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  1. Week 7 Bye week

  2. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    Good hire. Tigers are terrible. He is a good developer of talent, which is what the Tigers need. Will provide stability to the Skipper position.
  3. Week 7 Bye week

    https://streamable.com/yksuy https://streamable.com/kincy https://streamable.com/w1wfe
  4. Week 7 Bye week

  5. Week 7 Bye week

  6. Week 7 Bye week

  7. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    They also allow 374.8 yards a game on defense which is 29th in the league. If the Lions offense can't move the ball you might as well call it a season. By the way the Patriots defense is astonishingly bad 447 yards a game (they are 1st in offense). Detroit defense is 18th at 330 yrd/g. The Lion offense is 29th overall.
  8. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    PFF still hates the Lions
  9. Movies that you love that were not big hits

    When a Monster Calls.
  10. If not Ausmus then who?

    Has the Strategy Expert been interviewed yet? He could probably right the ship in a single season.
  11. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    In other news Ebron not only has stone hands but he is a **** poor teammate too. Boldin gave an interview in which he said last year Ebron got in his face because Ebron felt Boldin was taking his balls away. Boldin told him that if Ebron was better than him, he wouldn't even be on the team.
  12. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Robinson is worse than a dumpster fire. It is hard to get an accurate assessment of Glasgow when he has to play next to Robinson. Especially sense Robinson frequently gets beat on the inside. I am not sold at all about Robinson being a better Guard than Glasgow. Although I would be open to the experiment.
  13. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    This is the dumbest idea ever. Lions lose without Stafford. I heard Golladay might play but would be limited to the red zone, but the source said it was unlikely he would be active. The Saints are a much better matchup for the Lions than the Panthers even with an injured Stafford.
  14. http://www.mlive.com/lions/index.ssf/2017/10/detroit_lions_seeking_fourth_s.html
  15. Panthers @ Lions on FOX 1pm eastern

    Damn you for making me discuss politics in a football forum. But if your going to play social justice warrior you can pick and choose what sides you want to play cheerleader for. It makes you a hypocrite.