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  1. 8-8 type team. Lions are +400 bet to make playoffs in Vegas. Quinn should be on a really hot seat, but isn't. Defenders are trying to say the Caldwell year doesn't count. Which actually they should want to count Caldwell did well in Detroit by our standards.
  2. 30 million a year. .02 WAR I don't feel bad for him. The man had a secret 2nd family, and while I don't care that is a super slimy thing to do. The fact the Tigers are celebrating him every Monday is a joke. I really don't care the the Tigers promoting him as some great community stalwart. But I am going to joke and point it out. If your offended by that, or claim your better than me because you don't care, that is your prerogative. I'm free to criticize the Tigers in their decision to use the .02 WAR DH who makes 30 million in promotions. Miggy Monday's should be $2 beer night so people can drive home tanked.
  3. FIFY Yes, I really don’t care. But the fact the Tigers have Miggy Mondays and act like he is some pillar of the community is laughable. With his inflated salary and last a I checked .02 WAR, well people are going to make jokes. 30 million, this year alone. He can afford to take the bad humor.
  4. TSE should be the co host. I’d listen to every episode. Flipping AA needs to better utilize OE%
  5. Agreed, some guys need to bounce up and down 5 to 6 times, to adjust. I’m wouldn’t just write him off.
  6. He isn’t blocking anyone right now. There is no reason to cut him until there is someone to replace him with. Tigers are going to pay him regardless. It’s one less hole to fill with marginal prospects, AAAA players or the like. Hopefully by 2021 someone is making a push for the roster who can replace Miguel. Also, I can see a benefit of holding on to Miguel. There should be a “Blended” theme night. Step dads, illegitimate children, 2nd wives, etc get outfield reserved seats and a hot dog for $17.69. Following a game post game concert
  7. I’m fine with the current Pizza owners. Everyone knew the Tigers where In for a long rebuild. Im not sold on Al Avila. Any Tiger fans who marginally follows the Tigers sees this as at least a 2 year rebuild (+ the rest of this season). That doesn’t mean you should be stupid enough to say it. Al should be saying it’s a long rebuild but we hope to surprise with the timetable. Say something vague. Only having marginal starting pitching combined with clear admittance that your not trying to field a competitive or complete team, means people are upset and don’t want to pay to watch: The scarp heap gang, marginal prospects, AAAA players and the flaming charred remains of Miggy trying to support his 2nd family.
  8. Phillies. Bohm has bee rumored. Not sure if they’d be interested in Nick as package with Boyd, but Herrera is suspended for the year. Obviously he isn’t a center fielder either. They could also really use Greene.
  9. I don’t think this year is the bottom. I expect similar season next year. Keep all the prospects you can in the minor leagues. Give the younger guys already at major leagues majority of playing time. Overspend on decent older FA to get them on short term contracts that you can hopefully flip at the trade deadline. Build the minor league system that’s should be the goal.
  10. Claiborne is still a FA. He’s good when he is on the field, which isn’t too often. I’d be interested if I were Quinn. CB2 is a real issue, plus you can never ever have enough CB depth.
  11. There is a lot of rumor he wants a trade. There has been a lot of speculative internet writing. Again it is all just rumor at this point but fun to talk about. https://allucanheat.com/2019/04/29/miami-heat-heat-trade-blake-griffin/
  12. On Sunday, a rumor surfaced on Twitter that the Detroit Pistons are in discussions to trade Blake Griffin to the Atlanta Hawks.
  13. Sense interleague play is being discussed. I realize this would never happen. But it would be cool if the Nippon league champion played a series against the World Series champion. That would be awesome. You could even expand it into Champions league with Korea, Mexico, etc. Never going to happen due to financial reasons but ya be really cool even if it was a one time thing.
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