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  1. Yes, indeed it did, comrade, indeed it did! Ha ha ha ha hah!
  2. I’m expecting spring training to be gone any day now I’m amazed it isn’t gone yet.
  3. I thought it was really nice how our Messiah President went out of his way to stir up xenophobia against all of Europe aside from the UK by referring to COVID-19 as a “foreign virus“ that was “seeded” by Europeans in America. Yeah, the same way Mexicans are referred to as vermin and filthy rapists infecting our cities. Very bad people. Europeans, Mexicans, Muslims, they’re all vermin. The guy is as tactless as he is consistent. 
  4. DEEP THOUGHTS FROM JACK HANDY This would be a really good time to have that minimum 30-day food supply Mormons are supposed to have. It’s is also a good time to borrow money from people with no intention of paying it back.   
  5. This is going to kill the sports betting industry.
  6. I can’t help but believe that MLB is going to have suspend operations.
  7. Almost everyone I know has had the same experience in Salt Lake City. It is one of the most unfriendly cities anywhere. If you casually say something to someone in a public place they look at you as if you’d violated a norm of etiquette in the worst possible manner. It’s not a Mormon thing either. Small Mormon towns are so friendly they’re idyllic; like being in Mayberry. Every major city I’ve ever been in is friendlier than Salt Lake City.
  8. That’s exciting to hear. How more quickly are college players getting to the majors compared to previously? Is it a general trend like getting to the majors a year sooner or more? Or is it more episodic? I remember Kyle Schwarber coming through Boise but he was only here a week before getting to a higher level and I missed him. Every year there’s a slew of #1’s coming through here for all the NWL teams right out of college. But they don’t necessarily appear to stand out to my untrained eye. The only player I’ve seen come through Boise for which I had an OMG moment is Gleyber Torres. He was only 17 and he already looked like a genuine major-leaguer. He made my jaw drop. He was an international free agent.
  9. 4-1 win in a game taking only 2:14. Gregory Soto did great. Boyd’s curve is a big deal too.
  10. Jim’s voice sounds strong too. Sounds normal now.
  11. Good game so far. Boyd pulled after 4.1 and 60 pitches. Candelario and Cron with HRs.
  12. It’s like pining over an old girlfriend.
  13. My first memory of baseball is when I was eight years old and Bill Mazeroski beat the Yankees in the World Series. Even then I had my head screwed on right and I knew that I had to root against NY. I remember having this baseball card. The next year when I was nine in 1961 I chose the Tigers as my team and never looked back.
  14. Verlander out. He said it would take a miracle for his lat strain to heal by opening day. Similar to the injury he had in 2015.
  15. The Astros are handing out boxes of sanitizer tissues to opposing teams this spring as a gesture of kindness in apology for the way they used to behave.
  16. “After Cobb retired in 1928, he made a salmon-fishing trip to Idaho and discovered Twin Falls. In the years that followed, he returned several times and eventually built the city's first soft-drink bottling plant. Then he hired his second-oldest son, Herschel, to help run it.” https://magicvalley.com/news/local/twin-falls/ty-cobb-s-twin-falls-ties/article_81eb0ff9-fd96-52a4-9de7-f0fe945ef789.html
  17. I’m not asking for a lot. Much of last season was like getting kicked in the nuts every day then set on fire. I can take the nuts thing to a point, but the being set on fire part has got to stop. I don’t think this is an unreasonable wish. I don’t know how to quantify this goal in terms of wins and losses but that’s my goal for this team.
  18. T. S. Eliot is wrong. March, not April, is the cruelest month. March is a liar.
  19. Zimm pitched 4 innings with no runs 1 hit 2BB no K’s.
  20. There is a God. Zimmerman is pitching but there’s no Tigers feed for either radio or TV. I find it almost impossible to listen to another teams coverage and all there is is Washington radio.
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