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  1. In Idaho where I live the county where the Sun Valley ski resort is located, Blaine County, has seen a tremendous irruption of positive tests, with 14 new positive tests recorded overnight, and 35 within the last week. Initially it was all within the ultra rich jetsetter crowd who have their 5th or 6th homes in Sun Valley and who came into contact with the disease because they are world travelers. All the new cases are local people with no record of recent travel who got it locally. 

    Finally, something from the elites has trickled down to the rest of us.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Yoda said:

    Don't disappear on us like that man! Glad to hear you're doing better. That is some scary stuff! 

    I’m glad that people care. The main thing is that without the baseball side there’s not a lot of reason for me to show up here, and I am an a-hole in the political form like everybody else and I don’t like playing my hand that way so I don’t show up there either. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Yoda said:

    I’m doing a lot better Deran. Today’s the first day I’ve felt almost normal. I was really sick for a couple weeks. I haven’t had a sickness like this in years. I’ve been in self-isolation for nearly 3 weeks. Today is the first day I haven’t had a constant, serrated, hacking cough or felt lightheaded and emotionally skewered. I only had the chills for about a week. I never had a fever or shortness of breath, so I’ve never qualified, in this country at least, to be tested. In one week Idaho has gone from having one positive test to 50. It’s really taking off here. I’m 95% sure I had it but I wouldn’t test positive for it now I think. 

  4. 5 hours ago, 1776 said:

    I just commented to my wife that it ain’t worth the hassle. If I get a few games this out of it this year, fine. 

    I know it’s just two or three bucks although they may never play another game this year you don’t know. I guess just in principle my assumption is they don’t care. 

  5. I have been in self-isolation for 12 days and I’m finally getting better. I haven’t been sick this long for many years. My body-wracking cough, chills, immense fatigue, and dizziness are not enough to qualify for a test even though I’m 68 because I don’t have a fever or shortness of breath or have been exposed to someone that’s tested positive. I’m still not supposed to go anywhere, however, and I’m to act as if I do have the virus. It’s really frustrating. If it’s not covid19 it is certainly an illness ill-timed with this event. 

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  6. 12 hours ago, tiger337 said:

    You are better off staying away from that thread and just staying in the Tigers forum to talk baseball.  It's not good for your health.  Don't get involved.  I wish someone told me that when I was young. 

    The political forum is like walking into the house next door when you’re a kid and discovering they run a kinky sex club and your parents are there. 

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  7. B4F181E5-E69F-4E18-9C6D-61B0E27BC849.thumb.jpeg.a8b30aa41832f03c440547e407bb1135.jpeg

    Dickerson and Price’s discussion of COVID-19 is inspiring. Rosenthal says that the announcement for the cessation of activities is near. One of the things that Dan is talking about is what’s going to happen to all the service workers at the parks. Because they are flat out out of a job. That says a lot about him. He knows these people he gives a damn about them. A lot of people never even think about the collateral damage something like this implies. 

  8. I thought it was really nice how our Messiah President went out of his way to stir up xenophobia against all of Europe aside from the UK by referring to COVID-19 as a “foreign virus“ that was “seeded” by Europeans in America. Yeah, the same way Mexicans are referred to as vermin and filthy rapists infecting our cities. Very bad people. Europeans, Mexicans, Muslims, they’re all vermin. The guy is as tactless as he is consistent. 

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