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  1. So outdated 4 of the top 5 defenses in the NFL run it Not saying it's for sure the way to go but a valid option, especially considering the amount of turnover we will have in the front seven. If ever a time to switch, it is now.
  2. Does anyone see quin starting to draft for a 3-4 defense. New England has typically run a lot of 3-4/or a hybrid 4-3. Plus Austin is very familiar with the 3-4. It might be done in a year but maybe take two for a full transition. Have some good players for it in anash(think Chandler Jones). Taylor is a bigger end and some of the linebackers could switch easily as well (Whitehead and maybe even get something out of Van Noy)
  3. You guys might not be groundskeepers but I am........ no seriously I went to MSU for Turfgrass Management There are several issues/reasons why the new sod can not be just replaced over a road trip. The most major issue would be the "rooting". This is mostly for safety. When players are making hard cuts on turf that is not well rooted it will peel back up (remember NFL playoffs this year with the redskins) and this is very un-safe. Weather also plays a factor but it is more of a continuation of the rooting issue and mother nature can make it harder to do or take longer. Also the field is not made of the same old turf you can get at any sod farm. Highly manicured sports turf is built from a sand root zone. On top of many other assets this is why the field will drain much faster than your yard. But with this, only the exact same root zone (or what the grass is grown on) can be used. If anyone follows the MSU Stadium news closely (probably no one) this caused a bit of an uproar when they recently used sod from Colorado instead of locally grown Michigan turf to re-do the stadium after the U2 concert because the sod from Colorado matched their root zone mix allowing them to keep it inside of digging up the entire field. Thirdly to re-sod the entire stadium is difficult in Michigan because of the long baseball season. Maybe if the Tigers did not make the playoffs then an October renovation would be much easier. Heather is a very smart women and she most defiantly sees the issues we are talking about, I know that for a fact. The problems are the concerts make so much money no one wants to get rid of them and there is no growing season to re-do the entire field.
  4. This may be one of my favorite threads of the year. I can't believe we passed on X in the late 6th round. This is F*cking madness. Why are the lions so stupid. You do realize 31 other teams have passed on player X some 200 times.
  5. Cody

    MLB TV

    Anyone know if playoffs are included?
  6. I know I don't post here much, and I'm not trying to call you out Cruzer But who on the offensive line should be replaced. They have played better of late but I don't think anyone would call them above average. Backus has been been great, people say Sims is fantastic, Raiola is as you say above average, Peterman was supposed to be a run blocking beast, is RT the only position of need or who do you think should be replaced.
  7. Cody

    Why not Berry?

    Or.... Berry who has played how many snaps as a CB????? Let alone NFL
  8. Sammie Lee Hill looked horrible by the way Ever snap he was pushed back, slipped, or fell. I mean he was really bad. Cohen looked like an allpro next to him (Cohen did play really well though and looks bigger than last year too).
  9. If he fights anything like he blocks.....I'm not too worried
  10. Don't they have CLEV 3rd rounder too (from rogers deal)?
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