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  1. For what? having different believes than you. CANCEL CULTURE
  2. Well it is the Chinese virus. Seem like he should refer to it as such if he was giving a speech about it.
  3. Pepe isn't racist. He is a cartoon frog. Also you trigger easily.
  4. So if Governors are primarily responsible for pandemic response and the federal government has released money to the states to deal with the pandemic its totally the Republicans fault how exactly?
  5. Mehhh if this continues the will be a purge style re-organization of things. I'm OK with letting it burn.
  6. 20% unemployment rate due to over reaction and people acting like buffoons is good for no one. I've literally seen people in gloves and mask driving from store to store to hoard.
  7. I'd rather die than live in the United Socialist States of America. Maybe you enjoy bread lines, government telling you where you can go, government telling you who you can talk to, being placed in house arrest, etc, etc. Good luck with that. Because I am not literally not going to follow those regulations. In fact I'm going to go find a toilet seat to lick and a grandma to hug. Democrats and Republicans can do all the finger pointing they want. But they are both to blame and both would rather play the blame game than standing up.
  8. There is more going on with Corona that you are being told. When the "solution" is worse than the disease there is a huge problem. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can see this.
  9. YES!!!!!!!!! BLAME AN AMERICAN POLITICAL PARTY they are the reason for bats in China at disgusting "wet" markets.
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