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  1. 4/21 @1:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    The Royals, I feel bad for those precise, identical light blue clad Stepford wives and their husbands who populate Kauffman. It must be terrible to have the sun peak through the clouds for such a short time and then to go away. I feel badly for them all. No I don’t I’m lying.
  2. 4/21 @1:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Miggy can run.
  3. 4/21 @1:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Just to soon as Dan said Nick hadn’t hit any homeruns it’s a two run dinger.
  4. 4/20 @~7:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Buck Farmer gets the Tigers out of the jam in the 5th.
  5. Gerber called upon

    I’ve read that minor-league players are essentially slaves. They don’t even get paid for spring training. The only guys with any money in the minor leagues are guys that sign good bonus contracts. The saving grace for all these 30 something guys in AAA is to be called up to fill a slot when someone goes on the DL. In two weeks they can make more money they would make an entire year playing AAA.
  6. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Young impressionable players may be vulnerable to being psyched. You have to be pretty charismatic to motivate veteran players. These guys are just short of being hired killers psychologically. They are mentally tough and great at what they do and they wouldn’t be there if they were not. First of all many veteran players are better players than their managers ever were. So a manager has to be a truly outstanding manager and a truly outstanding man to impress these guys. That’s a rare combination.
  7. 4/18 @1:10 Baltimore Orioles vs Detroit Tigers

    For some reason none of the opening photos of these game threads display on either my iPad or iPhone anymore. Not even ones that previously displayed that are now archived.
  8. 4/17 @6:40 Baltimore Orioles vs Detroit Tigers

    After all these days off and then more cold weather it sounds like we’ll have some nice injuries tonight.
  9. 4/11 @6:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    The problem with an injury like this is that it makes no difference that he got up and walked off the field on his own. The problem is what happens in the next few days. He’s going to have to remain under very close observation.
  10. 4/11 @6:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    This board is like an old married couple. We finish each other sentences, we know what the other going to order when we go out to eat, etc.
  11. 4/11 @6:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    Where’s my two runs?
  12. 4/10 @6:10 Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians

    You stand accused of two counts of gamblers fallacy. What say you? http://existentialcomics.com/comic/232
  13. 4/10 @6:10 Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians

    He looks like he could be a gun slinger on a TV western produced about the same time. He would have worn a white hat instead of a black one so you would know he was definitely one of the good guys.