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  1. Leaks???? It's more like a flood.
  2. The Miggy trade was a good one.
  3. Wasn't sure where to post. Watching Indians vs Diamondbacks. Robby Ray 3 walks and 2 homeruns 1st inning. Glad Tigers dumped him.
  4. tater6

    2016 Offseason

    $41M? JD $11M, Sanchez $11M, Pelfrey $8M, Krod $6M and Lowe $5+M.
  5. tater6

    2016 Offseason

    Anyone have news on Zimm's health? Has he recovered?
  6. tater6

    2016 Offseason

    Intetesting read. Not sure it belongs here but interesting. https://totallytigers.wordpress.com
  7. tater6

    The OFFICIAL Fire Brad Ausmus Thread

    Starting this off-season with the same bad decisio as last year. I don't understand how a team in a win now mode can think Ausmus is the manager that will get the job done.
  8. tater6

    2016 Trade Deadline Thread

    The next 7 games will determine whether they buy this year. Typically the Tigers don't do well on the road and I don't expect that to change. Home against Houston for 3. By the time the trade deadline gets here they could easily be a sub .500 team, but just when you think you have them figured out they will surprise you.
  9. They would probably be a better team if they did make these moves. If they could get one very good prospect for each player I mentioned and dump over $100 mil, they would have some young talent and money to work with. Right now they are middle of the pack team with a $200mil payroll and getting older.
  10. They are sellers now. What can we get for Kinsler, JV, Krod and Miggy? Can they trade Upton and Zimmerman?
  11. tater6

    2015 vs. 2016 roster

    Very similar to Shelton just did SP differently Catcher + 1B + 2B 0 3B + SS - LF + CF + RF 0 DH + JV - vs price Zimmermann+ vs JV Sanchez + Norris + Pelfrey 0 Bullpen ++ bench +
  12. tater6

    Tigers sign Justin Upton

    So they spent $22 mil for three wins? That doesn't seem like a good investment.
  13. tater6

    2015 Off-season thread

    Didn't see this posted yet. Baseball lifer Hessman retires, is hired by Tigers
  14. "federally managed saving plan" Not sure what this means but the government will screw it up.
  15. tater6

    2015 Off-season thread

    Here's a link. Tigers In Talks With Jordan Zimmermann - MLB Trade Rumors