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  1. Cole and Strasburg to the Yankees? Where is Pol Pot when you need him to teach the rich a lesson?
  2. Earl Wilson loved Detroit and lived in Detroit after retirement. And he was indeed a sales rep. His reminiscences about growing up in the Jim Crow South, not being able to use bathrooms on bus rides during spring training, and then coming to Detroit where “black people are living the life“ are really touching.
  3. In terms of how much the city you play in means: Not a ton, perhaps? Almost nobody lives in the city they play in during the off-season. Then they are on the road half the time. Get to the home ballpark around 3 PM for a 7 PM game? Leave around midnight? There’s a window of free time for drinking and ho-ing before you go to sleep but you’re constantly in different time zones playing an assortment of night games with occasional day games so a rational sleep schedule may cancel out some of the drinking and ho-ing if you want to make a profession of the game. Wake up around 11 AM? Get dressed and you’ve got two or three hours before you get to the ballpark. These are all big cities and it can take a while to get from where you live to where you need to be which eats up time. Aside for a couple hours twice a day, one late when you could at times be sort of beat, and the other in the early afternoon just before you need to be sharp for the game, these are activities that could be adequately met just about anywhere. Take the money and run while you can because there’s a good chance it won’t last as long as you had hoped.
  4. A guy that lived near me in Tucson, Arizona in 1985 said he himself — a lifelong true one-sport baseball player — didn’t make the baseball team at George D. Chamberlain High School in Tampa because the baseball coach was also the football coach and he only wanted football or multi-sport players on the team, and that Garvey bumped him from the squad He was quite fervent, even emotional, about how Garvey sucked and how he himself ended up not getting the recognition he deserved which fell into Garvey’s lap fait accompli. The guy may have exaggerated his own athleticism but he was so insistent about this that I’ve always assumed it was true and that he did indeed not make the team Garvey was on at the very least.
  5. I checked ESPN on my phone just now and this thing with Keith Law came up, and I realized “Hey, I hate the Tigers too!”
  6. You want them to purposely block an error-prone slow-of-foot Mendoza Line infielder for someone clearly better? Madness!
  7. I know that drawing big time free agents to Detroit is a moot point. Not only is ownership unwilling to do that at this time, but I don’t think it’s even theoretically possible to draw high caliber players into a franchise where they would be the sole good player on a team vastly inferior to others on purpose when there are better alternatives Maggs and Pudge came here, besides money I think, because Mike promised them they wouldn’t be the only one’s That’s not a promise that can be made now. The well has been poisoned And they’re not going to even get into the mix to purchase the services of solid but not star quality position players. I think we’re screwed coming and going on this one and we just have to roll the dice and hope that our development system can actually develop some players and we can draft some can’t miss guys. This could take years. I’m honestly not sure it’s worth caring about anymore.
  8. If their plan is to alienate people to the point where casual fans won’t want to see a bad team in a game that takes 4 hours to complete and diehard fans find their attraction to the club waning, then it’s working.
  9. Right now they are saying they will not do that. They are completely satisfied with fielding yet again a historically deficient AAAA team to reap the rewards of can’t miss prospects because it’s easier than developing players the way other teams do. As it stands this club was the father’s fetish and is something the rest of the family is not into. It’s not even one of those noblesse oblige “inferred responsibilities” where the privileged act with generosity towards the less privileged. They don’t believe in giving us a decent team — even a watchable team — if it costs too much or violates some template of “prudence” that works for any other “holding.“ Even the Roman Empire in its decline offered “bread and circuses“ to appease the masses. The heirs of Ilitch are not only skimping on bread, they’ve given up on the circus too.
  10. As this past regular season was winding down I was of the belief that things couldn’t possibly be as bad next year as they were this year. I now think it’s completely possible this coming season could be just as bad. Ownership shows every intent of doing nothing at all to improve the team in either the short term or the long term (aside from waiting for the future pitching staff to arrive). Sure, in this just concluded season they had a bizarre number of injuries and a lot of underperforming from players they expected to be better. But they also had an anomalous and surprisingly good start to the season that probably won’t happen again in 2020, so even minus bizarre injuries etc. I expect the record at the end of 2020 to be pretty much the same as 2019. There’s nothing to look forward to and ownership has said as much.
  11. 2006 was so strange. They went on a tear to open the season which surprised everyone, including us. Then for the last third of the season lost 2/3 of their games only to cruise through the playoffs but die during the World Series. They were sort of all or nothing and the nothing occurred at the worst possible moment against St. Louis.
  12. You know, that’s true. I’m really glad he came back. And I am happy for his success.
  13. I remember seeing that 19-31 record for the nationals and thinking to myself “at least I won’t have to see Max Scherzer being happy.“ I was wrong but I’m OK with him being happy.
  14. I feel like an orphan peeking through the window of the home where he used to live and seeing the pencil marks on the door frame where his parents recorded his height.
  15. It sounds like one of the plagues called down upon the pharaoh in Egypt.
  16. "I'm so f--king glad we got Osuna!" 4-2 Nats.
  17. I was really hoping Osuna would offer up a Weaver but he didn’t.
  18. I have no skin in this but I’m going to watch this game anyway. My son and I are both cord cutters but he gets much better reception via antenna on the fourth floor of a corner apartment than I do at ground level surrounded by trees. GO EXPOS!
  19. That is really quite cool. Croatians are tough. I’d have expected nothing less from Mickey.
  20. The seventh game of the 1968 World Series took only 2:07
  21. I just ordered the book that @Edman85 recommended and it will be only the second baseball book I’ve ordered in the last 15 years aside from @tiger337’s book. It’s one day delivery from Amazon so if any school children or nuns carrying babies in crosswalks are struck down by an Amazon vehicle you’ll have me to blame. And @Edman85 EDIT: Three. I read Moneyball too. So I’m not a total idiot.
  22. Right? It’s a real drag. It’s good that he’s not on this team, though, because he would never have a chance to do great things. The Tigers have become what the Cubs were in the 1950s but without an Ernie Banks to take away the sting.
  23. At least Don Kelly will be happy to be a part of a World Series championship team. That’s the only solace for me in this World Series.
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