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  1. I know, this is what I’ve been thinking too. apparently, great minds think alike.
  2. Because “the business of America is business.“ It’s OK when business people do it but when players do it it’s not because that’s what the owners say.
  3. Verlander‘s in an awkward position. Pitchers, from my understanding, are kind of a subculture that have more in common with each other than with any hitters or hitters on their own teams. So this whole deal where other pitchers are getting screwed by Astros hitters in an unprecedented manner reflects poorly upon Astros hurlers who knew about it. Mike Fiers apparently didn’t like it. There’s also a psychological group-think thing at play here that makes going against the prevailing current difficult for anyone. So there’s a good chance I suppose that other hurlers recognize they would’ve probably not functioned much differently than Verlander in these circumstances. this may be why Manfred says it’s just not practical to go around punishing individual players
  4. This is getting more and more fun all the time. In a fantasy world where wish fulfillment was queen the Red Sox and the Astros organizations would be closed down and their players sent to other 28 teams meaning that the Tigers would get first dibs.
  5. I’m worried that when baseball expands to Portland and Montreal all the Tigers good players will be taken.
  6. I know. The idea that everyone on the team gets drawn into it willy-nilly is disconcerting too. I’m not going to blame the players explicitly for doing everything possible to win. But there should’ve been “an adult in the room“ to say “this is going to far.“ That should’ve been the manager or the GM and that didn’t happen. All these people are fiercely competitive by nature, or they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are. This is why limits are crucial.
  7. I know. And my guess is the people who wrote the rules are the kind of people who get fined.
  8. That $5 million fine is nothing. I guess owners are never going to punish themselves too severely. I would be pretty PO’d if I were a Dodgers fan. But since I’m not I can only feel good about all this. Next up: Boston Red Sox!
  9. I always wondered why he mixed personal opinions with stuff unrelated to baseball. Anyway, the leader of my midget-tossing sex cult tells me what to believe and that’s all the tutelage I can handle.
  10. If the Tigers could successfully steal signs only for Cabrera I wonder if that would help.
  11. Don’t ever tell a nice girl from England you like her “fanny pack.”
  12. There must be 50 people in that entire ballpark.
  13. I’m just glad Steve Garvey didn’t get in. To me that means there’s a glimmer of hope and rationality in the world. But not for Lou.
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