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  1. Garciaparra traded to Cubs; Mientkiewicz, Cabrera to Red Sox

    Chicago, IL (Sports Network) - All-Star shortstop Nomar Garciaparra is headed from the Boston Red Sox to the Chicago Cubs as part of a four-team blockbuster deal consummated on Saturday, right at the non-waiver trading deadline.

    The Red Sox sent Garciaparra, minor league outfielder Matt Murton and cash to the Cubs. The Red Sox obtained shortstop Orlando Cabrera from the Montreal Expos and first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz from the Minnesota Twins.

    Chicago dealt shortstop Alex Gonzalez, relief pitcher Francis Beltran and infielder Brendan Harris to Montreal.

    The Twins end up with minor league lefthander Justin Jones from the Cubs.

    Details to follow.

    07/31 17:07:02 ET

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  2. Originally posted by Charles Liston

    The quality of your posts went down as soon as you switched to Levine's picture. Maybe you and he have some sort of Dorian Gray thing going.


  3. Originally posted by columbus tiger

    Love the fact that Ernie was first no doubt....I am however suprised that Vin Scully didn't make the list..

    Ernie is number one but I am partial. i agree on Vin. I listened to all 162 games in 1983 and he made the game come alive, just like Ernie did.

  4. Originally posted by tim48035

    I'd say they've gelled pretty well at this point...the team chemistry is great..they have a great attitude, going out with the belief that they are going to win every ngiht, not just hoping to win.

    You're right. The article in either the Freep or the News yesterday about Pudge's attitude really underlined that fact.

  5. Originally posted by tim48035

    I agree...I just don't know or understand what all the trading frenzy is about anyways, trade Ugie for prospects, trade Maroth for prospects, etc. etc.

    Indeed. Trading for "prospects" is something you do when you suck. We don't suck anymore. I like this team and I'd like to see them get some more help, but I'm just as willing to see how they gel as the season progresses.

  6. Originally posted by tim48035

    I'm bored today so I'll do the update. LOL


    Thanks for reviving this post. For all the p****** and moaning we do this turnaround is astonishing!

    And how could you be bored Tim? Derek Jeter and Roger Clemens walked the earth together on the same field at the All-Star game!

  7. Originally posted by Franks151

    I would not trade for Barry Zito. He's not an effective pitcher right now.

    I would welcome Zito. He's having one bad season after three good ones. Lot's of players have an anomalous year that you just have to throw out when considering their value and this is probably Zito's year (or half year). His price would probably be higher than we can afford, however.

    Also, I can't believe all the posts advising us to trade real major leaguers for prospects. I don't think we're so crappy that we need to do that anymore. We're not just rebuilding anymore. The future is now and we should build on it, not dismantal it for some light at the end of the tunnel we may never see. If we trade, we should trade a major leaguer for another that might be a better fit.

    That said, I'd be glad to ride out the year and just see what happens. This team has exceeded my wildest expectations anyway.

  8. I'm consistantly impressed by the level of knowledge and passion i see expressed on this site and people with this degree of commitment have earned the right speak without editing themselves.

    I'm glad you disagree with the tenor of some posts. This site wouldn't be worth it if we all just agreed on everything. It would be like a particularly boring church service. Basically, when we hate this team it's because it means so much to us. It's not all that bad when you think of it. :classic:

  9. If the Crime Dog is the HOF is bad how about Dave Kingman? A few years back some writers actually worried out loud that he might have a shot because he had over 400 homers (before the new long ball era). It was if they were obligated by statistics to honor him.

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