that the closer decided on the Detroit Tigers. Michael Bauman is a national columnist for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.
  11. Makes me want to pound my shoe on the table like Nikita Khrushchev and shout, "We will bury you!"
  12. I've looked for a Cubs board that was even partially as good as this one and didn't find one. I think we are luckier than we imagine.
  13. I agree. He's almost as old as you are and he made 12.5 million last year. Seems like the wrong direction to go. Why not resign Fred Lynn?It's a just a joke.....
  14. The great thing about the signing of Percival--aside from the signing--is that it focuses positive attention on Detroit from the very start and creates a momentum of interest in Detroit for FA's. DD is brilliant. He not only knows how to build a team, he knows how to create the bidding and signing conditions through PR to get guys to check us out. I love this guy.
  15. She's a master seamstress--at least that's what the catalog said.
  16. Mrs. IdahoBert would like to thank you for the tenderly offered compliments.
  17. Anyone with links to audio or video of the press conference would make those of us out side the Detroit area very happy. Not that we aren't already fairly happy as it is.. GO TIGERS!!
  18. Wednesday, November 17, 2004 (ESPN.com news services) The Detroit Tigers have signed relief pitcher Troy Percival, who spent his entire career with the Anaheim Angels, to a two-year, $12 million contract, ESPN.com's Jayson Stark is reporting. The Tigers are expected to attempt to trade Ugueth Urbina, whose option they had picked up earlier in the offseason. Tigers to trade Urbina
  19. This is my favorite quote all day: "I think the organization set forth something last year when they signed Pudge and it kind of made everybody in baseball wake up and say, 'Hey, look, this has an opportunity here to be something special,'" Percival added.--Sports Ticker-- I know money talks, but it would be great if we can attract some guys who really want to "be something special" here; to do something that would make them heros for being a part of something that doesn't happen often--rising from the ashes. We talk money a lot on this site and we should, but maybe some of these guys are not just cash registers with great hand eye co-ordination. Maybe some of them are people who want to have fun and who want to do something that will be remembered as well. Percival did say he turned down more money elsewhere. Hope he's not the only one.
  20. You are right.Detroit, MI (Sports Network) - The Detroit Tigers have signed free-agent relief pitcher Troy Percival to a two-year contract worth $12 million. Tigers president and general manager Dave Dombrowski said the plans are to use Percival in a set-up role for 2005 with Ugueth Urbina remaining as the closer. Earlier this month, the Tigers picked up the $4 million option for 2005 on Urbina's contract. "We're satisfied with our closer," Dombrowski said. "I think we'll still keep an open mind about other additions to the bullpen."
  21. But it could be so much fun.....Please, oh pretty please....
  22. Origin of Red Sox Name Topic: Boston Red Sox ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Expert:Geoff Date:2/23/2004 Subject:Origin of the Red Sox Name Question I was wondering if you could tell me the origin of the name "Red Sox." Is there any story or meaning behind the name? Thanks. Answer Hi Sammy, Thanks for the question. Over the years the Boston American League team has had several nicknames: Boston Red Sox (1907-2004) Boston Pilgrims (1903-1906) Boston Somersets (1902) Boston Americans (1901) Two 1901-1902 "unofficial" nicknames were the Plymouth Rocks and the Puritans. The name Red Sox simply evolved over the years as new team owners and baseball writers would attached nicknames to the team in hopes one name would catch on. The Red Sox were actually called the Red Stockings for a while in 1907 but sports writers shortened it to Sox (then a generally accepted alternate spelling of the word: socks).
  23. Enough is Enough is just an example of the evangelical fervor I'm talking about. There are plenty of other examples. The program makes good points and the guy who runs it is very persuasive and I like him, actually. What I didn't like when it came to town was the group-think mentality that pervaded it. It was pushy in a way that rubbed me the wrong way even though I agreed with a lot of its message. I am just suspicious of confident, emotionally charged exhibitions that encourage people to join in--instead of to think. I know they mean well and that it's aimed and kids and God knows I don't want kids doing drugs. Kids need a clear message and a show time atmosphere may well entertain them into listening. But as an adult I find things like this disturbing and manipulative. I also worry that cycnical, loner kids--and was one of them once--are innately turned off by "join in" activities like this and likely to be untouched by it. These are the kids that need to be reached the most. I'm glad if less alienated youth are encouraged to not mess up their lives but still troubled by the spectacle of it all. Just a personal thing. I appreciate your take on this, Biggie. I know you work with kids and I respect your opinion as well as the work you do. Thanks for the dialogue my friend.
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