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  1. Far Left American Style. It reminds me of the skit on SNL many years ago when on their version of “Meet the Press” Robert McNamara represented “The Left.”
  2. Send him to the Astros and he’ll be a Cy Young candidate.
  3. I was with my very best friends in my own living room in Tucson, Arizona watching it on TV and all of us had a Detroit, Ann Arbor, or Tigers connection. Myself, my friend Jerry whose relatives from Michigan infected him, Kenny and Janet from Ann Arbor — Janet’s sister was married to one of the guys in the MC5 and Iggy Pop attended parties at Kenny’s house — and John The Hippie who grew up in Detroit as did his friend Ace who was mentally ill and on disability. It was a motley crew and God we loved this team. In one way or another we’d all grown up with the Tigers and Ernie. I had always been a solitary Tigers fan having been raised in Northeast Indiana where the ground is not drenched with Tigers blood. It was so great not to have to explain to uncomprehending fools why this was important. We knew it was important, we knew why, and all we did was relish it.
  4. I’m glad he got something out of his short tenure in the major leagues.
  5. Totally. I can’t say I enjoyed it but I’m glad I saw it. My son saw it for second time last night and he said you notice a lot more the second time through that you missed the first time. I don’t know if I’m up for seeing it a second time in all honesty. I feel the same way about Platoon.
  6. You are a real Yankee fan and not some hick in the sticks in northeast Wyoming who just wants to root for a historically great team that wins a lot. You grew up with the Yankees just like I’ve grown up with the Tigers. I think you deserve a little happiness in your life. Also, I’m not man enough to watch Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander pitch against each other in a World Series that essentially means nothing to me. I find it galling and eviscerating. So I have both noble and less than noble reasons for negating my usual attitude toward baseball’s Great Satan. ?
  7. I want to make @smr-nj happy. If I can’t be happy myself I want to make at least somebody else happy.
  8. I want all four teams in the league championship series to lose. I don’t want the Yankees to win for obvious reasons. I don’t want the Nats to win because I can’t stand seeing Scherzer celebrate a World Series without me, which is petty I’ll admit. I don’t want the Astros to win again for equally petty reasons even though I love JV. And I hate the Cardinals for obvious reasons. GO YANKEES and may God have mercy on my soul. Their victory will be blared triumphally from every media outlet conceivable. NASA will probably find some way to get orbiting satellites to do a laser show that will spell out across the broad expanse of the sky in vibrant fireworks color YANKEES WIN! Remote cargo cults in the South Pacific will see the display, getting rid of the B-29’s they’ve revered for 75 years and find a new God to worship. YANKEES WIN!
  9. We must be bored if we’re talking about this. There’s really no money at stake here at all.
  10. Alex Avila is the cat with at least three lives?
  11. Six years ago today I confidently posted this photo on this site looking forward to our advance to the World Series. Right now I’m basically glad that the cord to my hairdryer doesn’t stretch as far as the bathtub.
  12. No he’s absolutely central. It’s all about Jesse. In some respects Jesse and Aaron are the same person The timber of Aaron Paul‘s voice became tinged with emotion when he spoke of how important Bryan Cranston was to him. He said Bryan Cranston was both a mentor and even a second father to him. He playfully referred to him as “Mr. White.“ It was touching in a way that was honest without being saccharine. Aaron Paul was 30 years old when he started working with Cranston. When you’re that far along in life an older person doesn’t usually have that kind of an effect on you so this is really pretty significant. When you get caught up in the characters in a film or a show you really want to believe that it’s more than just an act and that there’s a real human relationship there. Apparently there is.
  13. He pleaded with us not to say anything about it other than if we liked it or didn’t because he said everyone needed to have the same chance we had for an untainted experience. There are several moments that are supremely satisfying, tense, and some surprises that made the audience gasp and made Aaron Paul shout out from the audience. My son was called up on stage at the end by Aaron Paul and he gave him a poster along with eight other people because he was one of the youngest people there. He got to shake his hand and everything and talk to him. He held up his hand and said I’m 17 and another kid said he was 11 and Aaron Paul said “*** it both of you come up. No selfies. Everyone had their cell phones confiscated so no one could film anything or break the embargo on the film until it shows on Netflix Friday. They put every cell phone in Yondr Case that was then locked and it could only be unlocked if you went into the lobby when you were leaving and the lock was deactivated. He called nine people up on stage. One was a guy who had taken his shirt off in the crowd to show that he had a tattoo of Heisenberg on his chest. One was a girl who had got the word ”Pinkman” tattooed on the inside of her lip. There were two people that came dressed in the yellow hazmat suits with gas masks. The theater was completely packed with 700 people who one way or another found the free tickets scattered all over downtown. He had an entourage of people and five big black Cadillac Escalade’s were parked out in the fire lane outside the theater when we left. I think they all helped him hide the tickets and pass them out. He is really personable, he likes being recognized, and he loves his hometown. He went to Centennial High out in the suburbs and everyone but one of his teachers told him he was pretty much crazy for wanting to be an actor and this one teacher told him to move to Los Angeles and do it and he did.
  14. My son got two free tickets to attend the showing of El Camino at Boise‘s lavish Egyptian Theatre tonight at 7 PM MT. Aaron Paul was orchestrating a treasure hunt in Downtown Boise and my son got the two tickets that way. Right now Aaron Paul is at the Morrison Center on the Boise State campus handing out tickets. It’s all festival seating and there’s a lower and an upper tier so the two of us are getting there to lineup at least an hour before the doors open in hopes of being pretty close to the stage.
  15. Almost nothing more than this has to be said for the rest of the off-season. This is a 640-foot homer from an aerodynamically perfect ball hit by Mark McGwire.
  16. Saw it last night. Joker taps into a deep aquifer of resentment, fear, and cruelty that is universal. It’s hard to “like” this film in an ordinary sense. It’s as profoundly unsettling as this moment in history. If you don’t want to remember what you’ve been straining to forget you should probably just go back to sleep and get out of the way of those who are trying to wake up.
  17. I look like the 60-year-old manicurist who was hitting on you at closing time in a bar when you were 24. You were tempted but she was a friend of your mom.
  18. In downtown Boise today people are sporting the jerseys of their far better than my own team playoff baseball teams. First I saw someone a Braves jersey and I thought well I don’t really hate the Braves at all. So I let it slide. Then I saw a Yankees jersey and I got riled up. And then I saw someone in a Red Sox jersey and started to get riled up and then stopped dead in my tracks and started laughing to myself. This might be the happiest I’ve been all week.
  19. This will never cease to gnaw at me. It’s the seminal expression of what’s at the core of this team’s troubles. And don’t make jokes about seminal.
  20. Fans should have a “blackout“ like they’re going to a funeral. The men should wear black top hats in all black clothing, women should dress in all black with veils like old weeping widows in black and white photos. Every time the Tigers come to bat the whole crowd should stand up and shout “Bring out your dead.”
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