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  1. Claiborne is still a FA. He’s good when he is on the field, which isn’t too often. I’d be interested if I were Quinn. CB2 is a real issue, plus you can never ever have enough CB depth.
  2. There is a lot of rumor he wants a trade. There has been a lot of speculative internet writing. Again it is all just rumor at this point but fun to talk about. https://allucanheat.com/2019/04/29/miami-heat-heat-trade-blake-griffin/
  3. On Sunday, a rumor surfaced on Twitter that the Detroit Pistons are in discussions to trade Blake Griffin to the Atlanta Hawks.
  4. Sense interleague play is being discussed. I realize this would never happen. But it would be cool if the Nippon league champion played a series against the World Series champion. That would be awesome. You could even expand it into Champions league with Korea, Mexico, etc. Never going to happen due to financial reasons but ya be really cool even if it was a one time thing.
  5. Road to Detroit podcast was really cool. I really enjoyed the Mize interview and the director of player development. It’s a podcast that is based out the Tigers minor leagues, only 1 episode so far but very enjoyable. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/cadence13/detroit-tigers-podcast/e/60967942
  6. Statistically the opposite is true. AL has.526 win percentage. Argument is that NL lack a DH and that’s puts AL at an advantage. Most DHs can play a position. Apparently NL pitchers are only very slightly better at hitting that AL pitchers.
  7. 100% agree on that rotate it around. The made up rivals is stupid. Let the teams in the same general area play against each other and teams that lack that just rotate. Tigers are rival with the Pirates? I have nothing against the Pirates. They have been below average most of my life. It’s a weird team to “hate”. It’s like hating the Buccaneers in the NFL or something.
  8. I have no idea why this irks people. I enjoy seeing teams that I don’t ordinarily get to see play the Tigers. Also, there are people who are fans of AL teams that live in NL cities. So every few years they at least get the chance to see the team they route for. I understand the argument watching pitchers hit is boring. But I like the strategy of the whole double switch, etc. Routing for a team with little talent bothers me more than AL NL games.
  9. For sure if he can stand out over the other options. He still has to compete and win the job. He is a 6th round pick for a reason. I like the speed dimension as much as anyone but I also value blocking and pass catching. Also Nick Bowden is in the mix, so if you want him in the roster you might skimp at the RB position. Let them fight it out. I understand your point from a roster construction point. But I lack confidence in Kerryon’s ability to be healthy. Seeing as how we haven’t even seen Ty Johnson compete against NFL talent, I’ll reserve judgement until at least the preseason. It would be nice if Ty Johnson outperforms his draft position. Every year there are RBs that do that, even undrafted guys. I actually see Ty Johnson in more of a competition with Riddick than ZZ. We we see how it starts shaking out.
  10. Isn’t that sort of the point of a 4th string RB? in the grand scheme of things it matters very little who the fourth string RB is unless there are injuries. With Kerryon’s history, ZZ is a bit more proven, so I think that helps his case. But again let them fight it out in camp.
  11. Yeah, I don’t give a flip. But I find it messed up in a funny sort of way. Like superstar baseball player has hidden life. It reminds me of the episode of family guy where peter has a second family where he is the wife. I’m not going to feel bad about making fun of some dude making millions of dollars because he’s a moron in his personal life. I don’t care one bit. But it’s also funny in a messed up sort of way. So I have no problems saying he is a doucher. But do I care? No not at all.
  12. Let them battle it out in camp. Go with whoever performs better. Zenner is actually a decent special teams guy too but can’t return kicks.
  13. No one is winning with the current Tigers roster. I don’t think the Tigers could get a better developer of talent than Gardy, so they are sort of stuck with him.
  14. Jerk. Miggy needs those millions he has not only a legitimate family to support but a second family in Florida. Plus he was trying to hide the second family, from the first one. That isn’t cheap.
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