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  1. This thread is slowly slipping into obscurity but I found this bit of Tiger history on the web tonight and thought I'd share it.Came Yom Kippur A Hank Greenberg Poem Author: Edgar Guest ©. Published: 1934--Detroit Free Press-- "Came Yom Kippur — holy fast day world wide over to the Jew, And Hank Greenberg to his teaching and the old tradition true Spent the day among his people and he didn't come to play. Said Murphy to Mulrooney, 'We shall lose the game today! We shall miss him on the infield and shall miss him at the bat But he's true to his religion — and I honor him for that!'"
  2. 163. Sarasota Red Sox 40,715 166. Dunedin Blue Jays 36,844 168. Lakeland Tigers 32,301 Guess so--at least we have company.
  3. I know that baseball is a business, but it's also a public trust. If you don't want to be a part of a business that's a public trust you should never own a team to begin with. It's not "just" a business. That may sound naive but it's true. Too bad the Expos "ownership" forgot this and betrayed their fans.
  4. I didn't live in Idaho when it erupted, but my wife to be did, and even in the eastern part of this state--hundreds of miles away--there was a quarter inch of dust on everything the next morning.
  5. If I admit to finding Mary Kay a bit hot, am I free from the suspicion of being "bathhouse" material?
  6. This is from an AP story about the same issue: “Montreal's last home game is scheduled for Wednesday night against Florida. Monday's series opener drew a crowd of 3,923 to Olympic Stadium.” Don’t the Whitecaps do at least that good most of the time?
  7. September 28, 2004 New York Times By RICHARD SANDOMIR After two and a half years in limbo as a ward of Major League Baseball, the Montreal Expos appear to be heading to a new home in Washington, which has had its Senators leave twice for other cities, said a baseball official who spoke on condition of anonymity. The most pressing concern, the official said, is the negotiation to compensate Peter Angelos, the owner of the Orioles, for potential losses associated with relocating a team 35 miles from Camden Yards in Baltimore. Washington has emerged as the frontrunner in the race against Northern Virginia, which has sought a team for a decade. Portland, Ore.; Las Vegas; and Monterrey, Mexico, also covet the Expos. "Our goal is to make a decision by the end of the regular season, and to announce it then," said Bob Dupuy, the president and chief operating officer of Major League Baseball. "I remain personally committed to that and am optimistic we can do that." The local government in Washington needs baseball to decide this week in order to introduce legislation that would pass by Dec. 31 to finance renovations to R.F.K. Stadium and to pay for a publicly financed ballpark proposed for the Anacostia River waterfront in the southeastern part of the city. The ardor with which baseball is negotiating a compensation package with Angelos is an indication that Washington is the likely destination. Land near Dulles Airport for a proposed stadium in Virginia is 67 miles from Camden Yards. The compensation proposed to Angelos includes a large cash payment or a stake in a new regional sports network that would televise the Orioles and the Washington team, according to The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun. The need to compensate Angelos is not a legal requirement because, sports business experts said, he may not have the standing to demand any. But he has a close ally in Commissioner Bud Selig. "If anything, it's an effort in good will," said John Moag, a Baltimore investment banker who lured the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore. "I think there is sympathy from the commissioner and fellow owners that, in reality, this would hurt the Orioles, and there is a desire to alleviate the hurt." Clark Griffith, a sports lawyer whose father, Calvin, moved the first Washington Senators to Minneapolis after the 1960 season, said he would be astounded if Major League Baseball shifted the Expos to Washington without an agreement with Angelos. But Griffith suggested there were potential grounds for Angelos to sue baseball if he was unhappy. "I'd be very surprised if he didn't make claims that say it's wrong for him to be made to bear the brunt of the damage for a move that is cited by other owners as beneficial to the industry," Griffith said. Griffith said Angelos might also argue that damages resulting from the Expos' move to Washington would not be his alone. "Angelos might say, 'Wait a minute, we've looked at that market, we understand the problems there, and a team might not survive there, so you're weakening two markets,' " Griffith said. After a city is chosen for the Expos, Major League Baseball will conduct an auction to designate an owner, as it did when it selected a group led by John Henry to buy the Boston Red Sox. Shifting the Expos to a more vibrant area, to play in the type of new ballpark that eluded the previous Expos owners, would make them far more valuable. They could sell for $200 million or more. Among the potential ownership groups in Washington are the Washington Baseball Club, a group that has pursued a team for a decade, and one led by Mark Broxmeyer, a real estate developer based in Commack, N.Y. They were not available for comment yesterday. The Expos have been a faltering enterprise for several years and were once earmarked by Selig for elimination. They were acquired from their owner, Jeffrey Loria, by the other 29 clubs before the 2002 season for $120 million, and, ever since, Major League Baseball has been considering where to move them. "Everything in life can be done faster," Dupuy said, but he added that the candidate cities bettered their offers over the past year, confirming the wisdom of waiting as long as baseball has. The Expos have averaged 8,761 fans in 56 games at moribund Olympic Stadium this season and an average of 10,343 to 21 other "home games" in Puerto Rico. In Northern Virginia, Jerry Burkot, the executive director of the Virginia Baseball Club, a group seeking the Expos, said he was not surrendering to speculation that Washington had won the Expos. He said Virginia had a better financing plan, better demographics and a location - albeit not in a downtown area that baseball favors - that would have considerably less impact on Angelos. "We're still working hard and we're confident that when all is said and done, the Expos will be in Northern Virginia," he said. "Our development team and the stadium authority has been in constant touch with baseball. We don't believe it will happen in Washington."
  8. Here's the link. This is really awful for Ugie. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=1889975 Monday, September 27, 2004 By Tom Farrey ESPN.com OCUMARE DEL TUY, Venezuela -- Venezuelan authorities are urging Detroit Tigers pitcher Ugueth Urbina to refuse paying any ransom for the release of his abducted mother, amid concerns that giving in to kidnappers' demands will set a dangerous precedent for other major leaguers and their families here in this baseball-mad country. "If he pays, that means he doesn't trust us," said Joel Rengifo, director of Venezuela's anti-kidnapping police unit. "And that will affect other ballplayers because kidnappers will see how easy it is to get money. They'll think that if a ballplayer paid, the next one will do the same." Rengifo has assigned 15 of his division's 80 officers to the case, which he said is being monitored by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Although kidnappings have become common in the country, and in other South American nations such as Argentina and Colombia, the crisis has gained considerable attention because of the high profile of Urbina, who helped the Florida Marlins last year win the World Series. Urbina has agreed to not pay a ransom, Rengifo told ESPN.com. "I don't think Urbina will pay money to them behind our backs," he said. Urbina has not spoken to the media, but his brother, Nelson, told ESPN.com that there have been no negotiations with the kidnappers, who took their 54-year-old mother Maura Villaroel, on Sept. 1 at the family compound here in this small, dusty town. Rengifo's division has released sketches of four young men whom officials have identified as the kidnappers. Dressed as policemen, they opened a tall, sliding gate at the family compound, showed a fake search warrant, and left with Urbina's mother in a green Ford Fiesta, according to police. Also abducted was a 19-year-old motorcycle mechanic, Wilson Bolivar, who inadvertently showed up at the complex as the crime was unfolding. A local police source who has been investigating the crime insisted that negotiations were ongoing and that Urbina was in the process of arranging a payment. One Venezuelan newspaper, El Universal, reported that a $15 million ransom has been made, an account that Rengifo disputed. He said no financial demands had yet been placed. Kidnappings in Venezuela, he added, often take more than a month to bring to resolution. After helping the Marlins to a World Series title last year, Ugueth Urbina landed a free-agent contract with the Tigers. Urbina, a hard-throwing righthander known for his emotional displays on the mound, has made $24.7 million during his 10-year career with Montreal, Boston, Texas, Florida and Detroit. Urbano Lugo, a retired major league pitcher who played with Urbina in the Venezuelan winter leagues, said he suspects that Urbina would be willing to pay a ransom. "I think he wants to bring his mother back alive," said Lugo, who is vice president of the Venezuelan Baseball Players Association. "I don't care how much money he has to pay. More important to him is having his mother." White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, a fellow Venezuelan, broke the news of the abduction to his friend, Urbina. Guillen was the third-base coach last year on the same Marlins team that featured Urbina. "He was really crushed," Guillen said. "He was really scared and felt bad because he wanted to quit baseball last year. Now that this has happened to his mom, he feels guilty, like, 'Wow, if wasn't playing anymore, I would have been there.' " Urbina flew to Venezuela after learning of the kidnapping, and has yet to return to the team. He has issued no comment to the media. The Urbina family has endured tragedy before. His father, Juan, was murdered by bandits in a botched robbery attempt in Caracas in 1994. Those who know Urbina say he was close to his father, who supported his son's baseball aspirations since he was young. "They've already lost the father, so God forbid something happens to his mother," said Giants infielder Edgardo Alfonzo, who played youth league ball with Urbina. "That's why we're just desperate about (getting the mother back)."
  9. Great info and very true. I hate to think they are just playing out the last few games without enthusiasm but I wouldn't doubt it. Tram sounds honestly at the end of his rope. Last year they won those games at the end because they had the psychological push to not end up equaling the Met's record. This year they've already proved a lot, and they just might not have the umph to prove much more.
  10. Come over to the Tigers thread. We're only behind 2-0 after one.
  11. Now, would it be wrong to dress like Lance Armstrong when you're riding one of these in the middle of rush hour traffic?
  12. I just missed it too by being a bit too old. Thought it was a bit dorky at the time. This new one is very cool. Too bad they don't make adult sizes.
  13. Happy Birthday! I hope you and the harem of Motownsports.com cheerleaders you live with have a wonderful day. Thanks for this great site and for watching over it so diligently. There are very few jerks on this board thanks to your benevolent despotism. Keeping me on the web takes me off the street. Thanks to you there are fewer hubcaps stolen, pockets picked and old ladies bumped off sidewalks in Boise, Idaho. XOXOXOXO
  14. Thanks for reminding me about HoJo... I thought I'd moved on about that one. At least we didn't trade Babe Ruth.
  15. I do that. If you drink sugared soft drinks it spoils your appetite. Didn't your mom tell you that?
  16. Wow! That looks really cool! Are Schwinns made in the US or do people chained to machines in Chinese prison camps make them like everything else we buy these days?
  17. Thank you Mr. Beattie! It's great to have you share these pics and your excitment about your son's progress. It makes it a lot more personal.
  18. It takes guts and decency to say something like that on this board. I don't think I agree with you, but I'm impressed that you said it. That's an interesting article too. But, most likely, Munson isn't going to get those ABs needed to get 35/100 anyway wherever he ends up. Why should he be a better catcher than he is a 3rd baseman?
  19. 30 years ago, an aquaintence asked me to get him a six-pack of beer when I went to the store. He was aghast when I returned with a six of Coors in cans. "Cans!" he sputtered. "Don't you know beer in cans will make you sick? Some of us actually care about our health, Bert!" He died of a heroin overdose six months later. True story.
  20. Ugie, Walker and Yan aren't all that bad. If we can get guys better than them that's great. Guy's better than all the others--unnamed--is essential.
  21. The 21st-ranked Boise State Broncos football team survived a huge scare Friday night at Bronco Stadium. The Broncos pulled out a 28-27 victory over BYU when Cougars kicker Matt Payne missed a 38-yard field goal wide left with 19 seconds left. The win preserved the Broncos’ bid for an unbeaten season and extended their winning streak to 15 games. (My guys didn't deserve to win this game. Our pass defense is really suspect and I expect to see this weakness exploited by other teams. But, I'll take the win. That's two precarious wins in a row. Hope they figure out what they're doing to let these teams get so close to beating them). 09/04/2004 Boise State Broncos 65---Idaho Vandals 7 09/10/2004 8:05 p.m. (MT) Boise State Broncos 53---Oregon State Beavers 34 09/18/2004 7:05 p.m. (MT) Boise State Broncos 47---UTEP Miners 31 El Paso, TX 09/24/2004 8:05 p.m. (MT) Boise State Broncos 28---BYU 27 Boise, ID 10/02/2004 6:05 p.m. (MT) SMU Mustangs at Boise State Broncos Boise, ID 10/16/2004 6:05 p.m. (CT) Boise State Broncos at Tulsa Golden Hurricane Tulsa, OK 10/23/2004 6:05 p.m. (MT) Fresno State Bulldogs at Boise State Broncos Boise, ID 10/29/2004 6:05 p.m. (MT) Hawai'i Warriors at Boise State Broncos Boise, ID 11/13/2004 2:00 p.m. (PT) Boise State Broncos at San Jose State Spartans San Jose, CA 11/20/2004 1:05 p.m. (MT) Louisiana Tech Bulldogs at Boise State Broncos Boise, ID 11/27/2004 1:05 p.m. (PT) Boise State Broncos at Nevada Wolf Pack Reno, NV
  22. I am so bummed. I was planning to see the Tigers in Seattle and their three games conflict with my national sales meeting that occurs the same time every year.
  23. I drove home six hours from North Idaho listening to ESPN radio on Sirius. I was that desperate. I'm going to hate it when the season ends. I'm such a fool for this club it's ridiculous. You could take a girl's softball team, slap an Olde English D on them and put them in Comerica Park and I'd still root for them. Go Dmitria! Too cool Rondella! I'm just glad others here share this disease with me. "Hello, my name is Bert and I'm a Tiger fan...."
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