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  1. yes they can, Drummond has a cap hold of around 8 mil, so in order to make them both, Horford would have to sign first with the left over cap and drummond signs after. My thinking is there is no way the can get horford and a PG, so i dont see it unless they have a deal in place for someone on the current roster, or the deal for a PG. Even after Meeks trade, they still need to be creative. Keep in mind KCP is RFA next year so if you max Horford and Drummond, i dont see them as a luxury tax team
  2. Highly entertaining and recommend to anyone.
  3. Would we be happy if they signed an Augustin and Speights for example? Then drafted a project like Maker in RD. 1 and a PG in Rd.2?
  4. I think Speights adds that vet that has played in big games so not sure what hes going to cost. I could see a Baynes type contract in the 6-7 mil per for 3 years
  5. i agree would be nice, but with the youth the already have im guessing they will target vets to improve the bench. Tough call with Maker Sabonis Ulis , Baldwin and D.Jackson if all were on the bboard. I would assume Sabonis would be rated 1 out of the group, but #2, who knows
  6. ill look at it Mickey, just think his skillset is higher then anyone at 18. Again being that young and if they dont see the draft pick contributing next season, worth the gamble
  7. the more and more i read into Thon Maker, the more I want the Pistons to draft him. Based on what you read, they still plan on getting a veteran Big and PG in free agency/trades, and if thats the case wouldnt it make sense to draft the guy with the highest ceiling? Maker's skill set is impressive and even if he spends half the season in the D league, still wont hurt him since hes the youngest player in the draft
  8. as far as backup SG, Bullock when given the opportunity really stepped up and gained allot of confidence toward the end of the season and would like to see him continue to get minutes. in the cleveland series he really showed no fear shooting before he got hurt. Patty Mills is a good potential option. If SA goes after Conley then Mills will be available but not sure the price. Something to keep an eye on.
  9. im guessimg Sabonis will be the guy but Maker might be the surprise pick. My Order 1. Sabonis 2. Ulis 3.Baldwin 4. Maker 5. D.Jackson
  10. i rather draft a euro and stash him overseas. we are one of a few teams that dont have any.
  11. i believe once all 30 teams have an affiliate, you will see rosters expanded to atleast 16, maybe 17 and draft being atleast an additional round. makes too much sense.
  12. Joffrey Lauverge may be available,. Would you deal the 18th pick for this guy? http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/l/lauvejo01.html a few stories about him http://bsndenver.com/__trashed-5/ http://www.denverpost.com/nuggets/ci_29855968/2015-16-nuggets-player-breakdown-joffrey-lauvergne http://www.denverstiffs.com/2016/4/22/11485738/denver-nuggets-year-in-review-joffrey-lauvergne
  13. if you cant trade drummond during the offseason then he wont be dealt for cousins. By the time drummond gets his extension, no way the kings will make that deal knowing Dre's contract will be more per year then Cousins. They had a chance at the deadline and failed
  14. how can you trade drummond if hes a restricted free agent? makes no sense unless he signs an offer sheet with the kings
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