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  1. Is there anything that gives you hope for 2018 (and only 2018)

    Abandon all hope ye who enter here.
  2. Billee update

    No matter what, we all share this one sort of sacred thing that brought us here in the first place, whether recently or — in most cases — long ago. We are all men and women of the cloth, in a way, and when one of us passes it feels significant because it is. I am truly sorry to hear this.
  3. Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    Yeah I heard that and I hope it’s true. Given the team’s well-publicized discovery of metrics pretty late compared other teams I have a suspicion that the deficits extend beyond that. We have had years of lackluster talent coming out of the minor leagues that cannot be simply reducable to drafting worse players than other teams. Am I just dreaming or are the Tigers just as good as other organizations in developing talent and it only appears to be the opposite ? I have a feeling that they are not as good. I hope this changes, but at the minor league level this team seems to be like a huge lumbering battleship going the wrong way and it’s hard to turn it around very quickly.
  4. Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    Even if the Tigers obtain young talent with genuine possibilities in exchange for expensive players they’ve discarded, does this organization have the ability to develop them as well or better than their originating teams? The way the Astros were able to ascertain some corrections to JV’s situation that the Tigers were not bothers me. If they can’t develop players in which they have huge investments that are already on the major-league roster, why should we expect them to be any better — and they should probably be worse — with minor-league talent?
  5. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    I spent the last hour praying for peace, in all honesty, and this is what I get? Well it’s a start. I am very happy about this, even about Morris.
  6. It’s amazing what $6 million can get you these days. Back when I was a boy, for $6 million you could get a whole box of baseball cards, but now all you can get is a single package of cards without any gum, by gum.
  7. October baseball has entered the building.
  8. I just awoke from my coma of indifference. Has anything big happened or can I just crawl back into my burrow?
  9. That episode of the twilight zone was on my mind when I posted that photo. The photo is even creepier because there are no real faces or just headless torsos. And the figures of the children are truly disturbing. Like a malevolent version of the tiny space people walking out of the spacecraft at the end of close encounters of the third kind.
  10. One of my daughters works at a JCPenney and this morning she took this photo of the area where they store the mannequins. Staggeringly evocative and strange. I just had to turn it into my wallpaper.
  11. Are there set rules or agreed-upon-parameters for PTBNL or is it negotiable on a deal-by-deal basis?