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  1. There’s no rule against starting new threads. There’s so little for moderators to do anymore that our electrical brain activity patterns have been uploaded into a cloud service in some some region of the multi-verse whose name I can’t even pronounce.
  2. Wow! Just don’t go crazy and get into tornadoes. 🙂 Having a stop sign take off your head is not cool.
  3. I really need to get something better than a five-year-old iPhone.
  4. I took a number of photos in Wyoming last July on a cross country trip, but distance shots of big skies looks so pathetic compared to the real thing. The two photos to follow were taken on July 26 near Fort Laramie. One is of an endless field of grassland set against an endless blue sky, and the other is of one of those iconic red-tinged asphalt highways that Wyoming is famous for.
  5. I should. My son is becoming quite a photographer and I should probably start taking real photos with real cameras. It’s something I enjoy.
  6. Wyoming is truly incredible. You can easily see why they call big sky country. The sense of openness and distance and grandeur is overwhelming.
  7. We all know you’re an accomplished artist Yoda. I appreciate the compliment and look forward to your own contributions.
  8. This next set of photos were taken at dusk at my friend’s place in Donnelly, Idaho between 9:29 PM and 10:02 PM MDST.
  9. Pretty much everybody can take photos with their smart phone which is something most people have. Some people even have a real cameras. If you’re interested in posting photos of where you live or where you’re at — in town or country — post them here. I would love to see where you live or at least where you are. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I was in Central Idaho in today in or near Donnelly, Idaho today visiting a friend that I met at Purdue 50 years ago when I was a freshman in college. These first four photos were taken at the abandonEd golf course of the Tamarack Ski Resort that was a victim of the financial collapse 2008 as well as of various criminal acts of embezzlement.
  10. I grew up in the far northeastern corner of Indiana within spittin’ distance of Hicksville, Ohio (I’m not joking that’s a real place) where the drinking age was 18 for “3.2“ beer. Heck, Amstel Light today is only 3.6%. When I was 19 and living off campus at Purdue we were going to have a kegger and went to the distributor and someone who was 21 bought it but they had an endless tap of beer for customers for free they didn’t card and you could go there and drink three or four small cups of beer illegally while you waited. I have a feeling that something that doesn’t occur anymore. Unless you’re a “frat jock,” perhaps, as we called conservative students back then
  11. During his lunch breaks, Elijah McClain sometimes played the violin for animals at the local shelter. He thought they too deserved some music in their lives. Pleading with the hardened armed gang he said, “Please respect my boundaries, I am an introvert. I’m just different. I don’t even kill flies!” They didn’t care. Nonchalantly and chatting up a storm the gang killed him anyway. They even recorded it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.yahoo.com/amphtml/im-just-different-the-family-of-elijah-mc-clain-a-23-yearold-black-man-killed-by-colorado-cops-090048258.html
  12. It wasn’t the day the earth stood still or even forbidden planet, but something far more plebeian. One of the local Fort Wayne, Indiana channels used to show movies in mid-afternoon they were completely inappropriate for children. I saw one where the Nazis take over a small town and stick a fire hose (off camera) into an orifice of a person, not their mouth because they were screaming, then turn it on and blow them to pieces. I’m still scarred by that one.
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