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  1. I choke when I see James McCann’s .320 BA even though it’s in just 21 games and even though it’s just BA.
  2. I’ve been at lunch with a friend and haven’t been able to follow this, but the wheels haven’t fallen off either truck yet
  3. This guy the Tigers are facing today is pitching his first major league game. Now in the past when the Tigers had a roster of all star players and this situation presented itself they were often left scratching their heads because this was a guy they had never seen before and they just couldn’t figure him out. I’m making a cautious bet that given how everything is weird and prone to random fluctuation this year that this lesser team the Tigers are fielding, compared to our past star studded teams, will result in them actually hitting this guy. So my eyes are on Turnbull to see if he can keep the lead this version of the Tigers should give him according to my wild imagination.
  4. They probably won’t make the playoffs, and they probably won’t be bad enough to get the pick we want. So we might as well just root for them to win even though our hopes and prayers won’t have much of an effect upon it.
  5. I logged on at 3:38 AM and I was surprised at how busy the forum was. But nobody was posting; just lurking. At least there were three women online for a change. The testosterone gets a little thick in here at times.
  6. It’s going to be a long, quiet bus ride back to the Motel 6 near O’Hare tonight. When they get there they’ll probably find out that their beds were never remade and there are no mints on the pillow.
  7. There’s not much of a silver lining in this game other than the fact that Joe only allowed one hit and struck out one in one inning of work.
  8. If the White Sox score 30 runs... All I can say with all certainty is that Tinky-Winky sleeps with the fishes.
  9. Down 12-0 In the bottom of the sixth bases-loaded no outs. A mercy rule is really awful but under these conditions... Maybe after the seventh-inning
  10. Yes Fulmer didn’t respond well. But the persistent inadmissibility of an umpire-judged strike zone and the frustration attendant to it is so clear game after game that if this is something you can fix you should. I really hope MLB puts an end to it soon. I don’t know how contractual relations to umpires will play out in relation to this and I’m on the side of labor before I am on the side of the bosses, but it’s really frustrating to witness the distortions that occur because of this.
  11. Ronaldo Lopez is not a good pitcher. If the Tigers can’t hit him, well what are you gonna do.
  12. Placido got off easy. When I was a kid a new kid moved to town and one of his eyes was perceptibly lower on his face than the other. During something in school he told the story about how his head had been run over by a tractor. One day when he was at my house his mom and pre-school brothers and sisters showed up in a station wagon to take him home and they all possessed the same anomaly. I felt bad that it was something he had to make up stories about and I never told anyone else at school about it which demonstrates I’m not evil.
  13. When I was watching this on TV he had, however, these pitches that were 2 feet out of the strike zone. I expected the worst. And when I turned the TV back on he had a no-hitter going. I found it frustrating but it seemed to work. Was this intentional or a lack of control of a particular pitch.
  14. Yes. There are objective reasons with substantiating data to support a degree of confidence in his development that is unique in comparison to other pitchers. He may not throw as hard as some but if he can command a variety of pitches that undermine hitters’ best educated guesses he could keep them off balance enough to be pretty devastating
  15. I was able to disengage from my disappointment because Casey showed glimmers of what he’s actually capable of, which I think is more authentic than the glimmers that we have seen from a raft of other pitchers in the past for whom that glimmer was episodic instead of indicative. Boyd, Fulmer, and Norris have all had great games but that promise has never been reliably expressed.
  16. Candyman is a scary movie. I get frightened even thinking of doing that.
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