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  1. You should be, I believe he is the RT after this year. Probably even this year because Wagner can not stay healthy.
  2. Well the same argument could be made for the three eyed raven. If the Night King has to defeat him to win, why give him the chance?
  3. I could see it back firing on the night King. He is a horrible commander, he waited until all this Dragon Glass was mined and turned into weapons to attack. Then when he should wait because there is no way the North can support the size of the Allied Army, he is going to attack. He would be an idiot to directly try to kill Bran. Bran isn't any less dead if he sends a detachment to go do it for him. The Night King would be wise to hang back and let his huge army handle the dirty work. I also find it weird that the Night King would raise skeletons. We have really only seen him raise people who still had some meat on the bone. If the Starks are "resurrected" it wouldn't shock me if they actually fought against the Night King's forces allowing key figures to escape. I think a lot of the secondary characters get wiped out in episode 3. Theon, Tormund, Mormony, Grey Worm, Missandei, Brienne, Podrick, Davos, the Hound, etc. Bran also has a lot of risk.
  4. I believe the organization feels Crosby is capable of RT.
  5. Crosby. However, he provides depth, so regardless the Lion's still need to pick up some O-line help. There are some OKish RB still on the market who would be good to pair with Johnson. I see CB2 was the biggest need. However, I fear the Lions view Coleman as an outside corner. Coleman is good as a slow guy, but he is terrible on the outside. The list of CBs still on the market is pretty poor. Everyone has injury history or is better suited to play the inside.
  6. There are some gaping holes, there is still plenty of time to fill them. So no need for panic yet. But Quinn better find a solution to them.
  7. This was my feeling. But a lot of Lions posters on other forums are making excuses, which I find absurd. Things such as, "you can't count the Caldwell years", "blame Stafford", and "It isn't his fault he had Cooter as OC". He has been with the team long enough, produce now or other options should be explored. He has his coach in his second year, and has overhauled the roster to the point that this is Quinn's roster construction.
  8. Rumor is Holland is going to extend Blashill soon......
  9. They can cut Keenum and save 8 million, will still have a 10 million dead money hit though. Or keep him and pay 21 million. YIKES! Broncos are better than the Ravens, I think Flaco might actually be OK for them in the short term. Talking heads on ESPN hate the move, and I get that from a cap prospective. But I believe Flaco is an upgrade over Keenum, even though they had similar numbers in recent years.
  10. Machado is 26. I still think he is going to command a huge sum of money. Rumor is he turned down a 8/250million deal. Rosenthal is reporting Harper and Machado both want 300 million deals.
  11. When the starting catcher is completely unproven.... yes.
  12. Right, I get the Tigers are going with a youth movement. But they should at least try to field a competitive roster. It seems like the Tigers want to go full tank mode.
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