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  1. Yeah I find this frustrating too. Behind the scenes in MLB you get the feeling it’s a slave ship operating on a shoestring. Everybody’s doing the work of two or three people pretty much as it is everywhere else. All sorts of stuff falls through the cracks.
  2. I will be signing these Limited Edition Topps baseball cards at The Corner Ballpark in Detroit Tuesday afternoon from 1 AM to 4 PM. Please practice social distancing norms. There are only 100 cards and the signing fee is $1000 per card. All proceeds will go to arming LGBTQ Antifa youth militias in hopes of cementing a coalition with the Sharia Law armies, which according to the emails I received from people living in Idaho, have been policing the streets of Dearborn with tanks and armored troop carriers for the past 20 years. This may be the last chance we’ll ever have to keep America Gay, Communist, and Muslim. Thank you for your support.
  3. That is “another old white honky mug-fuh” to be exact.
  4. The Tigers need a veteran presence in right field and I know just the person.
  5. He’s like Charlie Sheen minus the mental illness and the addiction issues.
  6. no, it’s a dream come true.
  7. The Twins did not play the game the right way this weekend but the Tigers did. So let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new Tigers team, tempered by defeat, disciplined by a hard and bitter rebuild, proud of their ancient heritage, and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those achievements to which this club has always been committed, and to which we are all committed today at home and around the world.
  8. In these last 10 games I thought they would go to 2-8 And instead they did almost the reverse 7-2. This may be as good as it gets for the rest of the season. I think Sherwood Anderson said something like “eat your ice cream before it melts” and we should probably do that. It really is nice to see these wins in tight games.
  9. Todd Jones was not just a baseball player but a baseball fan. He understood the sacred pulse that a team holds for fans. I believe he was one of Ernie‘s favorite players simply because he was sensitive to this pulse that brings all of us to this site and to stadiums everywhere. When it comes to baseball he gets it.
  10. This is not a place for optimism. This is a place where we get pissed off and blame other people for our problems. 10 points are taken from Gryffindor. And you have to help Mr. Filch clean the toilets out tonight With your own toothbrush.
  11. After that 9-game losing streak which I thought it was entirely possible to continue with insignificant interruptions, the Tigers have reeled off 6 wins in their next eight games against teams with really good records. I’m pretty amazed. Last year I kept expecting to win a few games simply because I thought the gods of probability would make an appearance but they didn’t. I think they’ve actually deserved to win these games and it isn’t just some fluke.
  12. I think I had little memes stored for when we won doubleheaders but I never used them so I deleted them.
  13. They want the Tigers to be on without interfering with “must see TV.”
  14. I like this 7-inning stuff. All games should go 7, institute the 10-run mercy rule, and ban the DH and the pitcher gets one swing off a tee. It’s amazing that people just don’t walk up and give me money for all the great ideas I have.
  15. I’m so used to just being happy merely because of “a good swing.“ This may not be better than sex but it is sliced bread.
  16. This team is better than I thought. At this precise moment. In an hour I’ll see if I still feel that way.
  17. I can’t say I missed baseball at all the last several months. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of great documentaries on science, art, history, you name it, re-watched all my favorite movies, read Moby Dick, read over 1000 pages of dense philosophy and theology, and rediscovered the joy of going on long walks with good friends and having great conversations. I’ve matured five years spiritually and intellectually in only five months. Now that baseball is back, it’s like getting drawn back into a relationship with a bad girlfriend. My main interest in the game is simply because of the people on this site. If I couldn’t enjoy these games with all the rest of you I don’t think I would pay any attention to it anymore.
  18. Some people prepare for the rain and others merely endure it.
  19. I wish Idaho could get some rain. Rain without lightning. I think dry lightning is what started all the fires around here.
  20. I’m glad the teams did this. Go on Facebook or a news site — because I did a while back and noticed this — and there will most likely be a half dozen comments saying the same thing “MLB stance on BLM means I’m done with MLB.” Yeah right. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Ivan. No one, not even a casual fan, is going to never watch MLB again because of this issue. If they’re not bots they’re keyboard warriors acting out.
  21. And if by some tremendously unlikely and undeserving happenstance they won the World Series this year — which they won’t — I would cry and rejoice and pray with gratitude and hope that every being in this infinite multi-universe of deadly cold and annihilating radiation should know the same joy I was feeling for something that only barely — if at all — qualifies as real. When you become a baseball fan when you’re eight years old someone should tell you that you’re actually signing up for an extended stay in padded cell.
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