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  1. This sentence feels like a criticism just to make a criticism.
  2. MLB acts like that gaggle of Greek gods on Mt. Olympus. They don’t need us because they think we will keep revering and fearing them no matter what. The Red Sox will never get the stomping they deserve.
  3. I kept looking for the glove but I couldn’t see that he had it on him.
  4. In other baseball news, a huge fight broke out between the Mariners and the Angels tonight and Reggie Jackson tried to kill Queen Elizabeth.
  5. The early 90s were good for me. I was married had a good job we were raising our first child it was a wonderful time but the Tigers unfortunately were not a part of my life then, they existed in a distant land and time thousands of miles away until I discovered this site.
  6. I was eight years old and I couldn’t understand why the Indians gave up a guy who hit HRs with lots of RBIs for a guy who hit singles no matter how many he hit. My baseball card stats didn’t lie.
  7. When I step into the Political Forum I’m transformed from Dr. Jekyll wielding medicine into Mr. Hyde wielding a bloodied hammer and sickle. That’s why I’ve made barely more than a dozen visits in 16 years.
  8. You are officially a member of my investment group. I am emailing you the PayPal link right now.
  9. The Marlins are worth less than $1 billion? Heck, if I would stop complaining and save my pennies and quit eating as much avocado as a millennial I could buy that team and kick Jeter in the nuts.
  10. This is really good. It’s an 8-part miniseries and part 7 dropped today. It’s about a tech company, I know it’s been down a million times, but not like this. Atmospheric, thoughtful, nailbiting, wow.
  11. When I was watching the 5th game of the ‘68 World Series a couple days ago the announcers kept remarking on how Briles was working slowly, but by today’s standards he was working fast.
  12. I watched about an hour’s worth, the good parts, of the fifth game of the World Series in ‘68 today. Curt Gowdy remarked that every single player in the starting lineup other than Norm Cash was originally signed by the Tigers and developed through their minor-league system. Those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end...
  13. When you see him in the outfield there’s just a natural fluidity to his movement, a spontaneous choreography that’s utterly immediate and unrehearsed. It’s like he had an inner tuning bar guiding him.
  14. When I was scanning through YouTube video thumbs I did see a picture of Harry Carey who was the Cardinals announcer at the time with Kurt Gowdy so I presume Harry did.
  15. The only World Series game I’ve ever personally attended and damn it was great.
  16. For me, Al is a part of a solid block of memories from childhood where the Supremes, the Beatles, and soft summer nights all intermingle.
  17. This is a sad day.
  18. I am really getting tired of this crap. I want our world back.
  19. I find the show interesting but I can’t binge watch it. After watching each episode I feel like I need to bathe. The people for the most part pretty creepy.
  20. Being in a structure really makes a difference. my son just happened to be under a shelter in a park and he noticed it because the shelter started making lots of noise. The first thing I noticed was lot of noise coming from above me in the apartment above, after that I felt it at ground level where I was. If I’d been outside standing on grass I’m not sure what I would’ve felt
  21. I think I felt a couple aftershocks today. I was sitting in the kitchen on the same wooden chair I was sitting on the day before when the real earthquake happened and suddenly the floor and the chair just vibrated momentarily and there’s no good reason for that kind of stuff to happen. If I’d been sitting on a cushy couch of some kind I don’t think there’s any chance I would’ve felt it.
  22. Yeah everybody’s OK, thanks. It’s just weird. What was worst was that after 10 seconds it trickled to almost nothing and then came back with this rolling feeling that grew and grew and the rattling and the rumbling grew and grew and I knew if it kept growing it would rip my building to pieces. Glad it didn’t.
  23. At 5:53 PM MST Boise, Idaho today I experienced a 6.5 earthquake. There was first a large rumble and I thought “wow the people upstairs are making a lot of noise.” Then the floor was shaking the table the shaking the windows were shaking and it started to roll and build and get worse and worse and it did all this for about 30 seconds. It was like the earth had waves in it and you could feel every wave as it went through your body. As it got worse it was really frightening. When it subsided my heart was definitely in the aerobic target zone. Earthquakes are not common here by the way. The picture, is not truly what happened but it’s what it felt like. I have a tendency to be a bit dramatic. But without any exaggeration it was quite an event, simply due to its novelty.
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