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  1. I have a feeling the Lions stuck to their board expecting a lot corners to be available later. The 4th round run depleted the board, which is how we got stuck with the best available 5' 9" competing for a back up spot. It's the only logical reason I can find for not doing more to improve the secondary. No way Mayhew thinks they are good with what they have. I like the guys they took but they definitely missed a big opportunity to improve a huge needs.
  2. Ebron is officially listed as a TE but he plays a different position than Pettigrew. I think its more likely we will see him lining up as a WR3, or as #2 with Tate in the slot, rather than in a double TE set. I expect him to be our version of Jimmy Graham, for lack of a better comparison. Really not a guy you are going to stick on the line to run block- more of a guy to stretch the field.
  3. Definitely kickalicious.
  4. This is silly and if it was anyone else it would just be business as usual. With that said, if I had to bet I'd say with 90% certainty that the kick was intentional.
  5. I am starting to think a lot of the bad press about Jenkins is more about the media looking to generate a little draft drama... his coaches are on record saying he was tested and stayed clean while at north alabama. I hated this pick when I thought the kid didn't learn his lesson but I am sure the staffs are talking to his coaches to get the skinny on him (i.e. how often he was tested, did he really stay clean, etc.) and if they get the answers they want then it is a great value pick at 23... the kid is a top talent.
  6. I think the only chance they have at Kirkpatrick is if they trade up a few spots, which I wouldn't mind at all.
  7. Janoris Jenkins. Not my first choice but I think Gilmore and Kirkpatrick will be off the board and Jenkins is the last of the group that should be able to help immediately.
  8. For a 1st and 2nd... I would do it second, wouldn't have to think twice about it. I just don't see anyone giving up a 1st, let alone 1st and 2nd for him.
  9. I would be okay with Kirkpatrick too but have a feeling he will also be off the board before the Lions pick.
  10. Wow, he is a mess. I do feel bad for him but he did it to himself, with one decision after another. Karma is a... And the women are one blood sucking blob expecting $44k per month for popping out a kid... got to love it.
  11. How about setting the focus on creating a product people do not mind buying a ticket to see, instead of resorting to restrictions and/or gimmicks to sell seats? Finally coming out of an era where Matt Millen's mediocrity was allowed to destroy a franchise... I have to wonder if selling less tickets would have lead to more pressure to act sooner.
  12. If getting kicked off the team didn't scare him straight, a huge payday definitely won't do it... no thanks.
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