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  1. I’ve been waiting for this team to have an off day and I just realized they only have one off day the entire spring and it’s March 11. I need a break from giving a damn about this club for a day. It’s exhausting. They’re like a bad girlfriend I just can’t shake. GO TIGERS!
  2. There was one yesterday too. Maybe he’s staying down there this winter and they can save money.
  3. 15-10 beer league score in the top of the 8th.
  4. I just watched Miggy’s HR’s. Wow! I like the confident swagger too. Haven’t seen that in a long time.
  5. Boy, you don’t get much for $1 million per pitching performance anymore.
  6. 13-9 win. I hope there’s some tangible positives in terms of player development here but looking at the box score, which is all I’ve got, I’m not in a position to decipher what those might be. When you get to the late innings usually nobody with a chance of being on the team is playing for either clubs so these run outbursts and pitching failures are not much to go on.
  7. Kody Clemens needs to bulk up. He’s a stick figure compared to his dad.....<rimshot>
  8. I was looking forward to the 6 to 8 run outburst that can happen when crappy players meet crappy players toward the end of the game but no dice today.
  9. 8,595 came to Fort Myers to watch the Tigers play. It’s always been said that this team “travels well.“
  10. When are the Twins going to put in some crappy guys that we can actually hit?
  11. I guess this is one of those rare games where there’s no radio broadcast although there is a TV broadcast. I was worried Jim Price had died or something.
  12. Casey Mize is Tigers’ scheduled starter for Thursday vs. Yankees at Joker Marchant Stadium. Gerrit Cole is scheduled starter for Yankees. Game is on Fox.
  13. On AtBat I can only get the twins radio broadcast not the Tigers broadcast. This is weird.
  14. This is true. But aside from caring about a good performance here and there it’s like going to a coffee shop that serves only weak, lukewarm Folgers and day-old donuts retrieved from a dumpster. When I lived in Tucson and I could go to spring training games it was incredible fun just to be there. I didn’t care about the Cleveland Indians, obviously, yet it was still incredible fun. But from a distance, even when it’s your own beloved team, it wears thin quickly.
  15. We actually had one of those big antennas on top of the house. But when I left home, yeah, my low rent roommates and I did stuff like that unless we lived in a town that had that cheap Cable that was hooked up to a phone jack in the wall.
  16. On The television? I’ll have to pick up some extra aluminum foil to boost my antenna so I can reel in that signal.
  17. Nice they came back from being down so far although it’s pretty much meaningless. And the occasional stellar play against mostly inferior competition is nice but I hesitate to consider it meaningful. I’ve already reached a point where I’m bored with spring training and there’s three more weeks of it. Good Lord…
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