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  1. I just hope no children were exposed to this game.
  2. I had it in mind that this was a night game. On the positive side they only struck out 11 times.
  3. This is going to play havoc with the whole run differential thing.
  4. I love them. I’m the father of three daughters so I know those books pretty well.
  5. I guess this is sort of like the girls in Little House on the Prairie getting an orange and a stick of peppermint candy for Christmas and it makes them deliriously joyful. Everything is relative.
  6. Maybe they would actually like to win. Maybe that actually counts for something and getting into the playoffs would be one way of salvaging the best thing available in this bad world.
  7. There haven’t been any knockdown drag out fights this year I don’t think. This demonstrates that these guys can contain themselves if necessary.
  8. 4 RBI night, not that that’s anything to be proud of
  9. This is the third inning when an alien presence takes over my TV fast forwards through a dozen ads and buffers then returns to the game. Not sure if this is an MLB or PS4 problem. And the ump sucks
  10. I’m watching this game on my son’s PS4. And it’s acting really weird it’s playing 1 second of 20 different ads during a commercial break or no ads at all buffering like crazy even though I have a 200 MB download speed
  11. They need to break somebody’s wrist on the Brewers. Not Yelich. I like him.
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