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  1. These guys break so many bats. Norm Cash would have been easily outed for his corked bat in ‘61 within 2 weeks.
  2. It sure would be nice for this game to result in a win.
  3. I know you can just feel the storm building up and waiting to be expressed through his swing
  4. Because it’s what I do, I added a color photo of Willie Horton from the 1960s to “The Girl with the D Earring," Sydney G. James‘ recent nine-story mural. It is her take on Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s best-known painting – "Girl with a Pearl Earring.”
  5. Joe had a scoreless inning. I’m not watching the game. Are a flock of pigs flying through the sky?
  6. One run is not quite a cloudburst. But if they can keep it close we have two more chances.
  7. 6’7’’ 280 lbs. Wow that’s a big guy but he walks Willi. But Stewart is up...
  8. I’m sensing a cloudburst of runs in the air. I can feel and smell the ozone building
  9. I’m not watching the game but just from the line score of the van man seems to be doing what needs to be done.
  10. They’re still in this thing. They have a surprising ability to come back. Maybe I’m just remembering the times when it happens and favoring those instead of the times when it doesn’t but they have often surprised me. Maybe they’ll surprise us again today.
  11. I can’t see Miggy as a $30 million paperweight in an office. I think I’d want to know Keith Law’s take on this first.
  12. 20 more games to go and counting tomorrow three of those with the Twins.
  13. The blessing of transcending low expectations is sweet.
  14. Your faith is rewarded. if we can score some more runs and get through the bottom of the ninth.
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