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  1. Just wondering, of those of you proclaiming the decline of Duke's student section, how many of you have attended a game at Cameron? And how many of you attended a game there last year? You need to remember that Duke is about 15% the size of a school like MSU and draws many students from out of state, thus the reference to there being 900 students at one game comes from the San Jose State and Temple games which were played on Christmas break for students last year. Having attended nearly every game at Cameron for the past ten years, I can tell you that empty seats in the student section for holiday games is not a new phenomenon. Holiday games are traditionally not well attended by students and season ticket regulars and are often an opportunity for many people to get their only taste of Duke basketball, in person. I can tell you that fan participation last year at most games was as strong as ever. You can find documentation that last year's Georgetown game was one of the most intense non UNC/Duke games to have been played in Cameron in a long time and the crowd literally willed a young, beat up team to victory. Until you watch a game at Cameron Indoor, you will not understand how there is no place in college basketball that provides the kind of home court advantage that Duke enjoys. The passion of the fans, the tradition and the intimacy make it the toughest place in college basketball to play.
  2. Interesting move to ship JJ out. Renteria, though, is a very nice player. A 125 OPS+ last year. He is 31 and I would expect another 2 or 3 years of OPS+ above 115. We are replacing Casey, a very good defensive first baseman with a 95 OPS+ with a better defensive shortstop than Guillen. Obviously, having a good defensive shortstop outweighs a good defensive first baseman. From that standpoint, this is a good move. JJ, as impressive as he was, is no where near a proven quantity and with his arm troubles I am not 100% sure that he will be a part of a rotation for years to come, as some here believe. Overall kudos to DD for making this move early. The lineup will be solid, but we are going to need something about third base. I don't think it will involve a run at A-Rod with the salary hit we will take from Renteria, but we need to make an upgrade to at least an offensively average third baseman.
  3. beautiful. would anyone happen to have just an audio link of this that could be downloaded to make a ringtone?
  4. I really can't understand the "frustration" with this team. No doubt its been tough to watch guys go down with injuries, but I don't know how anyone can be frustrated with this team or their effort. If you look at how this team was constructed back in March, this had the potential to be one of the great teams in the last decade, unfortunately, we have lost we have lost every one of our starting pitchers other than Verlander, at some point, to injury. Throw in the loss of our two best relievers for most of the year and it is incredible just to see this team where they are right now. In my opinion, Leyland and Dombrowski have done a masterful job of handling this team and keeping them above water. It was inevitable that a team hanging together by over played veterans and a patch work pitching staff was going to be able to survive the dog days with success. This 2007 team's September resurgence is a credit to everyone in the organization and while it appears the playoff chances are slipping away, they have provided fans with a thrilling ride.
  5. yep, seasons done. we might as well hang it up now...forget that we have two of the highest batting averages in the AL, the best centerfielder in the game, the deepest pitching rotation and hopefully our best reliever coming in back in a few weeks. You're never as good as your best stretch and your never as bad as your worst stretch. We're not good enough to beat the Red Sox, Braves and Indians every time out like we did back in June/July and we're not as bad as we're playing right now. This is a tough stretch, but I just don't believe that a team this talented is not going to put it together, not to mention it seems as though everyone has given up on Jim Leyland. I think he still has a trick or two up his sleeve and he will be an important part of this team changing its fortune.
  6. From what I've heard around Chapel Hill, many people believe that Porcello will be on campus later in August. I'm not sure if the Tigers aren't offering the right amount or if Porcello is just intent on going to college unless he gets an out of this world offer. It woudl be very surprising to alot of people in Chapel Hill if Porcello is signed before the deadline.
  7. I think all those concerns are valid and it is frustrating to see this team struggle, especially at home in front of SRO crowds, but every team goes through a tough stretch and this is probably the toughest of the past two years. Someone or something is going to have to spark this team. Leyland talked about it tonight, someone needs to step up. As for the lack of the trade, the point of the trade deadline for contenders is to improve your team. In two weeks, tell me who the most improved team in baseball is if the Tigers get back Zumaya, Rodney and Rogers healthy. I really don't think there was a need to give up prime prospects to get a Gagne or a Dotel, because of what we have coming and getting a mid-level reliever would likely have involved paying a significant price that in my opinion wouldn't be worth it. This is a tough time but there is too much talent on this roster for this team not to be in the playoffs.
  8. Obviously a huge win...maybe the biggest of the year. You just got the feeling as the game went on that they had to win this one. Going back to Bonderman in the 8th. He really showed some toughness to work out of that jam. We all know Bonderman has the stuff to shut down great lineups, but to come through after having thrown 105 pitches was just incredible. On a related note, to everyone that bashes Leyland for his loyalty to guys on this team...tonight was the perfect example of why he is one of the best managers in the game. Everyone wants to bury Craig, Leyland gives him a shot and he hits the game tying double. Bondos at 105 pitches and facing a lefty, Leyland leaves him in and he gets one of the biggest strikeouts of his career. Brings Grilli into a tie game in extra innings and he delivers. Each of those guys have renewed confidence in their abilities and who knows maybe that will spur them on to better second halves. Overall, just a great win and a huge statement. You could tell when Sheffield kicked the plate as Varitek walked off that this win meant a little something extra to these guys and a message was sent to the AL tonight.
  9. Putnam pitched one of the best college baseball games in at least the past decade tonight. A truly dominating performance. Unfortunately, the Wolverines couldn't push one across, but Putnam showed tonight what his choice to stay in Ann Arbor did for this program. He is a legitimate first rounder and pitched an unbelievable game tonight. Hopefully the Wolverines can get it done two days in a row and find a way to get to Omaha.
  10. Usually I would be a little concerned being at the top of the leauge in the category, because that seems to be a stat that has no real correlation from year-to-year, but even if we were to drop in runners scored %, we still have so many guys getting on base and so many hits. This offense is really impressive. It is scary to think about what might happen if Rogers comes back strong and Miller can settle into his role nicely...
  11. Just reading on some Vandy boards...apparently UM CF made a leaping catch to save a HR in the 10th and the 2B preserved the tie in the bottom of the ninth with a sprawling catch to prevent Vandy from winning... Huge congratulations to this Wolverine team. They went down to Nashville and pretty much did the impossible. This was a team that won 18 straight to begin the season, had the #1 player in college baseball and won the toughest conference in baseball and Michigan just had more heart in the end. This win defintely gives the program national prominence and to beat David Price like that is just unbelievable.
  12. I think that is where this series could get really interesting. I would give the edge to Vanderbilt becuase obvioulsy they are deeper when it comes to top-line pitching talent, but Michigan only needs to take one game. I'm sure we will see Price, but how Maloney uses Putnam will be interesting with him coming off 7 innings on Friday afternoon. It would be great to see the Wolverines knock off the #1 team in the nation and after last night's marathon, they not only have the momentum but will be much better rested than a Vanderbilt team that will be playing its third game in 20 hours.
  13. Interesting stuff Abbot. I think it is probably a bit too early to draw too many conclusions from the pythagorean stats, but it is interesting that we have outperformed our pythagorean projection, considering the way the season has gone so far. Our bullpen has blown leads and we have lost some close games which would lead me to believe that we would be underperforming against our pythagorean record. I don't think this team has really hit its stride until this week and we are still in a decent position.
  14. Theres nothing wrong with Jones as our closer right now, but a look at his stats from the last half of last year and the beginning of this year show that he could be on the verge of becoming less effective. His BABIP this year has been incredibly low at .177. Also consider that his BABIP dropped over 30 points in the second half of last year. This is of concern in my view since Jones hasn't made any major changes to what he throws over that time, he has been blessed with a run of good fortune. Not to say that Jones isn't an adequate closer, but it would be foolish to expect him to perform at this level all year long.
  15. The hate for Duke here is really surprising. I don't know how many of you have been to Duke's campus or have been to a basketball game at Cameron Indoor, but I think if you attneded one of these games you would have a much different outlook on the Duke basketball program. Duke does do things differently than almost every other college basketball program and you can feel it if you go to a game. I'm sure many of you will regard this as pompous Duke fan propaganda, but if you ever have the opportunity to go to a game in Cameron, your mind would be changed. Having attended a number of games with people who had never been to Cameron, both Duke fans and non-Duke fans, all of them have come away blown away by the class of the Duke program. For all the talk about media bias towards Duke, there can often be a media portryal of Duke as arrogant and classless, but I assure you that if you spend time around people in the program you would not have such a negative opinion of this program. I guess for me it really stings to hear people say such demeaning things about the Duke basketball program as a whole, because there are so many class people involved with the program, including Coach K. Many of you deplore Coach K for his commercials, but you fail to recgonize how much he does for the community and how he is always willing to take part in assisting charity.
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