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  1. He didn’t have any fat on his body but managed to develop a potbelly by age 14 anyway. His first MLB hit was a HR off Doyle Alexander. According to baseball-reference he was drafted in both the second and the third round of the secondary phase of the draft in 1971.
  2. So Cabrera hits a homer and so does Riley. Nice day.
  3. It’s “the Astros are cheaters bobble head” day!
  4. They may be closing down their MySpace page to devote everything to Twitter but you can never be sure.
  5. My hopeless, cold cinder of a heart is starting to glow with optimism. It takes so little. But this is good objectively good news.
  6. His voice was a little rough yesterday; hope he’s OK.
  7. What the **** did this team do to Beau Burrows? In four years of high school ball he pitched 255 innings. I don’t know about legion ball or anything. Then he did throw over 130 innings each season at ages 20 and 21 and later suffered bicep and oblique injuries. Maybe he was overworked. He only had two complete games in his entire high school career so he didn’t go really deep in games. I misread the stats he actually had 11 complete games. Still he may have been overworked
  8. So they didn’t lose, it was an 8-8 sister-kisser, which is known as “winning” in some of Florida's more remote counties.
  9. I don’t care if Beau Burrows failed and Pauly Shore is pitching right now. To me this game is a win.
  10. So the Braves dumped Disney for a new $140 million training facility. They get a new stadium in Atlanta every 20 years. They can get anything they want. It’ll be interested to see the new place on TV tomorrow.
  11. After 4 only Miggy’s been pulled. That may change in the 5th.
  12. I’m in, I’m drinking the Koolaid, I’m Jonestown bound!
  13. Miggy didn’t pull a muscle swinging the bat and made contact with the ball. lao tsu
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