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  1. What about this guy? 1B Roberto Ramos Col.
  2. I think 76-80 is very optimistic especially if they trade Greene and Boyd. To many things would have to go right for that to happen.
  3. Not that I disagree with anyone's opinion of Machado or Harper, they are worth whatever anyone is willing to pay. I would love to see them sitting out the start of the season though.
  4. They screw the fans all season and lose game after game and when the fans finally want them to lose and get a better draft choice they crew the fans again. LOL Best comic act in all sports.
  5. There was an article in the news this week talking about their chances.
  6. Now will the stupid beat writers stop talking about making the playoffs. Not going to happen for a long time.
  7. Other than the Lions fans, who wants the Lions to win. Close call that went against them. Nothing new.
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