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  1. Yeah I know it’s a day game but it’s like the Twilight Zone episode where it’s dark right over a few blocks of a city because people there are...bad. Like the deep South. Like the Berlin Wall. Like Comerica Park. And speaking of bad, I didn’t listen to either the radio or the TV broadcast that closely to confirm this but I doubt if they ever commemorated the Stonehenge Riots last night. There’s probably going to be some cosmic payback for that. We’re Druids, we’re here, get over it.
  2. Another fatality at the same address with the same victim. It’s like Groundhog Day. I added more bullet holes, blood on the sidewalk a new poster, and a garbage can full of broken bats. Before long this picture is going to be pretty cluttered. But Vicky stays.Vicky is nonnegotiable.
  3. 21 home games, 2-19 record. 55 runs scored, 148 runs allowed. Generally, a 7-3 loss every game. And I am generously rounding up to give them three runs. It’s actually 2.6 a game. Thank God we have the warm weather to look forward to when the bats finally heat up.
  4. Thank you for reminding me. But yeah this is one of those signings that was just typical of getting somebody on the last legs of their career kind of thing.
  5. The Tigers will probably break down and sign Nelson Cruz when he’s an absolute shadow of his former self and completely useless.
  6. I checked the video feed on my phone. No Pride versions of camo hats or uniforms like for celebrations of the military. Maybe they’ll play “Over the Rainbow” during the 7th inning stretch.
  7. Are the players wearing rainbow high socks? I’m only on radio tonight.
  8. SHEP: “Now we’ll go down to Dan Petry who will be interviewing ‘The Leather Squad’ who from their name I think indicates they are former leathernecks in the Marine Corps. Am I right, Dan?”
  9. Lou getting in the Hall of Fame would be a nice way to blunt the otherwise unhappy feelings associated with our present state of affairs.
  10. As Chad was explaining the patience and acumen rebuilding requires he temporarily forgot he was no longer on the Internet.
  11. If anybody at the game has a pie you could stick in the face of the Rangers fan that’s mugging it up behind home plate please do it.
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