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  1. How on earth, without directions and encouragement, will you have any idea of what objects you need to buy to have a real life and to be the good boy you’re expected to be?
  2. The phony crowd noise and music is distracting. It seems more intense than usual.
  3. The Cardinals must be a rich team. They even have cardboard cut outs in the bleachers.
  4. At the beginning of this “season“ I remember Boyd being referred to as a veteran presence that could teach younger pitchers.
  5. At least we have Zimmerman to look forward to in game two.
  6. Nice. I reap more satisfaction from winning than other people losing. But I can understand how badly it must’ve hurt to lose when you were up three games to one and had a lead in the fifth inning it probably seemed you were going to close it out right there.
  7. I don’t think the Tigers are making a specially rational decision in starting Zimmerman that takes into consideration a variety of facts as part of some long-term strategy. I think it’s a specifically tactical, practical calculation as in “what the heck else are we going to do?“ “Run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes“ is the best of the bad world that we inhabit right now.
  8. When is someone going to hit five homers in a game?
  9. I didn’t know this had happened. This is absolutely ridiculous. It’s like the very fabric of the universe Is coming apart at the seams.
  10. I miss the people who used to post here especially Eric, but once this team is in your bloodstream it never really goes away and eventually that itch will return and people will start scratching but perhaps not here. I wish they would. Here, and not merely scratch.
  11. Is St. Louis actually going to field a real team? if they do that’s not fair. How many wannabes, used to be’s, and could be’s but probably won’t be’s are they going to field? At least 2 seven-inning games will qualify as a built in mercy rule of sorts.
  12. I was prepared to watch this game any moment now but even though it may be archived I can’t see watching an 18-0 walloping.
  13. There’s a management regimen referred to as the “no excuses“ regimen but we are not going to apply that rule today. But your access to the Motownsports Learjet will still be revoked for 24 hours.
  14. 16 years ago today the Tigers and KC played a doubleheader where KC scored 26 runs in the first game and we shut them out 8-0 in the second game. So this is no big deal. Lino Urdaneta gave up 5 hits and allowed 6 runs without getting an out and for the year his ERA was listed as “infinity.” Three years later he pitched one full inning for the Mets and allowed one run and his career ERA fell to 63.00 which is where it stands today.
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