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  1. I am completely flabbergasted. This can’t be happening. Before I know it I’ll be dating a supermodel or something. This just seems so unlikely.
  2. He’s like a bad girlfriend you are crazy about Like that REM song “crush with eyeliner“ “She’s a sad tomato, she’s 3 miles of bad road, oh my kiss breath turpentine” Dixon’s base running is insane and dangerous and deeply attractive at the same time
  3. Dan Dickerson is jinxing Shane Green talking about how perfect he is.
  4. I should never use the voice recognition function on my phone without checking the spelling. I have dishonored my ancestors. I will now commit Harry Carey. Oops
  5. Commercials on MLB.tv are better than they used to be, which used to be either none at all only ED commercials.
  6. We need back-to-back homeruns from Castellanos and Cabrera right now
  7. Regardless of what happens in this game, I am buoyed by the fact that Brad Ausmus’ Angels are 2-8 in their last ten games.
  8. The announcers are two old guys with gray hair. I could do this job.
  9. At the beginning of the game they did mention that Vasquez was usually a reliever but they didn’t mention the specific thing of no more than three innings this season.
  10. Dixon drives in three! Thrown out at third base.
  11. Bases-loaded with Bengals. Brandon Dixon is staring down the barrel of history right now.
  12. I suppose the second hit batter in a game is an automatic warning?
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