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  1. hi everyone! i choose LHP Kyle Lobstein gonna be a big year for him
  2. hi guys! i select Pitcher Melvin Mercedes 6'3" RHP from Dominican Republic
  3. hey thanks ahha i love sesame street! err i did! damn i responded with the quickness!
  4. my AAT is at our most stacked position! he has to compete with Don Kelly, Ryan Raburn, Clete Thomas, Casper Wells, and Avisail Garcia!
  5. Hey guys sorry im late! I choose brennan bosche for comeback of the year!
  6. how about the tigers for letting me down. i still love them though.
  7. he's back! count on another big game tonight from BB
  8. he should have threw the high heat and joyce would have been toast
  9. this is the greatest hitting performance ive seen since cecil fielder. i knew he was gonna blast that one last night i was ready to celebrate.
  10. greektown card + greektown hotel parking garage is how i do
  11. hopefully once bud selig is gone they will reverse it. friggin patsy
  12. santiagos defense has always been awesome as fas as ive seen? am i missing a bunch of errors or somethign?
  13. nobody but me voted for raburn? hes been terrible all year
  14. then they should take it away.
  15. i do remember in the 8th or 9th armando shaking his head no like 5 times in a row heh. but yeah other than that he was rollin.
  16. check stubhub you can get tickets for $3 + $10 fee.
  17. I did the right thing and voted for Damon, Ordonez, and Jackson. Bosche write in. Not even I could vote for sizemore though haha.
  18. its better to be lucky than good! Or in AJAX's case, it's better to be lucky AND good!
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