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  1. I take complete responsibility for this loss. When I posted this picture with Tinky-Winky in it I neglected to add the pink purse that so irritated some who asserted Teletubbies had a gay agenda. If I’d added that pink purse the Tigers would’ve won and Mize would’ve pitched a no-hitter. I am sorry and I will never again do anything halfway that jinxes this team. Tomorrow Tinky-Winky wears a dress!
  2. Oh well at least we know that Casey isn’t a flash in the pan.
  3. It would’ve been nice if it got the no-no. I remember watching the first game of the week in ‘84 when Jack threw a no-hitter — yes against the White Sox — and it would’ve been great for Jack to be able to call Casey’s no no. i’m sure he was thinking about it.
  4. It was a good clean hit a genuine double not a fluke or anything
  5. They’re talking about it right now he sat 30 minutes and it’s about focus repeatability but he does have a lead
  6. I would like to hear Jack intone on what you do when you’re pitching a great game and you have to sit for 20 minutes while your team scores runs
  7. The crowd seems to still be in the game and excited even though they’re down three runs
  8. This would be a good time for Cameron’s first major league hit
  9. The invisible crowd is really into this game. They’re making a lot of noise. Do the players hear of this stuff or is it just simply plugged into the TV and radio audio feed?
  10. OK, after seeing a string of home jerseys on an ad with the D that’s normally on the hat on the jersey it does look weird. It’s not a big deal, it’s not like they changed the uniform to ‘84 San Diego Padres monkey poop brown and yellow but it is disconcerting. It requires people to buy new jerseys if they are so inclined. Some algorithm probably predicted an extra $10,000 in sales by doing that and that was $10,000 they just couldn’t do without. The impersonal logic of capital accumulation requires it. It flattens everything in its path. Everything solid melts away, everything holy is profaned.
  11. Per Shep Giolito and All-Star James McCann have a Vulcan mind-meld thing going. Woooo...
  12. It’s been on again off again unbearably awful to clear as a bell and it’s supposed to get unbearably awful again for the next several days as all the smoke from Oregon drifts eastward to us. A week to 10 days ago there were a string of days where I barely left the house because I got nauseous almost immediately.
  13. Right now the air quality in Chicago is listed as “unhealthy“ and there’s a 40% chance of rain. on my iPhone weather app all I can see is that tomorrow’s forecast has lightning involved in it.
  14. Call me an optimist, but I just have a good feeling about this game. I think this team is channeling just the right amount of rage and innocence to do something special tonight.
  15. On Facebook when there was an ad for MLB team Covid masks five of the first ten comments were “After teams took the knee I’m done with MLB!“ Identical comments, obviously bots. Aside from the fact that this is so slapdash and amateurish, in reality no real baseball fan anyone should give a damn about would disown MLB forever because of something this trivial. The absence of these mouthbreathers, even if they were “real,” would never depress revenues anyway. Just as they had no effect on Disney when all the backward morons hated Disney for giving medical benefits to gay partners.
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