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  1. On the bright side I think McKay, even though he was wild, had a couple of pitches that topped out at 122 mph.
  2. 24 strikeouts in a game with no walks has never ever happened before.
  3. On the bright side this game is flying by.
  4. As a part of my recent vast travels I spent a wonderful few hours at an undisclosed location near the Atlantic ocean with our friend @Keepleyland2 yesterday afternoon. As @tiger337 can attest regarding me, I too can now attest that KPL2, likewise, is “clean and decent.“ Without blowing his cover too much, he works for a vast syndicate and once killed three men with a pencil. A ******* pencil. He’s not someone you mess with.
  5. David McKay. So many things pass unnoticed with me being on the road for the last 3 1/2 weeks. Nice that Miggy may be getting his power stroke back. So, Zimmerman is still out I presume?
  6. He doesn’t have much to work with. Even if the analytics department fed all the data through a futuristic bio computer they probably couldn’t come up with much of anything better. Also, alhough I may have missed something, Gardy hasn’t got tossed lately because, just think like everyone else, I presume the fire’s gone out.
  7. Having been on the road I haven’t really kept up with the news and I didn’t realize Zimmerman was out getting this nerve block thing done. It seemed like we should’ve seen him by now and it turns out we should have.
  8. Is this 4 in our customary base-10 system or the Dozenalian base-12 system? I have to understand the context otherwise I’m lost.
  9. Looks like they left Drew in a little too long, not that it matters.
  10. Hicks sucks. Thanks for gutting out the Hope w/ a quick DP.
  11. I’m looking forward to Edwin Jackson’s next start, and while I am prepared to be disappointed, I am still looking forward to it. I’ve reached the point where I know the season will eventually end. I simply yearn for games.
  12. Turnbull looking good after 3. Only 39 pitches too!
  13. I hope this turn of events for Miguel Cabrera is real. When Dan Dickerson is talking about Miguel keeping both feet on the ground when he swings, that’s exactly the effortless swing I remember him having when he was great. That easy, faultlessly fluid swing. It’s like Christmas in August when I see that swing.
  14. “Three wins in their last five games for a .600 percentage. Put that in your syringe, find a usable vein, and flip on the Stones baby. This team is back.” — Keith Richards at Comerica Park tonight.
  15. Or maybe it was just over. I guess it’s a lot to expect it to be longer than eight minutes
  16. I was watching the fireworks live on Facebook and then it just stopped even before it was over from what I can tell
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