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  1. Do we really want a college version of Juan Gonzalez (Verlander) pitching for us? He just doesn't want to be here. He's unsignable...by us.
  2. Here's someone who adds support to your contention and who addresses other posts in this thread:BY JOHN LOWE FREE PRESS SPORTS WRITER ...only four Tigers first-round picks in the last two decades have had even one impressive full season for the big league club: first baseman Tony Clark, pitcher Justin Thompson, pitcher Jeff Weaver and reliever Matt Anderson.... It is too early to judge the Tigers' first-round picks of this decade, given the time that even the most talented players need to work through the minors. Those picks represent a significant part of Smith's tenure; his first draft as scouting director was 1997. Smith emphatically shut the door on any possibility that talks could be revived in the remaining seven months that the Tigers own Verlander's rights. "We are moving on," he said in a telephone interview. The Tigers can use elsewhere the money they allotted for Verlander, Smith said. He didn't give any specifics, but it's conceivable the money could be added to the pot for free agents. Smith said the Tigers didn't prolong the talks because Verlander had missed a chance to pitch in the Fall Instructional League. His next work would have come in spring training, creating a temptation for him to drag the negotiations out over the winter. The Tigers wouldn't have drafted Verlander unless their research led them to believe they could sign him. "We have to examine internally what went wrong," Smith said. The Tigers thought they made a breakthrough several weeks ago when they agreed to Verlander's request for a big league contract (a rare perk for a draftee that doesn't include skipping the minors, but accelerates his earning power). But Verlander apparently never noticeably adjusted his asking price in response, leading to this week's break-off.
  3. He averages only 54 BBs every 595 ABs. Does that concern anyone or is this part of the sabremetric wish list overated?
  4. That's beautiful, thank you. You deserve better and you will see not only a winning season but a lot more in the future.
  5. I think it depends on how much you identify with the team. When the Tigers won in '68 I was 16 and delerious with joy. When they won, I won. I walked taller and enjoyed life more. (Yeah, I had no life, it's obvious). That team was a part of my soul. I still break into a smile when I think of it. I was very happy when we won in '84 but nothing--even 16 years later--could match what I felt in '68. I guess I was less identified with the team then. When the Tigers win again I think I'll be as happy and maybe even happier than in '68. I can follow the team in a way I have never been able to thanks to this board so I am more identified with the team then ever before.
  6. Then my guess is you know how far to push it. Now, isn't Halloween night when people burn down houses in Detroit?
  7. This is just another case of the pot calling the kettle.....never mind...
  8. I'd break your window if you gave me a clothes pin. And healthy snacks will get you a flat tire. The real candy had better be close at hand.
  9. I was 32 years old and living in Tucson, Arizona. All the Tiger fans we knew--five of us, and all of us transplants who grew up listening to Ernie--just about wet ourselves. Of course the keg of beer we'd tapped for two days straight helped. Flat beer, hot Tigers...sounds like a Tom Waits song in embryo...If we'd been able to stand up we would have set fire to something. (And that sod story is awesome Oblong!)
  10. So, he sits out a year and goes into the draft next year with teams knowing he has no other option but to sign with who ever ends up picking him. Just seems like a bad business move on his agent's part. He'll have little leverage the second time around I'd think. He just lost a million dollars; maybe more.
  11. After tonight's loss, I take back all the BS I spouted earlier today in this thread!Sing to the tune of "I'm So Bored with the USA" by the Clash(Strummer/Jones) I'M SO BORED WITH THE NEW YORK YANKS > > Yankee money > It makes me want to gag > They spend it every season > On October body bags > > Yankee dollars talk > To the players of the world > In fact they’re giving orders > An’ they can't afford to miss a word > > I’m so bored with the New York Yanks.. > I'm so bored with the New York Yanks... > But what can I do? > > Yankee players > Are always on the TV > 'Cos people in America > Need them seven days a week > > Never mind the pinstripes > I can hardly wait > I'll pull for the Cardinals > And hope nobody escapes > > I'm so bored with the New York Yanks... > I'm so bored with the New York Yanks... > But what can I do? > > Go on George > Take your money in the bank. > And bet it on the Cardinals > Against the New York Yanks (Whew, I feel better now....)
  12. It's just a manitou. No big deal. Details on this link: The Manitou (1978)
  13. I don't really hate the Yanks. I like a lot of their players. I just don't like the predictablility of knowing that the Yanks will always be there at the end of the year. When I was a kid and the Mantle era was ending and the draft made it hard for the Yanks to just sign the best players and win, I didn't celebrate the Yanks' fall from grace. I was just glad that other teams got their shot at glory. I wish that could be the case now but the deck is going to be stacked in their favor for a long time to come...
  14. Wait until it rains and they bring out Jeter's tarp to cover the field...
  15. My thoughts too. In the long run hitting rules. But in a short series where everything matters defensive lapses are glaring. Maybe he'll hit three homers in game two..
  16. Now or never..top of the 9th...at least they didn't get skunked...
  17. "Coaching visit to mound." About time Terry...
  18. It's just what it was billed to be--minus Tiger fans complaining about the pitching really sucking.
  19. 2-run triple by Ortiz! HR missed by inches. 8-7 with Rivera coming in...
  20. Two run homer by Manny would be nice right now...but I'll take a wussy little single that brings up the tying run in ortiz.
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