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  1. This is correct, DJ is the better player. I guess this shows how much I value Polanco's bat in the 2-hole, .354 avg. with 2-strikes(led MLB), .364 avg. with RISP, all combine with his gold glove defense. Is there a player on this team you'd rather see up with a runner on 3rd, 2 outs in the 9th, and trailing by 1? Hard to argue against Placido.
  2. The best line-up for your 2008 Tigers: 1. CF-L-Curtis Granderson- Speed and all world ability at the top of the order. 2. 2B-R-Placido Polanco- Probably the best #2 hitter in the game, .341 avg. 3. 3B-R-Miguel Cabrera- The type of player you build your franchise around. 4. RF-R-Magglio Ordonez- Cemented his place as the clean-up hitter last year. 5. 1B-S-Carlos Guillen- Another .300/20/100 season is possible, maybe more? 6. DH-R-Gary Sheffield- Even at this spot, should score and drive in 100+. 7. SS-R-Edgar Renteria- .332 avg. last year, this is getting unfair. 8. LF-L-Jacque Jones- .280 avg., 15-20 HR career hitter, solid lefty bat. 9. C-R-Ivan Rodriguez- An 11-time All-Star, 13-time gold glover batting 9th. Verlander, Bonderman, and Willis will anchor the rotation. DD needs to trade Inge for relievers/prospects if possible. All in all, the team looks primed for greatness in 08'.
  3. A ton of ballplayers aren't married and don't have girlfriends, but do you honestly think that it's a tough market for them? Making millions and starring in America's greatest game, come on.
  4. I've heard the Yankees and Indians are very interested, with the Reds making a strong push, have any other teams been mentioned?
  5. Perhaps Scott was sitting because of his recent 0 for 20 slump, but he looks on track with a 2 hit, 2 walk performance tonight. As far as who's the better prospect, Sizemore has far greater strike-zone judgement and projects to a hit a higher average then Hollimon. Mike does have the upper-hand in the power department and fields his position better. Scott projects as the ideal #2 hitter with his ability to handle the bat. It's a toss up, I'll take Hollimon.
  6. Will Lincecum's max effort delivery likely lead him to the bullpen (closer role) in a few years, or do you think he'll remain a front end starter?
  7. Collapses in skill? Bobby never lost much skill, I believe he got older and the new mammoth park started to take its toll. That and the fact that he never lived up to his contract. Maybin has too much talent not to be given the money, even though it's painful to see this kind of money be handed out to un-proven players or draft picks. The market has changed, signing bonuses are larger, contracts as a whole are bigger. Our system right now lacks the superstar position player talent. Not saying we don't have a solid cast of hitters (Clevlen, Tony G, Frazier, and young talent like Wilken and Audy), but Maybin adds the talent and player that puts our system and future at the top. I have faith that we will get a deal done.
  8. 1. Justin Verlander- Tons of talent, and in my opinion will be an ACE someday. 2. Curtis Granderson- He's got solid tools all around the board, and I expect a huge second half. Potential 20/20 type player. 3. Joel Zumaya- His 1-2 punch is plain sick, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in September. Tons of K's, tons of potential! 4. Chris Shelton- Many don't consider him a prospect, but it's hard to leave him off this list after what he did in Toledo. Great hitter with a great approach. I can see him batting .300 for many years. 5. Kyle Sleeth- Too good to be left off this list. When healthy, he has 4 good pitches, and good makeup. I see him as a #2 in his prime. 6. Cameron Maybin- Prediction: In one year he will be #1. Scouts drool over his potential, good power, speed, he has it all. 7. Tony Giarratano- His best tool is his effort. He may not be the most talented, but he's solid across the board. I'd rank him higher if he showed more signs of power. 8. Humberto Sanchez- Another prospect with great potential, I can see him as a Juan Rincon type (I hope!) Good fastball, good K' numbers. 9. Wilkin Ramirez- Extremely gifted player, that has plenty of time to put it together. Like Maybin, he will be higher next year, imo. Possibly the best power potential in our system. 10. Eulogio de la Cruz- Sleeper. He has the talent to become a top 5 prospect, whether he ever reaches it is the question. He looks good as a potential closer down the road.
  9. I was listening to Fox Sports Radio on the Fan, and they mentioned a possible trade in the works that would send Vlade Divac, Caron Butler, and Deaven George to the Jazz for PF Carlos Boozer. Has anyone heard of this?
  10. I'm in, long time since posting something.
  11. Rainwater has always had a good fastball that he runs to the mid 90's. I'm surprised he hasn't dominated New York-Penn League hitters all season long, but then again Jay Sborz hasn't done the same and he's pitching in the GCL. These two both have potential and great fastball's, but a solid off-speed pitch is needed.
  12. Other news on him, he had a 3.56 ERA in 43 IP allowing a .219 BA to opposing hitters with the Pennsylvania Road Warriors. If I'm not mistaken, he was a Colorado Rockies 40th round draft pick in 2001. Ive e-mailed a few people about his history.
  13. 1. Jeremy Bonderman 21 RHP 2. Wilfredo Ledezma 23 LHP 3. Kyle Sleeth 22 RHP 4. Justin Verlander 21 RHP 5. Tony Giarratano 21 SS 6. Omar Infante 22 2B 7. Joel Zumaya 19 RHP 8. Curtis Granderson 23 OF 9. Brent Clevlen 20 OF 10. Rob Henkel 26 LHP 11. Ryan Raburn 23 2B 12. David Espinosa 22 OF 13. Jay Sborz 19 RHP 14. Humberto Sanchez 21 RHP 15. Scott Moore 20 3B 16. Preston Larrison 23 RHP 17. Kenny Baugh 25 RHP 18. Wilkin Ramirez 19 3B 19. Jeff Frazier 21 OF 20. Fernando Rodney 27 RHP 21. Felix Sanchez 22 LHP 22. Kody Kirkland 21 3B 23. Eric Beattie 22 RHP 24. Josh Rainwater 19 RHP 25. Roberto Novoa 25 RHP 26. Matt Roney 24 RHP 27. Virgil Vasquez 22 RHP 28. Daniel Zell 22 LHP 29. Franklyn German 24 RHP 30. Steve Colyer 25 LHP
  14. I disagree. I think Knotts had a quality arm and can be effective in the pen. Earlier in the year he was 4-1 I believe as a starter. Maybe a move to the bullpen will help. But he's got a good fastball and his curve is sick on lefties when it's on.
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