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  1. I hate stupid threads like this one and the retards who make them
  2. Nice move by Mayhew IMO. Not a very good player and too expensive. Time to get younger and faster corners
  3. Against him. Why would I lie about that? It's not like I'm saying I hungout with Lebron James last night.
  4. The Lions should give them a 5th for him. We have two 5th round picks next year anyway. It's not like we will draft someone better than Foote in the 5th next year.
  5. I agree with you 100 percent, but I do like White. I just notcied I called Francis AKF for some unknown reason. IAF has this year to impress or he might be on his way out.
  6. He played for Ortonville.I remember him being a much better defensive player back then. But thats high school, we had no one who could block him.
  7. ridickulous4u


    Here is how we do it. 1. Somehow get Larry Foote 2. Bring Shaun Rogers back 3. Sign either Vonnie Holliday or Kevin Carter 4. Release Chuck Darby LE-Dewayne White- bit undersized for the 3-4 but is solid against the run and will chip in a few sacks here and there. Jared Devries and IAF as the backups NT-Shaun Rogers- even when he doesn't try this guy is still better than anyone of our D-tackles. Jackson will back him up and get plenty of snaps. Hill can learn from both these veterans and be allowed more time to develop. RE-Vonnie Holliday/Kevin Carter- either one of these guys would be perfect for a year or two. Both have been reliable against the run their entire careers and have the ability to rush the passer. Fluellen is perfect fit for the 3-4 and he also is given a chance to develop and maybe take over this position in a year. LOLB-Julian Peterson-this guy is awesome and can do a little bit of everything. Deandre Levy can back him up and get playing time on occasion. LILB-Ernie Sims- i know this guy is an outside backer but this spot would be ideal for him. He plays next to Peterson and Foote and right infront of Rogers. He would be able to make plenty of tackles and lots of plays. Jordan Dizon as the backup. RILB-Larry Foote- played the 3-4 for Steelers and always very reliable especially against the run. Cody Spencer has experience in the 3-4 and also a very good ST player. ROLB-Cliff Avril- too small to be an every down lineman in the 4-3 but perfect as an outside backer for this defense. Can get to the QB and 10 sacks a year is a safe bet. Alex Lewis and Zack Follett would be solid backups and ST players. CB-Phillip Buchannon- better than what we had last year but still not a shutdown corner. CB-Anthony Henry- solid veteran and should start over Fisher. Hopefully we can get one or two decent years from him. SS-Daniel Bullocks- Solid tackler, good in run support and decent in coverage. Had 94 tackles last year. Otis Wiley as the backup over Schweigert and Pearson. FS-Louis Delmas-you don't draft this guy with the first pick in the 2nd roud to sit. He's a playmaker and FS is perfect position for him. Gerald Alexander would have been the starter if healthy without the drafting of Delmas. Nickel-Travis Fisher-i hate this guy but Lions seem to love him and play him alot. Better here than as a starter Dime-Keith Smith-has good coverage skills. Might be a better option to start over Henry. Eric King- extra corner and ST player. Will see plenty of time as a dime or nickel back because of injuries or poor play from other defensive backs. You know I'm just throwing this out there. I have a day off and been thinking this over lately.
  8. I played High school football against Lents and now I can't tell anyone that story if hes not on Lions pre season roster.
  9. The Lions pick for sure. Steelers are being annoying. Just give us the guy and be done with it.
  10. What's the point of releasing Lents just to sign another camp body. The Lions do crap like this all the time. They have released and signed Cason over 20 times the last 4-5 years. Is there really going to be that big of a difference between Lents and Barton? Neither one will make this team or will be a project.
  11. Why would Baltimore want Pettigrew? Don't they still have Heap?
  12. Any news on Shaun Rogers? I'm hearing hes none to happy with Cleveland or Mangini and would like to come back to Detroit. I for one would be all for it. Could you imagine Rogers and Jackson clogging the middle? That's like 800 lbs
  13. I hope we get Foote. That would shore up a major position of need. It gives Levy time to learn how to play MLB and just play special teams.
  14. You pretty much nailed it except I think Staneford will make the team. Very interesting that you don't have even one of our 7th rounders making the team.
  15. Not everyone is going to hit 30 hrs and drive in 100 rbis while batting .300 on the team. If we can live with Everett at short batting .230 for the year then I'm sure we can also live with Anderson batting .280 or better.
  16. You act like he's horrible and I looked at all his minor and major league stats and don't see it. Ok he has no power but he brings alot to the table that this team needs. In 236 abs he has a .322 avg at the major league level. In the minors he has a .294 career avg. No one is saying he is the next Manny Ramirez, but the kid can play baseball.
  17. He brought back the knuckle curve. Now he gets it up to 90 miles an hour
  18. They really love the safety and tight end positions
  19. Yeah you're right man. He should take his nearly 364 average 6 steals and hit the road. Not too mention his solid defense. Go back to AAA where you belong Anderson.
  20. Maybe he's throwing a split finger lol
  21. His constant whining to the refs effected the whole team over the last few years. Everyone else started doing it too. Rip and Tayshaun cry about every call and it makes me sick. What did they think the ref was going to do?Change his mind?
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