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  1. You put your best hitters in, You take your worst hitters out; You put your best pitchers in, And you shake it all about. You crush the Cleveland Indians, And you turn yourself around. That's what it's all about! (second verse same as the first)
  2. A lot can change in a week. Last week Thames was on everyone's list. He didn't make your's this week. Do you see place for him?
  3. I have noticed this, Charles, and Randy Smith seems to be a logical culprit. Less logically, there was a 23-year gap between 1945 and 1968. Maybe we'll win in 2007! That might be possible! The least logical possibility is that Randy Smith sent us off to an alternate universe where the Tigers didn't win in 2000 and that everyone on this site needs to wear pyramid Devo hats and chant "Doooooon Weeerrrrrrrt" to get us back. Are we not (wo)men?
  4. Glad he was there! His lighting the torch at the Atlanta Olympics was one of the most moving and incredible things I've ever seen. When he lifted that torch I held my breath and prayed that he wouldn't drop it. He seemed so frail. When it was lit it was so symbolic. Still standing, still proud.
  5. I'm January 27, 1952 so I think Charles did my work for me. Thanks!
  6. I was just a little kid in the 60s but I seem to remember seeing Rick Reichert of the Angels hit one on to the roof in left and Norm Cash on to or over the roof in right. Both happened on ball or bat days because those were the days my dad would make the three hour drive to take me to a game.
  7. Wow. So close yet so far. Doesn't even qualify as a "cup of coffee," I guess. My father-in-law has a friend who's the Coor's distributor in Southern Idaho. He was a pitcher and his major league batting average is 1.000. One single in one at bat for the Cubs a long time ago. Now maybe that one qualifies as a glass of beer?
  8. Wish Levine could have these three-up-three-down innings when the game is really on the line.
  9. If Thames ends up hitting 45 to 50 homers will DD still be saying, in effect, "But we have Alex Sanchez!" If Thames ends up being Cecil Fielder and we let him go....Then again, he could be like Ron Kittle.
  10. I got my sticker of the logo from Biff yesterday and it's on the back window of my Grand Caravan attracting chicks like I was in beer commercial or something...or not. Hey, I like it anyway.
  11. i like your style! Drop some acid and put the movie Videodrome in the VCR. You'll get the same effect.
  12. Glad I clicked on that link before I got out the razor blades and crawled into the tub.
  14. This should help you! http://www.radio-locator.com/
  15. I'd like this pinned too but we can at least keep it close to the top by replying a lot. Send emails to Motown Web Guy I suppose.
  16. Tell us what you really think! Hey, my heart sank when I saw his name in the lineup today.
  17. I grew up in Auburn and now live in Idaho.
  18. So for you guys who have been around a while and followed these things, how does this whole process of signing players work? It's a pretty short time frame between the draft and next Friday when the short season leagues begin. We have 50 guys we want to sign and get to their respective teams in a little over a week. Seems like a terribly complicated and challenging task. How do you so it? Teams of negotiators flying every which way at once? What kinds of signing bonuses do top, middle, and lower level players get? Where will guys most likely go anyway? Does anyone jump all the way to AA anymore? I've never really followed a draft before, and those of you who have would do all of us who haven't a real service by giving us an idea of what to expect.
  19. Several people have rightly mentioned Higginson's lack of power and this year is worse than ever. What's happening here anyway? He used to hit a lot of homers (well, in the 20s and in 2000 he hit 30).
  20. So glad to have you as a fan and your son as a player in this rising organization! Echoing what everyone else has said, this really is the best site around. Make sure you check out the box scores daily on this site so you can follow Eric's team.
  21. I love hockey and as a hard core fan I have no patience for the fighting. Puck handling, skating, scoring--this is all so great that fighting just gets in the way. Besides, I'm getting old and I'd rather see a good game and go home than sit in an arena for an extra hour to accomodate all the tough guy crap.
  22. This stuff always makes drafting HS players chancey. Anybody have any ideas on the percentage of HS players who sign pro contracts and forsake college in the the first 20 rounds or so?
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