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  1. We have discussed previously the mechanics of baseball that compare favorably with the survival skills of prehistoric humans. This is a fascinating article discussing this issue:


    The following link is another article so short I didn’t bother to quote it.


    “Although to this day we humans with our bipedal form of locomotion are lousy sprinters compared with quadrupeds, we excel at long-distance running. No other living primate even comes close to this level of running ability...Humans can outrun a horse in a marathon...This capability evolved to help hominins hunt, allowing them to pursue their prey until it slowed or collapsed from exhaustion. Catching up to fleet-footed prey was only half the battle, however. To close the deal, the hunters needed to be able to deliver the deathblow, preferably with a heavy or sharp object lobbed from a safe distance...The key to our throwing skills, it turns out, lies in the elastic energy in our shoulder muscles. Studying college baseball players, investigation identified three features present in modern humans but not in chimps that greatly enhance our upper body's range of motion and thus its ability to store and release this energy: a flexible waist, a less twisted upper arm bone and a shoulder socket that faces out to the side rather than upward as it does in apes.”

  2. 8 minutes ago, Oblong said:

    I go with Jon Stewart on that... it’s not pizza. It’s a casserole. 


    The word “casserole“ reminded me of a sweet moment of fatherhood when I complained bitterly about someone not signaling and forcing me to slam on the brakes and my four-year-old daughter shouted “Nice turn signal casserole!“ The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

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  3. On 7/3/2020 at 8:33 AM, chasfh said:

    I don't think you need to give special attention to plants to produce weed, although I believe you do need to cultivate them closely if you want good weed.

    My good buddy “John the Hippie” from Ann Arbor would grow two gigantic plants in his marginally private backyard in Tucson — after making sure they were female alone — and then radiate toxic amounts paranoia and angst at them and about them for six months before harvesting. That is “special attention.”

    But for all the emotional turmoil and stress he put himself under it never seemed worth the time and effort to me or anyone else he knew for only two darn plants.  

    He crossed a highly potent Hawaiian Sativa with toweringly tall industrial Indiana hemp — “ditch weed” left over from World War II found here and there on country roads — to create a gigantic yet devilishly potent strand.

    His secret which he shared only with me and which I now divulge after 40 years of silence is this: “Miracle-Gro® when it’s growing, Miracle-Bloom® when it buds, man.“

    Each plant yielded about 20-22 oz. of dry bud. Everybody else was being a natural tree hugger about it and wanted to know his secret which he never divulged but to me. Now you know. 

    You’re welcome.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Yoda said:

    It really is. I'm tentatively planning to semi-retire and move to just outside of Denver in 5 years. Not far from WY at all. 

    I took a number of photos in Wyoming last July on a cross country trip, but distance shots of big skies looks so pathetic compared to the real thing. The two photos to follow were taken on July 26 near Fort Laramie. One is of an endless field of grassland set against an endless blue sky, and the other is of one of those iconic red-tinged asphalt highways that Wyoming is famous for. 





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  5. 2 minutes ago, Yoda said:

    Bert - have you thought at all about taking up Photography as a serious hobby? I've had decent cameras for a while but I really just got into trying to figure out what I'm doing about a year ago. It's really a lot of fun, and lots of good youtube channels for photographers.

    I should. My son is becoming quite a photographer and I should probably start taking real photos with real cameras. It’s something I enjoy. 

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Yoda said:

    Shooting cities kind of sucks though. I want to be where you are Bert! I did make my way to Wyoming a few weeks back. What an amazing place!! 

    Wyoming is truly incredible. You can easily see why they call big sky country. The sense of openness and distance and grandeur is overwhelming. 

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