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  1. He shouldn't be in the rotation unless the Tigers are trying to tank.
  2. I wish the Tigers would sign Joyce or Cargo, because they wouldn't be blocking anyone. Domingo Santana is 27 so he might be worth a look too. Alex wood could be a good bounce back candidate.
  3. Still need another starting pitcher and an outfielder. I have no idea what the plan is with the bullpen, but I’m OK with going with a hodgepodge there.
  4. If the Pistons can unload Drummond, get Blake to have season ending knee surgery, that should lead to bottoming out. That should secure a pretty good draft pick. If Blake can come back with his knee fixed next year, adding a high draft pick and getting a decent free agent the Pistons might actually be decent next year.
  5. It really is. I am quite proud of it actually! I find it hilarious.
  6. No, unless he runs against Cruz. Most Republicans don't like Cruz. I believe the Beto thing, was mostly due to Cruz just being so darn unlikable.
  7. Don’t be offended just because you both get you hair cut at Great Clips.
  8. in fairness they both have really bad hair. I did refer to a male as MR.Hairline so I am just being equal opportunity. Also, not my fault makes them look stupid. Karen totally looks like a Karen. She has a can I talk you your manager haircut. Im sorry your social justice warrior sensibilities are offended. Don’t you have some laundry to fold?
  9. I believe he said out of her whatever. Which I mean that’s what your worried about?
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