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  1. There are so many beautiful things in that year, and you’ve named a lot of them, to which I would add the “mob scene at home“ with Dan‘s voice breaking with emotion. The rain delay with Todd Jones wearing the wig. And others. Which makes the sad ending all the worse in some respects. It doesn’t cancel out all the good things. It requires an emotional maturity I don’t always have ready at hand to take it all in and to process it simultaneously in a positive way.
  2. I wouldn’t call it worthless but it’s unsatisfying without the world championship. 2006 was a magical season for me. But I can’t gain a lot of sustenance from it because losing the World Series to an inferior team detracts deeply from my enjoyment of that pennant. It makes me wince.
  3. This doesn’t seem like something to lose sleep over. A spot on the 25 is already at a premium due to expanded pitching rosters and no one is going to get rid of the Don Kelly/Andrew Romine guy every team needs to make room for him.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/tigers/status/1163812710909272068 Riley Greene making 2 spectacular diving catches for the Whitecaps.
  5. It is an honor to join the coveted Crimson Dinner Jacket 1000 Like Club.
  6. In these circumstances I think we should keep our eye upon the donut and not upon the hole.
  7. Wow. This guy could not hit a lick in the major leagues but was pretty good in the minors. High OBP, always walked more than he struck out. Just never seemed to translate that ability to the MLB level.
  8. I listened to the entirety of this game in my car thanks to the AtBat app as I drove 650 miles from Illinois through Missouri and flood devastated Iowa to Nebraska. It was a disappointing way for the game to end but I was enthralled by Dan and Jim. Listening to Dan and Jim in a place where I would least expect it was like a miracle, even a privilege. I usually have something going on at the house when I listen to them and catch parts of a game but I followed the entirety of this game except when Google maps constantly interrupted to lead me through a maze of shut down legs of interstate highway and blockaded on ramps in Kansas City. I ended up missing the bottom off the first inning where Boyd got into trouble. Drove past Kauffman on the interstate and my God it’s impressive from the road.
  9. On the bright side I think McKay, even though he was wild, had a couple of pitches that topped out at 122 mph.
  10. 24 strikeouts in a game with no walks has never ever happened before.
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