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  1. I like you too...Being mentioned in the same breath with Zach and Charles is cool...Now about that Bud Light, Zach...
  2. Could happen. Don't forget White and Monroe. Thames may surprise us too.
  3. He's young and could get better, but his ERA is about a run higher than the league average right now. Maybe they see some mechanical thing about him that Troy Percival could help with?
  4. I agree in principle, but we were on the edge of being at least decent at times last year, and with a little more hitting and some better pitching we could have gone much further. Consider this: if everything that was good last year stays good, if you add a couple hitters, if you get another starting pitcher, if you strengthen the bullpen....Gee, that's a lot of "ifs" isn't it?...OK, I give up you're right, Richard. Almost every team in baseball is good enough to contend if you add some hitting and some pitching. The bottom line, though, is that while free agency is a short term fix and you have to draft and develop your own players, you also have to be in the free agent market to contend with regularity. Our division is the only one in baseball where this is not as true as in other divisions, but we still can't decide to be idle on the FA front. I think that's why so many people invested so much in the FA concept; they saw that we only had to win 15 to 20 more games than we did to contend. We won 29 more than the previous year with a few strategic aquisiitions. Another year of that and we would be Central division champs--we thought. You're right though. And the difficulty we've had in signing free agents underlines the point that it's not something we can rely on.
  5. Lessons? You could buy a stable for that. Link?
  6. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!
  7. I felt like I'd known him for years the first time he responded to one of my posts. Very good call Dino.
  8. Welcome aboard! And what a coincidence; people are always telling me that I should be on mlive. And make no mistake about it...
  9. But how much was he a part of the development of an unsustainable strategy that led to the sell-off? Sure, we all do what we are told by our bosses, but did DD "enable" the creation of a situation that he is unwilling to re-create in Detroit? Did Huizenga give him enough rope to hang himself and he did? I don't know enough about his time there to have an opinion on it all, but he can't help to have taken some lessons from the experience.
  10. Better the Mets than the Yankees.
  11. What do people know about this? DD was there. In 1997 the Marlins won the World Series with a huge and unsustainable payroll then proceeded to dismantle the team in '98. How much did DD have to do with this and how much do people think we may be dealing with the lessons he learned right now?
  12. It's obvious that we can never build a team with free agents as the primary focus. It's just not going to happen. I remember how Autry used to throw money around and how the Angels still sucked. For a dozen years I saw what turned out to be about half of their WS championship team start out with the Class A Boise Hawks and climb the ranks. Sure, the Angels can buy good players but they don't rely on it. We have no choice. This off-season has made it obvious.
  13. I lived in Arizona for years and knew a lot of transplants from the Detroit area who never looked back. It's a great place to live. These reasons sound legitimate to me. Mike still made promises he couldn't or didn't keep, though. That is still true. It's kind of like having your parents promise to take you to the best ice cream shop in town for banana splits on your birthday and ending up with puke-colored ice milk from the A&P instead. This is a valid point. I certainly wasn't thinking of making lemons out of lemonade until I was forced to. But this is the lot of the Tiger fan, and all other "rust belt" fans too. I guess we should have known better when Mike started talking big about no limits to spending. We are fans and by definition we are not rational people. A more objective view would have cautioned us to be careful in embracing his boasts.
  14. Not new..just not as genuine as the Olde D. I'm in a bad mood..give me a break..
  15. I'm not sure which is worse: being outflanked by old money like the Yankees and Red Sox or nouveau riche expansion teams like Arizona and Seattle.
  16. Maybe DD and Mike have come to this conclusion before we have, Richard. Maybe this is just the truth and we need to buckle up and move on. It doesn't mean we can't have a team we can be proud of, but it might mean that we can't run with the big dogs any more than the other teams in our division can--at least yet. And I have to tell you, it really pains me to have to think of expansion teams like Arizona and Seattle as "big dogs." We're talking about the Detroit Tigers for godsake... What is a "Diamondback" or a "Mariner" anyway? They are creations of big money with too much time on its hands. The Tigers were moulded out of clay by the hands of God compared to these teams. We're heirs to the Field of Dreams, not Wall Street. Maybe it's better that we can't buy our way into competitiveness like rich pretty boys. Maybe we'll just have to earn it like we always have. Maybe it'll mean more that way. [This is the end of my embarassing, self-important rant...You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled program].
  17. They may well not have imagined this possibility but I wish they had planned for it better. They are the professionals after all. Surely they knew that if they tipped their hand the rest of baseball would not allow them to feast at the table unmolested. They made promises that are not being kept for a variety of reasons. This is deeply painful to those of us who entertained dreams of being big players in the FA market. We may very well end up with a team that can compete in our division without the big names we hoped for. But having some of the promised top-tier help would have been nice. This high-end FA game might just be a game we can't play.
  18. We don't know the full story about the cash situation, but tigersrok is not as wrong as we'd like to believe. I have not always appreciated his opinions and tone, but we can't dismiss what he's saying just because he's saying it.There are a lot of factors that come into play and Detroit's reputation may well be one of them. I started this thread to see if people thought Detroit itself was a factor in losing out. There are also complicated, strategic long-term issues that come into play like setting precedents we cannot sustain. We really don't know if DD and Mike have offered more or not--but it seems like they may have in a few cases so tigersrok's point may not be as valid as I might think. Still, it does seem like the team is reverting to a less aggressive stance in doing what it takes to sign players. It sure feels like bait and switch to me in this respect. Unless we are saving our reserves to make Beltran or someone else a deal they can't refuse I'll come out of this feeling cheated. I'll get over it and we might well end up with a much better team and be in a better financial situation too. It'll be OK and we'll get what we all wanted in the end. We may all end up praising DD after all. But you can't help but be disappointed after getting your hopes set so high by remarks management made at the beginning of this process then ending up with so little--at least so far.
  19. So I'm traveling most of yesterday and open my laptop for the first time in almost 24 hours to this thread. YIKES! Take a deep breath everyone...and relax......That was then this is now... I read every single post dear partners in crime and this is my take. [drumroll…]. First of all the following is this thread’s best post yesterday: Wise words Yoda. You are the man. We are closer than it appears to being a good team and we are better now than we were at the end of the season. We don't need a team full of hall of famers or even all-stars to win the division or even the World Series. It helps but it isn't necessary. Now about tigersrok... He's passionate and he flies off the handle, but he has a point in this case which may have been lost in the unfortunately forceful manner of his statement (a statement which Ron B. made in more temperate tones). We were promised an open wallet and if we're backtracking it really is more of the same old same old. I know we have to have some parameters (1/6th etc) but we have to be competitive too. If we didn’t even try to get Beltre then this is inexcusable. We have to at least try to get the next Mike Schmidt (or better). DD’s response to cruzer’s email on another thread leads me to believe that we were unsuccessful in signing guys for reasons other than money. I wonder if we were the team that allegedly offered Beltre seven years at $91 million? That is not too much for a guy like him. One good year at age 25 like the one he had is something to invest in and not to dismiss. This offseason is disappointing so far. We all expected more…
  20. Are we not getting the signings we hope for simply because Detroit is less glamorous than other places in player's minds? And do we just need to accept that it will always be like this? These guys play for money and we have money. They play for pride and for rings and we can (probably) give them that too. Anyone who knows baseball knows we are on an upward arc. If it were just about winning or money I think we'd be doing better with top free agents. What we can't give them are Hollywood Nights, Rockefeller Center or warm weather. Maybe they don't have the heroic spirit for a challenge we'd like them to have, or to even see money or winning as the only goal. Maybe Detroit just doesn't appeal to their comfort level. Maybe these guys are just more normal than anyone wants to give them credit for being and these other cities and clubs are the path of least resistance. I'm a lot like this and maybe they are too. Am I completely off base in this?
  21. Malcolm Glazer, owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, also owns nearly 30% of Man Utd. and is trying to take it over, last I heard. There have been big demonstrations against it in Manchester.
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