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  1. I could never think of doing something like this without all the rest of you. It just wouldn’t occur to me. You are all my church. Where two or more are gathered…
  2. Going from a 35th round bonus to a 1st round bonus by waiting 3 years is the ultimate expression of the rational execution of deferred gratification in the service of raw power. The charioteer of reason is being pulled by the two horses of instinct and emotion but the charioteer is still in charge. Good for him.
  3. Thank you. I have a love for this team that is as irrational as anyone else’s and it’s nice to be around people who share this affection-affliction. I have one that is technically 9.5 MB, this one is 1.1 MB but I think that the difference is due to the 20 or so layers it took to create still being present and when all those layers are flattened out it’s still 1.1 MB but I’ll post it on this thread in this comment anyway.
  4. The minor-league hockey team in Boise became like that too. They used to have a packed house 5000+ every game but with the 2008 economic collapse they lost a ton of season ticket owners and the music and entertainment reached the point of absurdity there as well. All the time they were showing fighting on their Jumbotron and the announcer was shouting “are you ready to rumble?“ Really appealing to the lowest common denominator of people that are so stupid they only go to a hockey game for the fighting. Comparing this great Olympic sport to the low-rent spectacle of professional wrestling is deplorable.
  5. What if you’re doused in orange Gatorade because of a walk off? What if Cabrera puts raw liver on the bench just before you sit down and you stain the rear of your pants and look like you shat your?
  6. Do the players shower and have clean uniforms between these doubleheaders with little time in between? I would think that the uniforms and the players stand a pretty good chance of being dirty and stinky but I don’t know.
  7. According to MLB.com neither team knows who the starting pitchers are going to be. TBD vs. TBD. I think they should turn it into a homerun derby, 5 innings and only hitting a ball off a tee with only one swing for each AB.
  8. I only joined up in 2004 so I am a mere pup. This is the only place where my addiction issues regarding this team are honored has an expression of authenticity instead of hilarity. Having never lived in Detroit the only time I have ever been around other Tiger fans is when I lived in Tucson and out of pure serendipity had a cluster of friends from Detroit and Ann Arbor. Total diehards. Patriots. Men of the cloth. Other than that, I’m the only one I know. Aside from people here. I’m grateful for this place.
  9. Ran across this hilariously epic and entertainIng thread from 2003 containing all sorts of catty jabs by World Crossing miscreants mooning people and the good guys fighting back. Eastside Billie had posted a faux story about Higgy being traded. WMG and others come out swinging. It made my day. What do psychologically distorted trolls do anymore?
  10. I like a guy who holds ancient grudges about baseball. I’m still pissed at the Cubs for beating the Tigers in the World Series in the early 1900s.
  11. I knew this would happen. Of course when Ausmus was the skipper everybody in the ballpark knew when a pitcher was losing it. Even football fans wandering in by mistake knew it. Small girls more interested in their ice cream than in the game knew it. Dead people knew it. Brad didn’t.
  12. A pitch, often a brush-back, thrown so far inside that the batter drops to the ground ("hits the dust") to avoid it. Somewhat contradictorily, on the same play the pitcher may be said to have "dusted off" the batter. Wikipedia › wiki › Glossary_of_bas... Glossary of baseball (D) - Wikipedia
  13. You know, if the Tigers had drafted Yelich they would’ve tried to shorten his swing and turn him into a spray hitter. He’d be out of baseball and working at Kroger right now.
  14. In old person talk when I was a kid you’d hear the term “second-sacker” for second baseman, women were called “broads,” a suitcase was called a “grip,” and a refrigerator was called an “icebox.”
  15. I am a boomer have never used that term. It sounds like the kind of thing that Dizzy Dean and pee wee Reese would’ve said on the game of the week in 1962.
  16. Theyre sending Turnbull back out there? I have a bad feeling about this. this has an Ausmus sort of feeling to it
  17. When he had his first girlfriend he started wearing a bowtie and referred to her as his “bird.“
  18. I guess that Hall of Fame statue they‘ve been building for Goodrum in the catacombs underneath Comerica is going to have to go to Willi Castro now.
  19. Just by the lingo he uses I get the feeling that Shep has never seen baseball as anything other than one among a number of sports. I like my announcer to be the kind of guy who lost his virginity to baseball. I want baseball to have made a man out of him and for him to be the kind of guy who did right by her and didn’t go and brag about it at school. I want him to love and honor the game. I just don’t think that ever happened to Shep.
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