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  1. They need to hack NSA spy satellites to steal signs. Procuring or developing better players is amateur hour.
  2. This team used to be a warm blankey I would cuddle up with; now it’s just a piece of cloth riddled with smallpox given to me by the white devil while they drag our off women into servitude.
  3. I am so disinterested in this team right now. The only reason I come here is because of the people here. It’s sort of like Cheers but with no Diane or Rebecca, which is disappointing. I like to think of myself as Frasier Crane only less insecure and with doc martens instead of wingtips or penny loafers.
  4. I use baseball cube to look up college statistics.
  5. If you’re interested in a more of a documentary approach the mini documentaries on grand tour on Amazon about the history of racing are superb. But you won’t get to see a vivid depiction of Ken Miles hot English Carnaby Street era wife, which is a downside.
  6. Highly recommended. Saw it on Screen-X tonight and it was spectacular. A “man’s man” movie that doesn’t make you cringe because it’s not in the least bit shallow. A terrific story and great cinematography with unbelievably thrilling race scenes that had me shouting, slapping my hands on my cheeks going “oh my God,” and which was so loud it made the soles of my shoes vibrate. Both Matt Damon and Christian Bale are superb and Caitríona Balfe as British racer Ken Miles’ wife is worth every moment the camera focuses upon her.
  7. If I lived within a couple hours of Detroit I‘d go to a lot of games no matter what. But since I live 2000 miles away I see a game on average once every 30 years. ‘68, ‘88, 2019. By my reckoning when I see my next game I’ll be nearly 100 years old, there will be a domed stadium, and I’ll watch holograms of robots playing on the field. Tigers will probably be extinct by then. So the team will have to have a new name. Michigan MoBots, or colloquially the M&Ms. By this time they will be nearly a.500 team.
  8. I think this post is about as close to the word of God as you’re going to get on this issue. Ownership and management have effectively checkmated themselves. Pretty much every realistic move forward is useless. I would just like to see them spend a little money to make this next season alone something other than a torment. But to hear them talk even that is off the table.
  9. Cole and Strasburg to the Yankees? Where is Pol Pot when you need him to teach the rich a lesson?
  10. Earl Wilson loved Detroit and lived in Detroit after retirement. And he was indeed a sales rep. His reminiscences about growing up in the Jim Crow South, not being able to use bathrooms on bus rides during spring training, and then coming to Detroit where “black people are living the life“ are really touching.
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