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  1. It’s amazing how a team of no-names, for the most part, some rookies, and a Hall of Famer in steep decline can compete as well as they have.
  2. They should have CGI streakers. Or holograms of the kissing bandit but I can’t remember her name right now.
  3. They should do the wave and have the placards behind home plate bob up and down.
  4. I do sometimes find the subtleties of the artificial crowd noise to be interesting.
  5. I wish the Twins could stop playing the game the right way just for a while.
  6. I think you could justifiably refer to this team as “streaky“ this season.
  7. Not to worry I am working on Sergio Alcantara‘s Hall of Fame plaque as we speak. Did I spell his name right? Actually I used the voice function on my phone and sometimes it works
  8. It’s either dead arm syndrome or too much guitar hero in Toledo.
  9. Nice economical first inning for Mize. If he could keep this up for nine innings it would be a historic 81-pitch perfect game with no walks or strikeouts.
  10. It would seem that getting three outs shouldn’t be that hard but apparently it’s more like being able to pee glass without flinching. The technical, reflexive side of this game is the dominant factor — without it you might as well just be somebody tapping things out on a keyboard like me — but you can never underestimate the mental side, the ability to focus and to harness that technique and those reflexes in a living situation at point of use. This is apparently a rare ability. It requires an erudite simplicity. It’s like you have to be Winnie the Pooh with Einstein whispering in your ear.
  11. There are a lot of things to feel good about. This team does have a better future to look forward to than we’ve had a right to assume for a long time. The Red Sox are the worst team in the American League. The Rays have owned the Yankees this year. Even though Mike Trout would be on a pace to hit 60 homeruns without performance-enhancing drugs this year, the Angels are awful. And the Tigers don’t have to play the Dodgers.
  12. Nice to see Harmon Killebrew in the stands, our boy from Payette Idaho. He of course began his career in DC. But the Twins also need to go still further back in their history as the Washington Senators when they had Walter Johnson from Weiser Idaho. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any other Idaho MLB players but they’re both in the Hall of Fame.
  13. Man those gigantic cut outs of faces are scary
  14. I know you can feel the power of it coursing through your own body when you see that photograph of Hank.
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