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  1. IdahoBert

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I’m not convinced ownership cares about providing even an entertaining spectacle to follow, and I’m not convinced this rebuild process is merely a temporary expedient. A part of this game’s allure is suspending the belief that it’s really just about balancing the books. We want to be included in the spectacle and if this self-deception is impossible it’s not a welcome escape. There needs to be some redeeming fantasy that gives the whole thing a greater value than the same-old-same-old of the ordinary world. I’m willing to go to an occasional movie that is contemplative and dreary. But I am not particularly wild about following a 162 game season where that’s the consistent theme.
  2. IdahoBert

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Harold Baines? What does it take for Lou Whitaker to get into the ******* Hall of Fame. Harold Baines? The Tigers should offer the game committee lifetime Little Caesars pizza as an incentive to get Lou in the Hall of Fame. JFC.
  3. IdahoBert

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Tigers looking for deals at Winter Meetings This is the textbook definition of “putting lipstick on a pig.”
  4. IdahoBert

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Unless there is some kind of sure shot number one hall of fame bound draft pick that makes tanking a viable hope, I see this upcoming season as a back alley glory hole with neither hole nor glory. Unfortunately I have no data to back up this assertion.
  5. I was certain that with 10 days off the Lions would win this game.
  6. IdahoBert

    Avila Approval Right Now?

    Avila is headed in the right direction lik Columbus was, but it’s hard to tell where he’ll end up. If he’s good at judging talent and developing talent or at hiring people who are that’s the key. I’m not sure if how well he’s doing this is clear yet. He is working within objective parameters set by ownership, the market, and an organization he must work with and through instead of merely against. It’s not like he can order summary executions at dawn of all the dead wood in this organization — if indeed this is a problem — although I think our discussions would be a lot more interesting if he could.
  7. IdahoBert

    The 40 man roster thread

    Those mugshots and the talent they collectively represent make me think I need to find a better hobby than following this team and identifying my fortunes with its successes and failures. But I know I’m not going anywhere else. I have often thought that if the Tigers became a girls softball team I would still follow them because the club’s pull is too great for me to resist. And this is still the case with this tepidly inspiring roster. And there’s no way I can really predict “how things will shake out in the end.“ But my guess is we have another pretty high draft pick in store in 2020. Of course there’s no telling how crappy other teams are too. So their record may be surprisingly better than my gloom allows just because of that.
  8. IdahoBert

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I wonder. Can market forces based on analytics alone eventually lead to a depression in salaries and lengths of contracts for even the most elite players, or will this will only occur in partnership with some sort of collusion? This could lead to some historic legal battles as well as strike activity. (BIG NAMES) + (LOTS OF $) ≠ WINNING! This is the reverse of how things were once perceived There were different versions of the former, general “formula-for-success,” but I guess the people who actually run baseball franchises have finally caught up with what relatively more statistically- and empirically-based critiques have been saying for years. Collusion aside — and I’m sure it exists — there are tangible, objective reasons not to overbid for all sorts of players and we are seeing the generalized effects of this commonly held assumption at work right now. The definition of marginal players grows all the time. When will elite players feel the pinch even more?
  9. IdahoBert

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    That is something up with I shall not put.
  10. IdahoBert

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    When do we get a story about how great Miguel Cabrera is feeling and doing?
  11. IdahoBert

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    I have great memories of you from a long time ago — as a group we were very interesting “family“ — and at that time you were an integral part of the family, an important knit in the fabric of the board, and since this thing is my subjective little creation, it would not be complete without you.
  12. IdahoBert

    The argument for Nick Castellanos

    If I were in a position to physically attend games I would not attend solely due to Castellanos but there would be a greater likelihood that I would if he were present. I pretty much expect Cabrera to get re-injured 1/4 into the season so at least he’s something. I would be more likely to go to a game because of Castellanos than I would be to go to a movie theater to see Sandra Bullock. It’s not like she’s Uma Thurman or anything.
  13. IdahoBert

    The argument for Nick Castellanos

    This is an nteresting example of how analytics has led to a reassessment of players in their totality and not merely through a one-dimension frame. Guys like Nicholas are less attractive than they used to be. If we want to dump him for this reason, why should he be any more attractive to others who are operating on the basis of the same assumptions.